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Peter David
Born: September 23, 1956
Died: N/A
Cause of death: N/A
Occupation(s): Writer, Editor
Years active: 1974 - Present
Spouse: Myra Kasman (1977–1998)
Kathleeen O'Shea (2001–present)
Children: 4

Peter David is an American writer of comic books, novels, television, movies and video games. Peter is primarily known for his work on the Incredible Hulk comic book series and for the various Star Trek novels he has written.


Peter David's first contribution to Marvel Comics was conceived during his time working in the company's sales department were he submitted a story entitled "The Death of Jean DeWolff". The storyline revolved around the death of NYPD officer Jean DeWolff, who had been a supporting character in many of the Spider-Man titles released in the late 70s to early 80s, and how it affected the characters who were close to her. The story was eventually published in the Spectacular Spider-Man series. The story was praised by both readers and critics alike prompting Peter to quit his job in the sales department in order to become the head writer for Spectacular Spider-Man.

Peter's next major contribution to the Spider-Man mythos came to fruition in the mid-1990s with the debut of Miguel O'Hara the Spider-Man of a not too distant future. Peter co-created the character as part of Marvel's new publishing imprint focusing on futuristic takes on some of Marvel's most popular pre-existing characters. Peter's Spider-Man 2099 series was the first to be released and laid the groundwork for this new dystopian future and was the most successful out of all the series Marvel released as part of its 2099 line. Unfortunately, Peter quit the series he helped to create after writing 44 issues in order to protest the firing of editor Joey Cavalieri. Shortly after his the departure, the Spider-Man 2099 series was canceled 2 issues into the new writers run along with the entire 2099 line due to decreasing sales.

In December of 2005, Peter started a new Spider-Man series entitled Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man which began with a twelve-part crossover event called "The Other". The event depicted Spider-Man going through a metamorphosis in order to gain new abilities and further insight into the origins of his powers following his defeat at the hands of Morlun. Unfortunately, as tends to be the case when major changes are made to long-standing classic comics characters, the storyline caused some controversy among readers for its introduction of retractable stingers in Spider-Man's arms, and the establishment of a "totem" from which his powers are derived. Eventually, Peter's run on the series concluded with the series' 23rd issue.

In 2014, Peter returned to Spider-Man 2099 writing for the series' second volume as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! event. This new Spider-Man 2099 series focused on a time displaced Miguel as he figures out a way to return to his own time while at the same time doing whatever he can to try and prevent the evil megacorporation, Alchemax from being created.

Following the events of Secret Wars, the Spider-Man 2099 series was re-launched as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event with Peter continuing on as the series' head writer.

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