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Dark Reign The Hood Vol 1 1 Textless
The Hood
Full Name: Parker Robbins
First Appearance: The Hood #1
Created by: Brian K. Vaughan, Kyle Hotz
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Bad
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: New York
Citizenship: American
Base: Mobile, formerly four New York City Safehouses
Affiliations: The Hood's army of criminals; formerly Dark Illuminati
Powers/Abilities: Able Piano Player, talented with Fire Arms, and knowledgeable in various methods of criminal enterprise
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Unique Features: The Hood sometimes has reptilian/slanted red-glowing eyes

"Okay. Well Mister Robbins. It took $1 Billion and most of your sanity, went and got yourself an Infinity Gem. Yellow -- yellow...which one is the yellow on? Oh. Yeah..that's right...Reality."
— Parker Robbins

Parker Robbins (of Earth-616), better known as The Hood, is a former Crime Lord who once lead a criminal syndicate composed entirely of super villains and is a former member of the Dark Illuminati.


  • TBA

Powers and abilities



  • Dormammu Possession:
    • Invisibility:
    • Air Walking:
    • Power Blasting:
    • Illusion Transparency:
  • Norn Stones:
    • Wish of Self:
    • Magic Bullets:
  • Infinity Gems:


  • Able Piano Player:
  • Marksmen:
  • Criminal Mastermind:




  • Dormammu's Cloak and Boots
  • The Norn Stones
  • The Infinity Gems



  • 2 Hand Pistols


  • As a kid, Parker wanted to play keyboard for Electric Mayhem, The Band from the Muppet Show, alongside Dr. Teeth.
  • Parker's cell phone ringtone is Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones

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