Peter Parker (Earth-199999) Spider-Man Far From Home 004
Real name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Aliases: Spider-Boy

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Alignment: Good
Age: Teen
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Weight: 142 lbs (64 kg)
Relatives/friends: May Parker (aunt)
Characteristics: Brown hair and eyes

Spider Powers

Portrayed by: Tom Holland
Appearances: Captain America: Civil War
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Endgame
Spider-Man: Far From Home

"When you can do the things that I can, but you don't. and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you."
— Peter Parker

Peter Benjamin Parker of Earth-199999 is an alternate version of Spider-Man and the main protagonist of Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Homecoming and the sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home.


Early Life

Growing Up in New York

Peter Benjamin Parker was born on August 10th, 2001, in Queens, New York. He was orphaned by his parents early in his childhood and went on to live with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. He currently attends Midtown School of Science and Technology; there, he made friends like Ned Leeds but was also bullied by Flash, one of his classmates. Peter gained spider-like abilities from a bite from a genetically-modified spider. Uncle Ben was killed, forcing Peter and Aunt May to move into an apartment complex.

Captain America: Civil War

Six months after getting his powers, Peter Parker lives as a ordinary high school student while fighting crime as the masked local superhero Spider-Man. One of his heroes, Tony Stark, visited his home to recruit him in bringing in fellow Avenger-turned-fugitive Steve Rogers under the premise of a sizable grant offer from the September Foundation. In a private conversation, Tony exposes Peter's secret and Peter explains his powers and his motivation for using them. Peter flies to Germany, accompanied by Tony's friend and former bodyguard Happy Hogan.

Upon arriving at the Leipzig-Halle airport, Stark, his best friend Colonel James Rhodes (aka War Machine), King T'Challa (the Black Panther) and Natasha Romanova (Black Widow) intercepts and confronts Rogers. Wearing a new suit designed by Stark, Peter records the confrontation before capturing Cap and snatching his shield. As the tension between the sides rise, he faced off several rogue Avengers and an ally of Captain America, Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man), who grows into a giant to buy Cap and his best friend Bucky Barnes more time to escape. Spider-Man then mimicks a tactic he saw from The Empire Strikes Back, allowing Iron Man and War Machine punch him down. Peter celebrates his victory but was knocked down by Ant-Man.

Peter returned home examining his new Web-Shooters. Aunt May tends to a bruise over his eye, which he claims was the result of a beatdown from bullies. After May left Peter's room, he discovered a holographic projection that was programmed into his Web-Shooters, revealing the Spider-Signal.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Two months later, Peter still hadn’t heard anything from Stark of the other Avengers. Desperate to prove himself, Peter quit most of his school activities like the school band and the academic decathlon team, so he could focus more on his duties as Spider-Man. He also frequently tried to contact Tony Stark through Happy Hogan's text. To his aunt and friends, Peter lied that he was spending his time on an internship offered by Stark. One day, when coming home from another day as Spider-Man, Peter found his friend Ned Leeds waiting for him in his room. Ned thus discovered Peter’s secret, and became his confident. Using his computer skills, Ned hacked the Spider-Suit and removed the Training Wheels Protocol that Stark had implanted, thus giving Peter full access to all of the suits abilities, including the A.I., which Peter named Karen.

One night, when he was about to show up as Spider-Man on a party thrown by Liz Toomes, he discovered two thugs named Herman Schultz and Jackson Brice selling high-tech weapons to a man named Aaron Davis. Peter tried to capture the two men, but they managed to get away when their boss, Adrian Toomes, interfered and dropped Peter in a lake where he nearly drowned, but he was saved in time by Stark with a remote controlled Iron Man armor. Stark ordered Peter to stay away from the dangerous criminals.

Peter didn’t want to give up so easily and along with Ned investigated a weapon left behind by Brice, removing its power core. Using a tracker he planted on Schultz, Peter discovered the gang had moved to Maryland. Peter thus signed up for the Decathlon again so he could go Washington DC. There, he attempted to stop Toomes from robbing a D.O.D.C truck, but was defeated, trapped inside the truck, and taken to the D.O.D.C. vault. With help of Karen, Peter managed to escape, and in the process learned that the power core he and Ned had taken with them was in fact an unstable Chitauri grenade. Peter made it back to Washington just in time to safe Ned and their friends from the elevator of the Washington Monument when the core exploded and damaged the elevator.

