The name "Peter Parker" may pertain to any of the following:





Before the Big Bang

Ben Reilly remained Spider-Man

Real-time Fantastic Four

Home to Spider Moon-Man

Mutant X

Bullet Points

Skrulls succeeded in their Secret Invasion

Spider-Man: Heroes & Villains

Steve Rogers found dead, Frank Castle became Captain America

World War between Imperial France and British Empire

Wolverine: Horseman of Apocalypse

Impossible Man Constant battle

Camelot Spider-Man

Daredevil murdered Bullseye, Elektra, Iron Fist and Spider-Man

Captain America was thawed out in the present day

Fantastic Four: The End

What If? Spider-Man: The Other

Aunt May killed by Green Goblin & Dr. Octopus

Peter Parker became Goblin

Avengers Retired

Home to alternate '67 Spider-Man

Captain America led all the Heroes against Registration


Spider-Man killed the Burglar

Spider-Man & clone split existence

Home to Brother Brit-Man & Spider-Gwen

Age of Sentry



1967 Spider-Man Cartoon

1980s Spider-Man and Hulk cartoons

1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Super Hero Squad cartoon and games

Wolverine and the X-Men & Avengers: EMH!


Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

2000s Spider-Man film series

2010s The Amazing Spider-Man film series

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Video Games

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Super Hero Squad cartoon and games

New York is Destroyed in Explosion

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