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Mephisto (Earth-616)

Full Name: Mephisto
First Appearance: Silver Surfer Vol. 1 #3
Created by: Stan Lee
John Buscema
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Unknown
Citizenship: Demons
Base: An extra-dimensional land of the dead, sometimes called "Hell" or "Hades"
Affiliations: Lords of the Splinter Realms;Former member of the Six-Fingered Hand, Thanos, countless others over centuries
Powers/Abilities: Mephisto is an experienced and highly skilled liar and strategist. He is also a highly skilled sorcerer with near infinite knowledge of arcane and occult subjects.
Height: 6' 6"; Mephisto can magically alter his height.
Weight: 310 lbs (141 kg); Mephisto can magically alter his weight.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: White
Unique Features: Mephisto, in his natural form, possesses demonic characteristics including red skin, pointed ears, and sharpened canine teeth.

"I am the architect of your ultimate fall. I am the null. The void. The Hell that hungers... and I'm going to tell you a secret... I'm going to tell you a secret about your life... about why you'll never find true happiness... because you will always be missing something. Incomplete. Unfinished. And ultimately, no matter how hard you fight, which cause you choose, the battle will always end with your facing... emptiness."
— Mephisto

Mephisto (of Earth-616) is one of the Lords of Hell and the father of Blackheart and Mephista. He rules a fiery pocket dimension that he and others often refer to as "Hell" or "Hades".


Mephisto is an extra dimensional demon whose origin is all unknown. He rules less powerful demons who serve him in "Hell", and by the astral forms of dead humans, which have been trapped inside demons that serve him. These have been altered to look like the deceased's human forms.

One More Day

When Peter Parker's  Aunt May was shot and wounded from a sniper's bullet, in an agreement with Peter and Mary Jane he had saved her from death, but erased Peter's marriage to Mary Jane Watson and all the happiness it brought, as well as the public knowledge of his secret identity from the world.

Powers and Abilities

  • TBA


  • Mephisto has allowed people to believe him to be Satan himself. However, Mephisto is not the Biblical Satan, nor is he an actual devil such as those depicted by Judaism and Christianity.


  • Mephisto calls his extra-dimensional realm "hell" in order to exploit Earth human beings' belief in a single being of absolute evil, who is often referred to as Satan or the Devil.
  • He also allows himself to be called names that human beings give to their conceptions of devils, such as Mephisto, a shortened form of Mephistopheles, the name given to the devil in the Faust legends, which is where Mephisto gets his name from. His true name is unknown, if he has one.
  • Mephisto he has made many, attempts to break the will and enslave the soul of the Silver Surfer, and take the soul of the Asgardian god, Thor.
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