After returning to New York, Peter sought out Aaron Davis and learned from him that Toomes was about to meet with Mac Gargan on board the Staten Island Ferry to discuss a weapons deal. Peter interfered and managed to capture Gargan, but Toomes got away again when a malfunctioning weapon teared the ferry in half. Peter’s own attempt to save the ferry with his webs failed, and it was only due to the timely arrival of Stark that a disaster was averted. Stark was angered at Peters’ recklessness, and so took back Peter's suit.

Disappointed, Peter returned to his high school life and mustered up the courage to ask Liz to the homecoming dance. Upon picking up Liz from her house, Peter learned that she was Adrian Toomes’ daughter. Toomes likewise figured out Peter was Spider-Man, and threatened to kill him if he ever interfered with his plans again. During the dance, Peter realized Toomes was planning to hijack a D.O.D.C. plane transporting weapons from Avengers Tower to the team's new headquarters, and set out to stop him, having to rely on just his old homemade suit and web-shooters again. With help of Ned, Peter first defeated Schultz, who was waiting for him just outside the school. Peter then confiscated Flash Thompsons’ car and had Ned track his phone, which Peter had left in Toomes’ car, to find out where Toomes was. Upon reaching Toomes’ lair, Peter found Toomes waiting for him. Using his exo-suit, Toomes destroyed the building's support beams and left Parker be stuck under the rubble of the ceiling.

Peter was able to escape and intercepted the plane with Toomes on board, after Toomes destroyed the wing on the plane, Peter manage to steer it, only to crash it on the beach near Coney Island. There, Peter and Toomes engaged in a final battle that ended with Toomes’ equipment exploding and Peter saving Toomes from the wreckage. Afterwards, Toomes was arrested, and Peter was offered by Stark to officially join the Avengers. However, Peter declined stating he’d rather be a local hero in Queens for now. Stark accepted his choice, but still gave Peter his suit back. However, when he used the suit again, aunt May shockingly saw him in the costume.

Avengers: Infinity War

Peter was going on a field trip to an art museum when Thanos' minions (Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian) arrived to Earth to take the Time Stone from Dr Strange. Ebony Maw then kidnapped Strange and took him to the Q ship, where Parker and Stark followed. When Peter was in space, he nearly passed out until he was rescued by Suit 17A, aka the Iron Spider armor. Peter then followed Strange and Stark to Saturn's moon Titan, where he met Peter Quill, Drax the Destroyer, and Mantis. The group later fought Thanos until Strange was given no choice to surrender the Time Stone to Thanos. Peter was among the victims of the Decimation.

Avengers: Endgame

In 2023, Parker was brought back to life when the Avengers reversed the Snap by time traveling to alternate timelines and collecting the Infinity Stones from the past to make their Nano Gauntlet. Upon his resurrection, Parker was unaware that any time had passed since his original death and believed that he had merely fallen unconscious until Doctor Strange informed him that five years had passed.

After Strange and Wong gathered an army consisting of civilizations from across the universe, Strange transported Parker and the remaining Guardians of the Galaxy to the destroyed New Avengers Facility to aid the rest of the Avengers. Parker joined the group that he was apart of and looked around the many armies that were lined up to engaged the colossal battle that was ahead. Spider-Man prepared himself to fight against Thanos and his armies, which includes Chitauri, Sakaaran army, Outriders, and the Black Order. Spider-Man and his allies began to charge, swinging into action and avoiding many attacks.

During the battle, Spider-Man used his webs to pull Cull Obsidian back to prevent him from harming Iron Man. After Ant-Man crushed Obsidian with his enlarged foot, Parker removed his mask and helped Iron Man stand up on his feet. Parker told Stark about turning into dust before passing out, further noting that Strange was there with him on Titan and began to wake him up to tell the rest that they need him. While talking, Parker was happily given a hug from Stark.

After Hawkeye gave Black Panther the Nano Gauntlet to protect it, Spider-Man swung in and called out to Black Panther, who was trapped by Ebony Maw. Black Panther then threw it up and Spider-Man shot a web strand at it. Once Spider-Man had taken the Nano Gauntlet and landed onto an Outrider, he then activated 'Instant Kill' mode to impale countless Outriders. Despite defeating many Outriders, Spider-Man had a hard time handling them in packs, knowing he didn't have much leverage against them.

