The name Oscorp may pertain to any of the following:


Prime Universe

  • Oscorp - a multinational corporation founded by Spider-Man's arch-enemy Norman Osborn.

Ultimate Universe

  • Oscorp - the multinational corporation that created the Oz formula.

Before the Big Bang

Home to Spider-Punk

  • Oscorp - a multinational corporation founded by President Ozzy Osborn.

Home to Lady Spider

Marvel Panini UK comics

Deadpool-616 traveled back in time and convinced Jack Hammer to become Weasel

Spider-Man: Heroes & Villains

Home to SP//dr


  • Ozcorp - a multinational corporation founded by Mayor Norman Osborn.

Mary Jane Novels

AAFES Universe


LeaPad: The Amazing Spider-Man

Home to Patton Parnel



2010s Marvel Animated Universe

The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series

1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Animated Gender-Swapped Earth

  • Oscorp - a multinational corporation founded by Spider-Woman's arch-enemy Norma Osborn.

Squadron Supreme wrapped reality


Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

2000s Spider-Man film series

2010s The Amazing Spider-Man film series

Video Games

LEGO Marvel Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Edge of Time

The Amazing Spider-Man video game series

Spider-Man Unlimited: Marvel 2099

Spider-Man Unlimited

Marvel Avengers Academy

  • Oscorp - the company owned by former Osborn Private Science Institution headmaster Norman Osborn.

Shattered Dimensions (Amazing and 2099)

Shattered Dimensions (Ultimate)


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