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  • Hello. It has been brought to my attention that you have been changing existing images to ones that aren't related to Spider-Man or changing them to ones that are incorrect. You are free to upload images related to Spider-Man, but it would be best to upload them under a different file name instead of over righting someone else's picture. You really should only be over righting someone else's image if the version your trying to upload is the same picture but of a better quality.

    Also, in regards to adding info to the character pages the info needs to be in English as this is an English speaking wiki. You made a few edits where you changed the language from English to a different one which messes up the flow of the page as some parts would be in English then in another language by the next paragraph. We allow people in other countries to make edits to this wiki as long as they make the changes in English.

    Lastly, if another user reverts one of your changes then you need to discuss why they reverted it with them instead of just re-uploading the image in order to avoid an editing war. This is especially true if it is an admin who reverts it as admins have final say.

    If you continue to ignore these things I may have to consider a temporary ban. I really don't want to have to do that, so I hope you take my advice to heart.

    I'm sorry if I seem a little harsh, but one of my jobs as an admin is to maintain the harmony of the wiki. I hope that you continue to help improve the wiki by working together with all of us.

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    • As for Spider-Man images, if you want to upload another just add '002' or '003' (something like that) on the end so it's a different file, similar to that of other Wikis. (Unless the file is a cover image already uploaded here - instead, just use that). Thanks!

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    • tank ıdont know that

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Can you please not upload new images for images on this wiki without discussing it with DalekSupreme13 or Bighead10 (The Admins)? Although I think the Deadpool image you uploaded is better, Dalek clearly believes that image would suit the character better. He reverted your edits three times, and if he reverts it once you should stop. Don't mess with an admin, they know what they're doing as they've had lots of experience here and can, well, block you if you annoy them too much. Besides, uploading an image of Spawn (I think) who's an Image Comics character, onto a Marvel Comics character's wiki is just wrong to begin with, but when you put it on the File:No-image-available.jpg is just weird, because it doesn't tell you there's no image available, it just shows you it's Spawn!

    Sorry if I sounded cross, I'm not, it's just it can be annoying and I don't want you to get blocked, as it's not a nice feeling. Thanks (and if you read all that and took it in, well done - I wrote a lot),


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  • Spider-man Camera 2

    Greetings, Metin Kayra Taş/@comment-32769624-20190202155143!

    Welcome to the Spider-Man Wiki true believer! Thank you for your most recent edit! We hope that you like it here. Here are some links we hope you might find useful:

    Before you start editing, however, please read the policies and guidelines. And remember, you need ten constructive edits before being allowed to use chat! Read the chat policy before entering as well!

    If you need help on what to do/edit and/or advice, just leave a message any of the admins message wall and wait for a reply, go to chat, or the forums.

    Have fun editing here!

    - Happy editing, the Spider-Man Wiki Staff

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