After Spider-Man called for assistance, Captain America noticed the Outriders attacking him and hurled Mjølnir at Parker, who hung onto the hammer with a web strand, but he began to fall when a shot from the Sanctuary II, which Thanos had ordered to reign fire, severed the web strand. Pepper Potts, who was wearing her Mark XLIX Armor, caught him and dropped him off onto Valkyrie's steed, Aragorn. Parker attempted to introduce himself to Valkyrie, but a shot from the Sanctuary II threw him off the steed and onto the ground.

Spider-Man then tried to run away from the upcoming fire but interrupted with a blast, sending him flying across the field. After noticing incoming fire from above that are shooting down at many people below, Parker took cover under the tempest of energy blasts from Thanos' ship, but the ship's guns turned towards Captain Marvel, who had entered the Earth's atmosphere and destroyed the Sanctuary II. Captain America asked Danvers to help transport the Infinity Stones over to Luis' Van.

While still protecting the Nano Gauntlet, Parker noticed Danvers landing in front of him and nervously introduced himself, having Danvers greet him. Once Danvers asked something from Parker, he looked over to the many armed forces crowding against him. Parker handed her the Nano Gauntlet before telling her that he doesn't know how she'll be able to go through all of Thanos' army. Danvers flew towards the van while Parker took a rest from all the fighting.

Despite their best efforts, Thanos destroyed the van with his Double-Edged Sword and struggled with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Captain Marvel for possession of the Nano Gauntlet. Ultimately, Stark stole the Infinity Stones and integrated them into his suit, using them to wipe out Thanos and his entire army. Once the gamma radiation was emitted into the fatally wounded Stark, Parker swung over to him after Thanos' army was gone and began to notice that he wasn't in good condition.

Parker walked up to Stark who had War Machine by his side, leaning towards him for conversation. Parker told Stark that they had won the battle but Stark couldn't answer back, causing Parker to tear up. Desperately wanting to find a response from Stark, Parker realized that he was dying and became overwhelmed with guilt. After Pepper Potts pulled the crying Parker away and said her goodbye, Stark died slowly in peace and Parker honored his death afterward.

After Potts, her daughter Morgan, Happy Hogan, and James Rhodes had finished watching Stark's final recorded message before he went on the Time Heist, Parker attended Stark's funeral with his aunt May. Once Potts sent Stark's inactive Arc Reactor that was cuddled with flowers into the lake, Parker witnessed the Arc Reactor floating away as a tribute for him sacrificing his life to end Thanos' plan to incinerate the universe.

Parker then returned to Midtown School of Science and Technology, along with the many students who turned into dust from Thanos' actions. Parker arrived with an upset feeling of what he had gone through in battle and Stark's death. Parker looked away upon on his right and began to smile as he was reunited with Ned Leeds. The two did their own friendship handshake before hugging one another and going to class.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Eight months after being resurrected in the Blip, Parker had developed feelings for fellow classmate and friend, Michelle Jones, and decided to use the upcoming school summer trip to Europe to confess his feelings. On the last day of school, Parker approached Ned Leeds in art class and detailed his plan to hopefully get his friend's input on his moves.

Parker laid out his plan to Leeds, explaining how he'll sit next to Jones on the flight to Europe, use a dual headphone adapter to watch movies with her, buy a Black Dahlia necklace in Venice, and when they go to Paris, he'll take Jones to the top of the Eiffel Tower to give her the necklace and tell her how he feels, hoping to know that she would feel the same way. Leeds then told Parker the next step of his plan should be to not do any of that.

Unexpectedly confused, Parker asked Leeds why he shouldn't, being told that both of them will be bachelors in Europe and confidently expressed that Europeans love Americans. Despite his skepticism, Parker told Leeds that he really liked Jones for her personality and humor before seeing her approaching to their table. Jones asked the two if they were excited for the science trip, having Parker to tell her that they were indeed. As Leeds agreed with Parker, he mentioned they were talking about the plan, causing Jones to ask Parker about it.

As he became flustered, Parker told Jones that he doesn't have a plan and Leeds noted that he'll just collect tiny spoons around Europe. Being embarrassed in front of Jones, Parker clarified that he is not collecting spoons but Leeds will do. Jones then told them to download a VPN before the trip, having Parker to agree with her. Leeds told Parker that their interaction went very well, much to his frustration.

