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Miles Morales Spider-Man Vol. 1 -19.jpg
Comic Book series: Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 1
Issue Number: 19

Release Date:

October 7, 2020

Executive Editor:

C.B. Cebulski

Cover Artist:

Javier Garrón
David Curiel


Saladin Ahmed


Carmen Carnero
Marcelo Ferreira


Carmen Carnero
JP Mayer


David Curiel


Cory Petit


Kathleen Wisneski
Lindsey Cohick
Nick Lowe

Previous issue:

Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 1 #18

Next issue:

Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 1 #20

Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 1 #1 is the 19th issue of Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 1.

Solicit Synopsis


  • No one knows the full consequences when worlds collide: Are there aftershocks, echoes, doubles?
  • Miles is already battling a man who shares his name. What does it mean when he finds someone with his face in his family living room?
  • Was this clone made or born? And which Miles will survive this saga?
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