Real name: Maxwell Dillon
Aliases: Max, Sparkles (by Spider-Man), Electro (by himself)
Alignment: Bad
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Relatives/friends: N/A
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Portrayed by: Jamie Foxx
Appearances: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

"I will cut the light and soon, everyone in this city will know how it feels to live in my world...A world without power...a world without mercy...a world without Spider-Man. They will see me for who I truly am...I'm Electro."
— Maxwell Dillon (Electro)

Maxwell Dillon (of Earth-120703), also known as by himself as Electro, is the main antagonist of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

He was portrayed by Jamie Foxx.


Maxwell Dillon was a fan of Spider-Man and employee of Oscorp.

One day, while carrying blueprints he dropped them all, and a few in the street. While picking them up, he did not notice a flying car coming his way. Spider-Man did, and saved him in time. Max was so surpised to see Spider-Man and he knew his name, thanks to his badge. After fixing his hair, Spider-Man leaves Max, stunned that he was saved by his favorite hero of all time.

After being sent to fix a loose orange plug on his birthday by his boss, he fixed it while singing "Happy Birthday" to himself. However, after putting it back in place, it shocked Max and he fell into a pit of electric eels which shocked him and turned his skin and eye a light blue color.

After two men claim him dead with no relvatives or friends, he wakes up control all tools in the room he is in. After grabbing a hood, he leaves heading for Times Square. After taking the electricity from a cop car, he continues to take power from a pipe below ground, where people can see him. A cop spots him and has him at gun point as the area starts to clear.

After an outburst that flips a cop car, Spider-Man catches it. After he start to reason with Max and tell the police not to shoot, Max claims he has a lot of rage and power. Spider-Man suggest that they go somewhere and talk alone with no police. After he moves, the police shoot him and hurt Max. Max has an outburst, and Spider-Man tries to web him up, only for the electrcity to travel and zap Spider-Man into a cop car.

After Spider-Man saves a cop from being crushed, Max is boo'ed and called a freak by the crowd watching Spider-Man. He continues to rage and flips more cars. Spider-Man saves people from being crushed and zips their hands from being zapped via the rails. Max continues to shock New York, and then takes energy from open plugs, absorbing more power and overloading the screens in New York, making them fall and explode.

Max continues zap random places, and it comes to an end as Spider-Man and some firemen douse Max with high pressure water, defeating him.

Much later, Max is taken to the Ravencroft Institute where is used and looked at by doctor in a basement. Max threatens the doctor three times, only to be hurt with the push of a button. Claiming that he will kill the doctor, and "Kill the light" and wants him to see "A world without power.... A world... Without Spider-Man." after being asked what he was by the doctor he says "I'm Electro." after another short burst of energy and putting a hole through the doctor's glasses.

After Harry Osborn is removed from being CEO at Oscorp, he comes to Ravencroft to visit someone. After the guards talk, Harry comes from behind and tazes/defeats him both. After grabbing a labcoat, he finds Max in the basement and starts to talk to him. Max says "I should kill you." but Harry tells Max to think bigger and that they do not have much time. After Harry tried to reach Max, Max asked "Why should I trust you?" Harry claims "I need you!". Max has probably never been told this by anyone in his life, and actually seems worried for Harry. Before the guards attack Harry, he gives Max more fuel by tazing him. Max then turns into pure energy and zaps all guards in the room, out cold. He then appears in front of Harry.

Harry claims that they already are friends, and gets zapped, trying to touch Max. After claiming that he had a friend and it didn't go too well, Max says "Let's go catch a spider.". 

The scene cuts to Max and Harry confronting the man who arrested Harry. Harry then lead him to where the last of the spider venom is kept, in hopes of it being able to cure his disease.

Meanwhile, Max shut down most of the city's power, to draw out Spider-Man. After modifying his web shooters with the help of Gwen Stacy, he leaves Gwen to fight Max. After taunting Max, Spider-Man tries to douse Max with water, only for Max to shoot back and win against the water. After saying "That's all you got?" and more shocks, Gwen comes out of nowhere and hits Max with a car, stunning him. 

After a brief aguement, Spider-Man and Gwen agree to take down Max by overloading him and making him explode like a battery. Gwen leaves as Max gets up to fight Peter. After moving out of the way from most of his attacks, Spider-Man webs up many plugs as Max continues to zap him. Spider-Man tells Gwen to hit the button to activate the power and the activation sucks up Max into the stream and restores power to the city. 

The only thing left of Max, is his device on his head that shows if Max was overloading with power or not.

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