Peter Parker (Earth-TRN016)
Full name: Peter Parker
First Appearance: Age of X Universe #1
Created by: Jim McCann, Paul Davidson
Home Universe: Earth-11326
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Affiliation(s): Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Spider Powers


Being a non-mutant in the "Age of X" Spider-Man was looked up to as he fought his classic villians such as Electro and Sandman.

When a bad organization called the "Human Coalition" discovered that powers could be inherited by children from their parents after seeing Nick Fury's version of the Secret Warriors, they decided to also target other children of heroes and kill them.

Peter decided to let his pregnant wife, Mary Jane to leave him and flee to France. Peter would not get through the DNA scanners at the airport, so he stayed in New York and was captured by Exonims, or Sentinels in his reality.

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