The name Miles Morales may pertain to any of the following:




  • Miles Morales - the 2nd Spider-Man of the Ultimate universe who assumes the mantle after Peter Parker's death.

Prowler killed Miles' parentsEdit

Ultimate Larval EarthEdit

  • Miles Morhames - a version of Miles who hails from a universe inhabited by anthropomorphic animals instead of humans.

Old Man LoganEdit

  • Miles Morales - one of the Avengers who died after America's villains organized and took over.

Deadpool's MassacreEdit




2010s Marvel Animated UniverseEdit

  • Miles Morales - a high school student who tried out for the role of Spider-Man in the school play.

Animated Miles MoralesEdit

  • Miles Morales - Peter Parker's successor as Spider-Man following Peter's death at the hands of the Ultimate Goblin.

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