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Mighty Avengers (Infinity) (Earth-616).jpg
Mighty Avengers
Founder(s): Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Spectrum, Spider Hero
Leader(s): Luke Cage

Current members:

Luke Cage, Spectrum, Blue Marvel, Spider Hero, Power Man, White Tiger, She-Hulk

Former members:



Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-616


New York City

First appearance:

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Creators: Al Ewing, Greg Land

"You want Avengers, lady? Take a good look. We're the Avengers."
— Luke Cage

The Mighty Avengers are a team of Avengers that was created to protect New York from Thanos's Black Order, when the villain's allies attacked Earth when the main Avengers team left the planet in order to fight the Builders.




  • Luke Cage (founding member and current leader)
  • Spectrum (founding member)
  • Blue Marvel
  • Spider Hero (founding member)
  • Power Man
  • White Tiger
  • She-Hulk


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