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Iron Patriot (Earth-TRN123).png
Iron Patriot
Real name: Norman Osborn
Other Aliases: Green Goblin, Goblin, Spider-Goblin, Venom
Created by: {{{created by}}}
Voiced by: Steven Weber
Number of Appearances: 12
First Appearance: "Great Power"
Appearance of Death: {{{appearance of Death}}}
Universe: Earth-12041
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Species: {{{Species}}}
Relatives: Harry Osborn (son)
Place of Birth: {{{place of birth}}}
Citizenship: American
Affiliations: Oscorp; formerly S.H.I.E.L.D., S.H.I.E.L.D. Trainees
Base of Operations: New York City
Abilities: {{{abilities}}}
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m) (As Norman)
7' 0" (2.13 m) (As Goblin)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg) (As Norman)
1,000 lbs (As Goblin)
Hair Color: Brown (As Norman)
Bald (As Goblin)
Eye Color: Blue (As Norman)
Yellow (As Goblin)
Unique Features: {{{unique features}}}

"Remember, son; With great power comes great reward."
— Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn (of Earth-12041), also known as the Goblin and the Iron Patriot, is the father of Harry Osborn and the CEO of OsCorp. In the past, he was transformed into the monstrous Green Goblin by Otto Octavius. He once sought to create a army of Super Soldiers using the D.N.A. of Spider-Man, but now seeks redemption for his past transgressions.

Starting Up

Norman opened up Oscorp at some point and Otto Octavius joined, but Otto died in a terrible accident while they were doing revolutionary work. Norman brought him back using a body with four mechanical arms and attempted to obtain Spider-Man's DNA by hiring the Frightful Four and sending them after him. After they failed, he told Octavius that he wouldn't tolerate another failure.

Greed Over Venom

Osborn, who was obsessed with the creation of his own Spider-Army, ordered that Octavius send a drone after Spider-Man to obtain Spider-Man's blood. Octavius sends a drone, on Osborn's orders, and retrieves Spider-Man's blood. When Osborn sees how Octavius has mixed Spider-Man's blood with that of the Venom formula, he tells Octavius he wants to see it in action. Octavius warns Osborn that the life-form is premature, and not ready. Osborn, however, will not listen, and tells Octavius to release it anyway.

Ironically, that very night, Peter Parker is at Osborn's penthouse. He is there at a party that Harry is throwing, although it was just supposed to Peter and a few friends.

The Venom symbiote attacks at the party. Norman gets word of the attack and immediately heads to the penthouse. He arrives just in time to see Harry hanging from a ledge. However, Harry is saved, and Norman comes in saying,"You destroyed it!?" Everyone looks at him suspiciously, but he quickly says,"Thank goodness." Norman then says to Harry that is was a good thing Spider-Man was there to save Harry. Harry sarcastically says,"Yeah, hooray for Spider-Man".

Later, Norman comes to Octavius, telling him he now wants an upgraded version of the symbiote. Octavius says he will get right on it.

The Black Spider-Man

A few weeks go by when another superhero, who looks like Spidey, begins saving the city. Norman orders that Octavius send the Dragon Man to receive a sample. However, due to his increased strength, the Black Spider-Man easily defeats Dragon Man.

Later, Norman is busy speaking with someone on the phone. Harry comes up to Norman, telling him excitedly that he has something to show Norman. It is shown that Harry is hiding the symbiote in a containment watch behind his back. He hopes this will make Norman proud of Harry, but Norman tells Harry he is busy, and unless he's pulled his grades together, he doesn't exactly want to hear It. Harry, disappointed, walks away in frustration.

Angry, the symbiote transforms Harry into Venom. He comes after Norman, who is in a meeting. Luckily, Spider-Man saves Norman. Norman is left amazed at having seen the symbiote up so close.

After he made Harry angry, Venom took over and attacked him, and Spider-Man saved him. He was chased until Spider-Man injected Harry with the "anti-Venom". Norman then took a blood sample from Harry and gave it to Octavius, who claimed not to have known about Harry.

Do It Yourself, Or Else...

Norman, who wanted to have an improved formula right then, told Otto that he needed to get another blood sample of Spider-Man, or else he would fire Otto. Octavius, who felt insulted, told Osborn that he'd get the blood sample himself. This was humorous to Osborn, saying that Octavius could barely harm a fly.

After Harry nailed report card day, they went out to celebrate, but Norman left to see Octavius. While attempting to unmask Spider-Man, Otto injected Norman with a fusion of Venom's and Spider-Man's DNA, which transformed him into the Green Goblin and he went berserk, then chased Harry to his school to the helicarrier and destroyed Curt Connors' right arm, stealing a Glider and gloves from his lab. He caused Venom to take Harry over and they teamed up only for Harry to shake Venom off. The Goblin then took a sample from the suit and left his own son to die in the sinking helicarrier.

He later attacked Spider-Man and presumably killed him, then later went after Peter and succeeded in capturing him. He

Norman Osborn as The Green Goblin..jpg

then injected him with a combination of the symbiote and the key components of the Goblin serum which was energized by his smarter intelligence to turn him into Carnage. After seeing his team had helped Spider-Man out of the rubble, he sent Carnage to destroy them. Spider-Man was later thrown into his lab by Venom, and he fought both until Peter seperated the symbiote from Harry. He was then defeated by Spider-Man (actually Iron Fist in disguise), but escaped. He later watched Harry's car drive away.


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