Walking out of their hallway of Midtown School of Science and Technology, Leeds asked Parker what he will do on his last day in New York City. Parker told Leeds that he has some errands to run such as buying mini toothpaste, pick up his passport, and finally take down the Manfredi Crime Family. As Leeds looked concerned, Parker told him that he is fine on his running errands on his own.

Entering inside Delmar's Deli & Grill to buy his travel gear, Parker was asked by Mister Delmar about his trip and was told if he could come. Parker told Delmar that it was a science trip, leading Delmar to be uninterested. As Parker went to the counter, he asked Delmar about giving a dual headphone adapter in Spanish but Delmar was confused on mispronunciation. Parker bought the headphones and started to go to a pawn shop.

While selling his toys at a pawn shop, Parker was told about if he's sure about selling them, to which he was sure enough and admitted that he wanted to buy a gift for a girl that he likes, having the owner to tell him that he hopes that she was worth it. Before leaving the shop, Parker asked for the Lobot toy back and kept it. Parker traveled to the United States Postal Service to get his passport, only to confront a long line of people waiting inside the room.

Getting impatient in the long line, Parker decides to use his phone to call up his Spider-Drone from his backpack and help him find a new spot to wait on line. Parker waited for the Spider-Drone, as it climbed onto another pickup line and pressed a button to activate its opening. After successfully pulling off another lane and getting back his drone, Parker asked a lady for passport to pick up, despite her eating a sandwich.

After finishing up his own errands before leaving for Europe, Spider-Man suited up his Iron Spider Armor before entering an upper-class restaurant that was controlled by the Manfredi Crime Family. Putting an end to the Mafia Cold War, Spider-Man began to engage in battle in order to get them arrested for good.

Spider-Man defeated a couple of criminals by snaring them with his Synthetic Webbing and dropping them onto the ground. Spider-Man lands onto a table and used his web-grenade to trap another goon from aiming his gun at him. Spider-Man then back-flipped off the table and shot his webbing at numerous goons as he jumped away from gunfire. As the webbing had been fired off to trap the goons onto walls and ceilings, Spider-Man sat down onto a table in awe from it.

Spider-Man suddenly noticed a Manfredi goon shooting at him with his assault rifle and was being shot at with a number of bullets onto, dropping down from the impact from them. While the goon was reloading, Spider-Man told the goon that his suit was bulletproof and pulled himself with his webs and drop kick him in the face. Spider-Man noticed a goon hiding and was reaching for a gun on the floor until he webbed the goon up onto a ceiling.

The rest of the Crime Family ran towards Spider-Man after defeating many of their members and attacked him. Spider-Man punched a goon in the face and evade one of the goons attacks until he used a red bell pepper to beat one of them up. Spider-Man activated his iron spider-legs and attacked a goon from behind after disarming his kitchen knife. Spider-Man clashed with two of the goon's knives and stopped a goon from attacking him with a fire extinguisher.

After puncturing a fire extinguisher from a goon attacking him from behind, Spider-Man attacked all of his surrounding goons, defeating all of them with one quick swing from his iron spider-legs. As the fire extinguisher was set off, Spider-Man waves off the fumes and closed a cracked fish tank with his webs before the New York City Police Department had arrived. Once they came to the restaurant, Spider-Man told the police about the situation.

Spider-Man spoke to one of the police officers that were reporting the crime scene, telling her which ones were the runner, the buyer, the seller, and the snitch before the latter goon was mortified by the blame. Spider-Man apologized to the goon for blowing his cover and advised Officer Bristow to incarcerate the snitch in his own cell. Bristow then asked Spider-Man if he's going to be the next Iron Man but he sarcastically told him that he can't because he's too busy doing the police's jobs.

As the whole group of police officers laughed at Bristow's embarrassment from being talked down upon, Spider-Man told them that he was only kidding but seriously talked to them about doing their jobs this time, noting he will go on vacation. Spider-Man then walked away from the restaurant and let the police do their jobs before declining Bristow's offer to give a selfie, promising to do so next time on his superhero activities.

