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Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus
Real name: Otto Octavius
Other Aliases: Doc Ock, Master Planner
Created by: Greg Weisman
Voiced by: Peter MacNicol
Number of Appearances: 11
First Appearance: Survival of the Fittest
Appearance of Death: None
Universe: Earth-26496
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Relatives: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Citizenship: American
Affiliations: Sinister Six; formerly Tricorp, Oscorp
Base of Operations: New York City, New York
Abilities: {{{abilities}}}
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Unique Features: Four Mechnical tentacles fused to his spine.

Otto Octavius was a brilliant scientist and inventor before an accident bonded him to four mechanical tentacles driving him to extreme criminal activities. Taking the name Doctor OctopusDoc Ock for short, he became one of Spider-Man's most formidable opponents, founded the Sinister Six, and took over the criminal underground as Master Planner.


Otto Octavius was a timid atomic scientist who was willing to apologise for every little thing. Octavius worked at Tricorp for some time, where he developed a set of four tentacle-like arms, attached to his spinal cord by a neural transmitter chip, which he used to perform more dangerous experiments. He stated that they allowed him to "multitask, manipulate different objects, and of course, maintain a safe distance." Octavius' tentacles earned him the nickname "Dr. Octopus" from his future employer, Osborn, even though Octavius claimed the name was "so demeaning." Octavius had developed a long term power source, dubbed the "Megalopack" while at Tricorp, though the company claimed possession of it when he left.

Octavius later came to work for Norman Osborn, an ambitious businessman who never appologised for anything--a stark contrast from the scientist. This later caused trouble for the both of them when Oscorp stole the design for an aerodynamics system called Tech Flight from the aerodynamic engineer Adrian Toomes, to whom Octavius had recommended presenting his invention to Oscorp. Toomes became the Vulture, seeking revenge on Osborn.

When a crime boss code named the Big Man noticed how often super-villains kept Spider-Man busy, he hired Osborn to create more. It was Octavius' job to design these villains, and despite his misgivings, he created Sandman and the Rhino. He soon became weary of this work and paranoid of what Spider-Man might do if he traced his creations back to him, but the overbearing Osborn kept him at work. "I can't have weak men in my organization, Otto."

While Octavius was preparing an electo-magnetic chamber, the Green Goblin came and sabotaged the experiment, catching him in a devastating lab accident that fused his harness to his spinal cord. Finally tipped over the edge, Octavius turned on his employer and adopted the nickname he had given him before: "Otto Octavius was weak. Call me, Dr. Octopus!" When Octavius caught sight of Spider-Man present, he assumed the hero had indeed traced him back from Sandman and Rhino and orchestrated the accident, even though Spider-Man had actually dug him up from the wreckage when he saw the accident occur from a distance. Octavius then proceeded to attack Spider-Man, only stopping when his harness indicating he was low on power. Leaving Spider-Man distracted long enough to get away, he left for home with a spare power cell.

Realizing he needed a longer-lasting source of energy for his arms so they wouldn't drain in the middle of battle, Octavius broke into the Tricorp Research and Development building on Coney Island to steal his former creation, the Megalopack. Spider-Man intervened and quickly deduced what he needed it for when learning what it was. Spider-Man planned on stalling Octavius until his harness ran out of power, but Octavius quickly realized both Spider-Man's plan and his "weakness" for civilians. So, he took Liz Allen hostage, telling Spider-Man he still had an hour of juice left in his power cell and that he could still do a great deal of damage in one hour, "starting with the girl." Spider-Man was left with a choice--he hands over the device to Octavius, or Octavius kills Liz. In response, Spider-Man tossed the Megalopack away and rescued Liz, whom Octavius had left hanging fro the top of a roller coaster track to retrieve the device. After seizing the device and knocking the returning Spider-Man down, Octavius removed his short-term power cell from his harness to insert the Megalopack. But Spider-Man temporarily blinded him with the Spider Signal long enough for him to grab both cells and subdue the mad scientist.

After his arrest, Octavius was placed in Ryker's Island prison, where his arms had been removed from their harness. Taking an interset in the story of how Max Dillon become Electro, he wrote continuously to him at Ravencroft with a proposal. Octavius promised Electro that he would find a cure for his condition if he would break him and Spider-Man's other old foes out of prison to create the Sinister Six. Just as the others learned to overcome the weaknesses Spider-Man exploited on each of them, Octavius solved his energy problem by running his harness off of a jump start from Electro's power. At the time Octavius had developed a plan to lure Spider-Man into a trap, the hero had started to succumb to the influence of the alien symbiote. The symbiote-possessed Spider-Man quickly defeated the Sinister Six and nearly impaled Octavius with one of his own arms, but Captain Stacy intervened in the nick of time.

Octavius was then moved to Ravencroft along with Electro, where it appeared he was cured. Meanwhile, a mysterious Master Planner had begun gathering various super-villains to combat Spider-Man, including most of the old Sinister Six, to form a Sinister Seven team. But Octavus refused his "invitation," leaving it only a new Sinister Six. Soon after, the Master Planner had Octavius kidnapped from Ravencroft by his own arms.

However, it was discovered that Octavius himself was the Master Planner, having been feigning his rehabilitation to ward of suspicion. Using technology stolen for him by Mysterio, Octavius amplified the transmission of the chip that controlled his arms to achieve a working wireless connection between his brain and nearly every computer in the city. In order to spread his influence, he had the Vulture and Electro kidnap Gwen Stacy to blackmail her father into retrieving global access portal codes from the Homeland Security New York headquarters which would gain him access to every government computer in the world. His plan was foiled when Spider-Man tracked him back to his lair and tricked Electro into destroying all the equipment that kept Octavius' connection stable. With the information feedback too much for him to handle, Octavius was forced to break the connection. Octavius escaped, self-destructing his lair in the process, but Spider-Man got away as well, along with Gwen and an unconscious Electro.

Octavius continued to use his Master Planner alias and rented out his super-villains for a fee.

With a gang war on the horizon, the three main factions, Big Man's, Octavius' and the Manfreddies were looking for an edge. All but Octavius attended a bidding to acquire the blueprints on how to create more Rhinos, who latter informed his associate of the drive's existence, compelling Rhino to try and destroy it.

Octavius later attended the Valentine's Day Summit with L. Thompson Lincoln and Silvio Manfreddie, who presumed that the latter called the summit. They discussed on how to run a criminal empire; Silvio saw crime as rightfully his; Lincoln saw it as a business; and Octavius saw it as a science. Soon enough, hostilities broke out when Hammerhead sedated Silver Sable and passed a gun to Lincoln. Eventually, he is beaten by Spider-man, and sent back to either therapy, or prison.

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