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The New Avengers (Earth-616)
New Avengers
Founder(s): Captain America (Rogers), Iron Man
Leader(s): Formerly Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, Victoria Hand, Captain America (Rogers), Ronin

Current members:

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Former members:

Captain America (Barnes), Captain America (Rogers), Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Echo, Victoria Hand, Iron Man, Iron Fist, Mockingbird, Power Woman, Ronin, Sentry, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, "Spider-Woman", Thing, Wolverine


Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-616


Avengers Mansion; formerly Captain America's Brooklyn townhouse, "Avengers Apartment" (residential property leased by Iron Fist's Rand Corporation), Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, Stark Tower

First appearance:

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'The' New Avengers (of Earth-616) is team of superheroes formed by Captain America and Iron Man to the replace the then defunct Avengers after a breakout occurred at the Raft. Following the downfall of Norman Osborn, the team was repurposed as a division of the main Avengers team with their new mission being to protect the world from interdimensional menaces.

After the Avengers vs. X-Men conflict, Luke Cage left the New Avengers to be with his family, after that, the New Avengers became defunct.



Further Exploits[]

Civil War and Aftermath[]

Unregistered Heroes[]

Secret Invasion[]

Dark Reign[]


Heroic Age[]

Fear Itself[]

The New Dark Avengers[]

New Avengers Disassembled[]






  • Avengers Quinjet
  • Rand Corporate Jet
  • Dr. Strange's teleportation spells


  • When the New Avengers first started Tony Stark had the original members make an e-mail with his domain name. As a whole their e-mail address was allavengers@newavengers.stark.net