Attending at a homeless support shelter at Urban Sports & Cultural Center that was hosted by May, Spider-Man suited up for his stage performance with his Iron Spider Armor for people who had been displaced and become homeless after the Blip. After May shared her story of being blipped back into existences, she then introduced Spider-Man up on the stage to speak to them. Spider-Man stiffly thanked May for having him, as well as the audience that came to meet him.

Spider-Man walked away from the stage after May told the audience to hangout before he comes back to take photos and videos of him. Spider-Man unmasked himself and high-fived May for her speech. Parker told May that she did well but was criticized by her for being stiff when spoke, agreeing with her. May changed the subject by asking Parker if he packed his passport and mini toothbrush, to which he said that he did indeed.

Parker and May witnessed Happy Hogan with a check and immediately introduced to himself to May. Parker suddenly noticed Hogan flirting with May by asking her about the new dress and talked about his new beard. Once May had got the check from Pepper Potts, she told Parker go to the public and meet them. Parker looked at Hogan and asked what happened but Hogan ignored his question and told him that Nick Fury is calling him.

Parker asked Hogan about why Fury would try to contact him, being told that he calls superheroes for any activities. Parker told Hogan that he probably would call someone else not him until his had started ringing. Picking up his phone, Parker was told that was Fury calling him but he reluctantly refuse to speak to him, but was told to answer the phone or else Hogan will have to. Parker asked Hogan about not answering it himself, being told that he was scared and was told to pick up the phone.

Parker looked up to Hogan and chose to send Fury to voicemail, causing Hogan to freak out towards him ghosting Fury so casually. Parker noticed the crowd of people calling him backstage and told Hogan that he has to go. As Parker walked back and his iron spider-legs opened the curtains, he promised Hogan that he'll call Fury later on, walking away in promise to call him after his school trip. Parker masked himself up and was greeted by the many news reporters.

As a swarm of reporters demanded to ask Spider-Man questions, he would pick a reporter who asked if he was head Avenger, saying no to that question. Spider-Man picked another reporter who asked what will he do if the aliens will come back, rejecting that question. Spider-Man picked another reporter who asked if he's the next Iron Man which overwhelmed Spider-Man with extensive amount of anxiety, causing him to abruptly jump away and left the building.

Spider-Man web-swung up to the building and landed onto the roof, unmasking himself to catch his breath. As Parker calmed himself from all the serious questions he was asked, he got another phone call from Fury but he quickly dismissed it. When Parker overlooked the view of the city, he saw a graffiti memorial to his deceased mentor that he found difficult to look at, grappling with whether or not he could live up to Iron Man.

Later while starting to pack up his clothes for the trip, Parker received a phone call from Fury but kept ignoring him. Parker then saw his Spider-Man Suit, wondering if he should bring it with or not. Before making a choice, Parker was hit by a banana by May, apologizing to him by telling him that she thought he could dodge that. After May questioned Parker about his "Peter Tingle," Parker told her to not call it that and that he really needs this vacation for his summer break.

After getting hugged by May, Parker was told to pack his suit just in case, jokingly by saying she has a tingle about it. Parker looked back on his suit and chose to leave it behind his closet, even looking down on his Iron Spider Armor in a chamber and still chose to leave alone, so that he could enjoy his field trip without having to worry about superhero responsibilities. However, May would later packed his suit herself without his knowledge.

On the plane to Europe, Parker was happily excited for the trip, overlooking the view before leaving New York City. Sitting next to Ned Leeds on the plane, Parker was told by Flash Thompson about what an airplane is, making fun of the fact that he was poor enough to got the trains instead of the bus.

After Parker was being made fun by Thompson as he was holding a glass of champagne, Michelle Jones took note of this and told the flight attendant that Thompson was a victim to the Blip, making him underage to drink. Parker laughed at Thompson once his drink was taken away while also being told by Brad Davis how funny Jones was for doing that. Parker listened Leeds as he was surprised that all girls are after him once they were back from the dead.

Parker was then worried at the prospect that Davis would make a move on Jones as he noticed him helping Jones with luggage. After Leeds told Parker about the nine hour flight will take awhile and that they should play Beast Slayers at that time, Parker tried to convince Leeds to help him sit next to Jones despite of his reluctance to do it since he wanted to become a bachelor with Parker, but soon he managed to get Leeds to help him go with his plan. Once Leeds went with the Parker's plan, he went over to Jones and Betty Brant and told them about Parker's fake allergy to perfume from an old lady sitting right in front of where their were sitting at.

