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  • Hey, I wondered if you (and the admin team) could get in contact with Fandom to ask them if they'd automatically put all images from the Marvel Database into this wiki as well, so we wouldn't have to upload new comic images (since there's a lot to do). Example wikis can be found here and here.

    (Original thread)

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  • Hey M3. Bighead promoted you to admin right before he himself departed which I think is great, but you have been completely inactive almost immediately following the promotion, so there has been some concern from other users as to whether you want to still be an admin on this wiki. If you would like to continue to be an admin on this site then please get back to me.

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  • Hey man.

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  • how are you

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    Karai is still a mutant snake and April is a human/Kraang hybrid. They're both have retromutagenic DNA. Besides, Karai will understand her mutation and have a mutant name Kiba. 

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  • Hey, M3.

    Just a little pro-tip, when you look for images for the infobox characters for the pages you create, try looking for a PNG (transparent) or white background picture.

    The Marvel Wiki and Google has many of those. 

    For example:

    The Ben Reilly photo for Earth-94 that I changed it to a great example. Just a tip.

    EDIT: The introduction I put would also be nice if you put that on every page you made.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I somewhat hate the be the person delivering the somewhat bad news, but I have talked it over with all of the staff/admins of the Spider-Man Wiki.

    In a landslide decision, we have decided NOT to recreate ANY of the Lego or Marvel Avengers Alliance video game character pages that I deleted and will continue deleting any characters that we feel do not belong on our wiki, conversation or not. These aren't Spider-Man characters, such as Doc Ock, Miles Morales, Jessica Drew, Superior Spider-Man, Carnage, Sandman, Venom, Kraven, Electro, Mysterio, Agent Venom, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl, Slik, Spider-Gwen, Anti-Venom, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Toxin, Peter himself and so on. Article like those can stay.

    We also ask of you to try not to create ANY more of these characters articles unless they are directly related to Spider-Man's universe, such as any of the characters I listed and more. If you are truly unsure, post a list to my wall. But if created and deemed unneeded, they will be deleted without a word.

    We have enough Stubs, most of which, you create. You have given us great catgories and pages we need, but this is where we will draw the line. 


    Finally, I personally have noticed that the Marvel Avengers Alliance video game character articles that you have been creating has the History section ripped right from their wiki. You didn't even try to reword them or put TBA like I sometimes do.

    I have noticed this from the Superior Spider-Man Otto page and Stephan Strange page.

    Our wiki may not be all that big, but we don't copy and paste these things. I get that some people may not have these comics that are 40 and 20 years old and everyone may not play these video games, but we have our common knowledge, the Marvel , and to remix these words and summaries to create our own words and sentences to be original for OUR wiki, such as I have been doing with the Vulture 616 page this week, since I own like, 2 Earth-616 comics, no joke. I have been caught red handed, as have other users before you got here. 

    To end, you are no different, and you must be warned all the same. This is your first and last warning for the plagrism, no joke. If I can link any words from any pages you edit to another wiki or website one more time, your account will be hit with a ban. For how long, that's up to Tobalth.

    This is not up for any type of negotiation or debate. We're not asking you to stop, we're telling you.

    I get that you're trying to help the wiki, but this is not the way. Read over the rules and polices if you have to. 

    -Happy editing, Bighead (y)

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    • I know this is random, but if that's the case, then I actually request you delete the Anthony Stark Earth-50701 page, and Matt Murdock Earth-50701 as well. I was unaware of this ruling, and I apologize. They both had no interaction with Spider-Man in Marvel Nemesis.

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    • Looks like someone already took care of it

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello, M3. I have been noticing some of the character articles you have been creating.

    I see the video game ones, from the Lego game and Marvel Avengers Alliance (both of which I play) and I must say, not of all these articles belong on our site.

    Some of these characters have never said a single word to Spider-Man, and we already have enough with the blank articles created, empty infoboxes and many other issues. 

    I'm going to delete a good amount of these. I'm only warning you because I don't want them recreated in anyway.


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    • M3

      Yes, reconsider about deleteing most of the articles. Another thing: Does it also count when Spider-Man teamed up with the other heroes in Lego Marvel Super Heroes?

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    • If they never said a word to Spider-Man, then no.

      Player made team-up done in Free Roam definately don't count.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I just wanted to let you know it feels good to be editing at the same time. It feels like I'm getting double work done at once!

    Keep it up "Old Sport"! (What the Great Gatsby would say)


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  • M3, I would personally like to ask for your continued help. With all the homework I'm receiving in my AP English and US class, I will be slowed down in editing articles. Please help me out during this period, I would really appreciate it. You are my first choice of help because I know you hop on things fast. If you do agree to help me, check my list of followed articles and edit those you see require editing. However, leave Peter Parker (Earth-120703) to me. Thanks, -USB

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