Crime Master
Full Name: Nick Lewis Jr.
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Nick Lewis Jr. (of Earth-616), son of the original Crime-Master, met Janice Foswell in Europe, and fell in love with her. However, neither one informed the other that they intended to don their father's identity to gain revenge upon Spider-Man.

In the middle of the fight between Human Torch, Spider-Man, and Big Man and his gangsters, Sandman and Crime-Master arrived and stopped the fight by pointing a gun at Big Man.

The fight begans again, After Spider-Man and Human Torch were defeated, Crime-Master began a quarrel with Big Man over who got Spider-Man. They decided to leave it up to the other gangsters to decide, but before they could reach a decision, the Sons of the Tiger arrived to save the heroes. The criminals managed to escape when Crime-Master threw a gas bomb.

The heroes went outside, but the criminals were gone. Spider-Man looked for them, and later he discovered them all climbing out of an open man-hole in an alley. The criminals went back to the warehouse where the Tigers were, and Sandman defeated them. Crime-Master was tired of Big Man’s orders, and decided to shoot his enemy. Suddenly Spider-Man arrived, and freed the Tigers, who then helped Spider-Man to finally defeat the criminals. After they were defeated, Spider-Man pulled the mask off the Crime-Master and the dead Big Man, revealing that Big Man was actually a woman. Crime-Master told them that she was Janice, and was the woman he loved, the daughter of the original Big Man, Frederick Foswell, and she just couldn’t be dead (though he's the one that shot her). The Crime-Master identified himself as Nick Lewis Jr., son of the original Crime-Master. Inconsolable, the heroes left him for the police.

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