As Roger Harrington noticed the commotion of Parker's perfume allergy, he decided to take action and help Parker to sit right next to him for safety. Parker noticed the change that Harrington was putting through his classmates, having Leeds be beside Brant and Jones beside Davis. Parker picked up his backpack and moved down his seat next to Harrington, being informed that his teacher has a very small bladder.

After taking his own seat, Parker was forced to talk to Harrington and listened to his story about his wife who died when the Blip had started but it turned out she ran off with her hiking group. As the flight to Venice was taking off for hours, Parker kept checking on Jones and Davis to see if they were getting to close, making himself mad for ruining the plan. Parker tried to find a movie to calm down but ended to finding Heart of Iron: The Tony Stark Story, causing him to stop himself from doing anything else.

As the flight attendance hat notified the passengers to got to the restroom, Parker decided to go over to it so that he could take a break. While washing his hands, Parker opened only to see Jones in front of him, causing him to move away and go into the bathroom. After trying to get ready to look and pretend to use the bathroom, Parker brushed off look presentable and opened the door, only to find Davis waiting to use the bathroom, much to his disappointment.

Landing in Italy, Parker confronted Ned Leeds after seeing Michelle Jones and Brad Davis together at the airport, telling him that they were having a good time watching movies. After being told that its probably nothing, Parker discovered Leeds and Betty Brant were now in a relationship and asked Leeds what happened to being a bachelor in Europe, noting that he was too grownup for that.

Parker carried his luggage out into the scanner and off to the exit, only for one of the guard dogs to smell something off with his briefcase. Now having to showcase the security for his luggage, Parker attempted to tell the guard that nothing important is in there. The security lady unzipped the case, to which saw his Spider-Man Suit with a sticky note left in by May. Parker looked around nervously, only for the guard to tell them that no bananas were allowed.

After catching up to his classmates at the airport, Parker joined them on a sailboat in Venice, looking around the city landscape and even checking Jones out if she was having a good time. As the boat stopped by at Hotel DeMatteis, Parker and his classmates settle down their luggage into their rooms before being told by Julius Dell to meet up at the Da Vinci Museum later on at noon. Parker and his classmates left the hotel and decided to hang around the city.

As the rest of his classmates were off with their activities, Parker noticed Jones hanging out with Davis as they take photographs of the trip, becoming jealous of how close they were in Venice. As part of his plan to confess his feelings, Parker looked around the city to find a shop that sells jewelry and found a Black Dalia necklace. After buying the necklace, Parker bumped into Jones and walked with each other, talking the phrase with Boh in Italian.

After Jones rejected flowers from one of the keepers, Parker was asked what was in the shopping bag, to which he responded by saying Boh, having her to accept it. The pair walked by the canals noticing a large number of crabs scrambling out of the water and Parker noticed a water drain behaving strangely. Seconds later, Hydro-Man burst out of the canal crashing a gondola that Leeds and Brant were in.

Parker helped get his classmates get out of the boat and saw the Water Elemental rise up from the water. Parker told Leeds to leave with his friends before telling him that he doesn't have his suit. After escorting people out of the way, Parker evaded the Water Elemental's attacks and equipped himself with Web-Shooters behind a wall. Parker attempted to shoot webbing at the creature but it passed straight through with no effect, much to his disappointment.

Noticing a bridge full of people in harm's way, Parker leaped on several wooden poles, grabbed on a paddle to hoist up in the air from a cruiser, and landed onto the bridge. Parker helped clear people out of the way before being punched backward by the Water Elemental's attack into the bridge rail. Recovering from the knockback, Parker then witnessed Mysterio flying in to fight the Elemental with his magical powers, much to his surprise.

After seeing Mysterio in the air, Parker looked around and saw a carnival mask on the ground, putting it on to conceal his identity. While Mysterio was battling the Water Elemental with sheer force, Parker yelled at the new superhero by saying he could help and that he was very strong and sticky. Mysterio told Parker to lead the Elemental away from the Grand Canal, as he flew away from the scene and Elemental went charging at him.

After listening to Mysterio's advice, Parker back-flipped away from the rooftop and saw him and the Water Elemental following him. Parker swung up on a rooftop of a building and witnessed the chase between Mysterio and the Water Elemental having to cause all of the destruction within the building structure. Parker aided the civilians by swinging across the city keeping rubble off the fleeing people in the streets below.

