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Parker Industries
Founder(s): "Peter Parker", Sajani Jaffrey, May Parker Jameson, Jay Jameson
Leader(s): Peter Parker; formerly "Peter Parker"

Current members:

Anna Maria Marconi, Clayton Cole, Doctor Parker, Doctor Wirthman, Doctor Wu, Hector Baez, Hobie Brown, Jasmine, Jay Jameson (investor), Lian Tang, Living Brain, Living Brain (Octavius), Max Modell, Min Wei, Miguel O'Hara, Mockingbird (S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison), Mr. Jacobs (investor), Phillip Chang, Raul, Roberta Mendez, Sajani Jaffrey, Spider-Man (Brown), Spider-Man (Parker), Vicki

Former members:

"Peter Parker"


Alignment: Good
Universe: Earth-616


Parker Industries, Hudson River, New York; Parker Industries (Shanghai Division), Shanghai, China; Parker Industries (London Division), London, England; Horizon University, San Francisco, California; Parker Industries (New York Branch), Manhattan, New York City, New York

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Creators: Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Humberto Ramos

"We're not here to build a fortune. We're building the future."
— Peter Parker

Parker Industries (of Earth-616) is a company founded by "Peter Parker" with financial assistance from Sajani Jaffrey, May Parker Jameson, and Jay Jameson following his dismissal from Horizon Labs and acquisition of his doctorate.



"Parker Industries! A revolution in start-ups! An overthrow of the technology sector! Mark my words, and mark them well... together we will rule the world of science!"
— "Peter Parker"

After being fired from Horizon Labs, Otto Octavius (who at the time was inhabiting Peter Parker's body) decided to create his own company, Parker Industries. After Otto handed back control of Peter's body to Peter, and the defeat of the Goblin Nation, Peter himself took up the reins to manage the company and publicly announced that he was no longer "working with Spider-Man".

Recently, Peter had announced that the company would be putting its cybernetics project on hold in order to focus on the capture, curing, and de-powering of Electro, and to develop a new super-villain prison.

While searching to get energy readings from Electro’s last known location Peter and some employees arrived at the spot which was on fire. After Peter, as Spider-Man saved everyone inside with the help of fireman Ollie Ollivera, Black Cat stole one of their devices and found Electro with it, and persuaded him to help her get Spider-Man.

After the Doctor Octopus returned as Superior Octopus, the company was shut down.

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