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Mary Jane Watson
Real name: Mary Jane Watson
Aliases: Mary Jane
Miss Watson
Alignment: Good
Age: 18 (Spider-Man)
20 (Spider-Man 2)
21 (Spider-Man 3)
(Born 1984)
Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Relatives/friends: Madeline Watson
Phil Watson
J. Jonah Jameson
John Jameson
Peter Parker
Characteristics: Blue eyes
Red hair
Portrayed by: Kirsten Dunst
Appearances: Spider-Man
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 3

Mary Jane Watson (of Earth-96283), is the deuteragonist in the Spider-Man trilogy. She is portrayed by Kirsten Dunst.


Mary Jane is Peter Parker's crush from as far back as when he is six years old. She doesn't really notice him though. She dates Flash Thompson during their high school years. After she is rejected at an acting audition, she secretly begins working as a waitress at a diner. Mary Jane starts to date Harry Osborn after they graduated from high school. However, after being saved by Spider-Man multiple times, she develops a love for Peter's alter-ego. She and Spidey even share a kiss. As Harry tries to be loving towards her, she grows more distant from him, denying any advances he tries to make. While Peter and Mary Jane are talking in Aunt May's hospital room, Peter tells her what he supposedly told Spider-Man about her, which makes Mary Jane's feelings for Peter grow. After a couple of arguments, she breaks up with Harry. Eventually, when the Green Goblin was killed, she admitted her affection for Peter but he declined her offer. 2 years later, she became a broadway star and formed a relationship with Cpt. John Jameson, the son of Peter's boss. She started to become angry with Peter after he didn't come to her show. When Peter quit being Spider-Man, he went to her show and started to like him again but decided to get married to John anyways. Later, she invited Peter to have some coffee and asks him to kiss her. But then, Dr. Octopus arrived and stole her to lure Spider-Man and bring him to Harry Osborn. When Spider-Man rescued her, he revealed himself as Peter Parker to both MJ and Octopus. When Octopus was defeated, Spider-Man told MJ why they can't be together. However, she deicded to be with Peter despite the risks and Peter agreed.

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