Electro(26496 ).png
Real name: Maxwell Dillon
Other Aliases: Max
Created by: Kevin Hopps
Voiced by: Crispin Freeman
Number of Appearances: 5
First Appearance: Interactions
Appearance of Death: None
Universe: Earth-26496
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Species: Electric Humanoid
Relatives: Unknown
Place of Birth: Somewhere in America
Citizenship: American
Affiliations: Sinister Six
Base of Operations: Ravencroft Institute
Abilities: Electricity Manipulation
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Unique Features: Head with electric sparks coming out

Electro is the moniker of Maxwell Dillon (of Earth-26496), a former electrician who encountered a freak accident that turned him into an electricity-based supervillain and member of the Sinister Six.



Max Dillon was an electrician hired to upgrade the bio-electrical filters of Dr. Curt Connors's Empire State University laborato

During one night, Max precariously places his drill on top of a machine he was working on. While struggling to dismantle a piece, he knocks the power tool into the electric panel, and when he grabs it he receives an electric discharge that hurls him back against the eel tank. The tank cracks and Max is bathed in its special fluid.

He is rushed to the hospital by Dr. Connors and Eddie Brock. Max arrives there strapped to a gurney, crackling with electricity and is taken to the isolation war Max's body begins to generate a constant stream of bio-electricity, which can only be contained by an isolation suit. He is assured this is only temporary and that Connors will start working on a cure. Max snaps back saying that it is least he could do, blaming Connors for the mishap

New Life

Max grows increasingly impatient and frustrated with his condition, as his bio-electricity doesn't even allow him to watch television. He also mourns over his life plans that now had come to naught. When Brock suggests that he simply needs to take time to adjust to his condition, Max lashes out, causing every electric machine in the building he's in to short out. He then storms out of the hospital. Later on, he goes into the Silver Spoon Café to buy a cup of coffee. There he becomes dismayed by the frightened look of everyone's eyes, and when he realizes he cannot even sip his drink, Max becomes furious. His powers flare out of control, causing a blackout. As he dashes away, he is spotted by Peter Parker, who was in the vicinity. Thinking him to be a robber, Spider-Man intercepts Max and inadvertently pulls off his protective suit's mask. Max, enraged, asks Spider-Man why he attacked him and unwittingly shoots a beam of electricity at him. Realizing he can channel and direct his bio-electricity, Max vents his rage on Spider-Man who stays one step ahead of his jolts. Spider-Man taunts Max and calls him "Electro." After hurling several arcing bolts of electricity at Spider-Man, Max takes a window of opportunity to flee. On the following night, Max is heading back home when he is approached byDr. Bromwell and two police officers, who want to bring him back to the hospital. Max rejects any help, and when the police threaten him with jail, Max has an outburst. He states that Dr. Bromwell can't help him, but he knows who can, and heads off to the ESU lab.

At the lab, he bursts in and calls out for Connors. Finding Peter, Gwen Stacy,Liz Allen and Eddie Brock he demands them to tell him where Connors is. Connors emerges from his office where he tries to get Max to calm down. Max however is beyond calm and, blaming the scientist for the accident, demands a cure. Connors pleads with him, saying that it will take time, but Max is impatient and starts pressing in. Brock tells Peter to get the girls out the back as he distracts Max. Brock lunges at Max, who electrocutes him, knocking him aside. Peter and the girls go out the back and tells them to go into a nearby shop, then as they do so, he turns back and changes to Spider-man. As Max closes in on Connors, Spider-Man arrives and steps in, offering Max his help. However, Max is unconvinced and shocks him. He goes on to proclaim himself "Electro" and unleashes a barrage of electricity, inadvertently charging Dr. Connor's vial of lizard DNA Spider-Man takes him on, giving Dr. Connors, Martha and Brock a chance to escape. Electro vents his rage on Spider-Man for losing his only chance for a cure and the fight pursues outside. In the mêlée, Spider-Man spots a pool and plunges Electro inside, short-circuiting him into unconsciousness.

Later on, after Halloween, Max is seen with Doctor Kofka, as she congratulates him with his fine work in therapy. Max thanks her, and after she leaves, he calls Otto Octavius, who was the only person who wrote to him in Ravencroft because Otto was fascinated with his story, and was also in prison. Otto suggests that he and Max become part of a team that would take down Spider-Man for good. Later that night, Max uses his powers to shut down the security and holding cells in Ravencroft, and helped free Rhino, Sandman, Adrian Toomes, Montana, Ox, Fancy Dan, and Otto Octavius. Together, the group took down security guards and was met by Max, who was confronted by Otto. Max then used his powers to power up Otto's four mechanical limb parts, which were attached to his back. The villains were then met by Hammerhead, who gave the villains the equipment they needed to take on Spider-Man. He took Ox and Fancy Dan with him while Montana would go with the others as the Shocker. The criminals then escaped the island and headed for Manhattan.

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