After using his Web-Shooters to keep the rubble from the buildings off from the ground and webbed all of the walls from falling, Parker then witnessed the Water Elemental reaching into the plaza and fighting Mysterio. Parker took into action and swung up to a church building, closing any cracks on walls with his webbing. Parker went up the church-bell roof and saw the Water Elemental destroying a part of the building, causing to worry Parker.

Using two buildings nearby for lifting, Parker used his webbing to hold on to them and keep the church building away from crushing his classmates from the ground below. As Mysterio's battle became intense, Parker was hit by the bell in face and began to lose grip with one of the strings of web, casing another hit to face from the church bell. Parker webbed up buildings again and hold on tightly as the building was about to fall down.

As Parker struggled to keep the building away and onto the ground, the battle was soon ending as Mysterio had finally killed the Water Elemental with his powers. Parker felt the impact of the water splashing and caused him to lose grip, letting the building collapse into the ground. Parker quickly recovered from the destruction and checked if his Black Dahlia necklace was safe, relieved that it wasn't broken from the battle.

Back at the Hotel DeMatteis where the class was staying, Parker answered the call from May and talked about the incident at Venice. Parker told May that he wanted to stay on the trip and was noted that she was glad to pack his Spider-Man Suit. Being asked about the mysterious superhero, Parker told May that he doesn't know him at all, and corrected her about confusing him for another magic based hero.

Parker listened closely to May telling Happy Hogan to not eat her lunch, being confused in what was happening. May told Parker he came to check up on her and that he wanted to greet him, making him oddly suspicious of Hogan. After the awkward phone call, Parker was asked about the plan on confessing his feelings to Michelle Jones, responding to May that there were setbacks and later hanged up the phone.

The news had dubbed the superhero from the incident as the "Man of Mystery," also known as the Mysterio. Flash Thompson admitted that Mysterio was incomparable to Spider-Man, before Parker listened to this and was ruthlessly insulted. Parker asked Jones if she seen anything from incident, being told that she just ran away. Parker agreed that he also running as well and was excited for the next trip to Paris, to which Jones told him that the Eiffel Tower was her favorite place.

Upstairs, Leeds asked Parker what he was going to do with the water monster and told him nothing, admitting that he wanted to focus on his trip and that Mysterio had handled the monster. While brushing his teeth, Parker noticed Leeds was suddenly tranquilized by Nick Fury who noted that he had fed up with him for ghosting his calls. After being surprised by Fury's visit, Parker listened to Fury's explanation about a mysterious Cyclone appearing at Morocco.

As Fury kept on talking, the pair were interrupted by Leeds' snoring, Roger Harrington talking about if they needed anything, Betty Brant wanting to talk with Leeds, and Julius Dell. Wanting privacy, Fury took Parker to his hideout, and went along in a gondola. While riding with Fury, Spider-Man was given Tony Stark's Glasses which his mentor had left for him. Spider-Man hold on to this gift before they arrived at the hideout.

Setting inside the hideout, Parker was told to remove the mask since everyone will know his identity. Taking off his mask, Parker was introduced to Maria Hill and Dimitri Smerdyakov but was suddenly caught in sight with Mysterio. Parker uttered his named but clarified that it was a name from his friends. Beck introduced himself to Parker and shook hands, being told that he could use somebody like him on his world. Being confused, Parker was told by Fury that Beck is from a different world. Beck explained that he was from Earth-833, causing Parker to surprised at the prospect of a Multiverse existing before apologizing for getting distracted.

Beck further explained to Parker that the Elementals were forged from outer space and comprised themselves as the elements from all worlds. Parker listened on as they explained that the Elementals were myths until they manifest themselves on Beck's earth. Parker was told that Beck's battalion tried to stop them until one of them had destroyed world and killed his family. Parker was told by Fury that one entity known as fire will appear in Prague.

Once Fury told Parker that he was going with him and his crew to Prague, he told Fury that this all seem too difficult to handle for just a 'friendly neighborhood Spider-Man'. As Fury tried to justified his duty by him being space, Parker noted that he was only there on accident and listed other superheroes to ask for help such as Thor, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel but was told that all them were off world or unavailable.

Parker told Fury that he wanted to stay in the trip to please his aunt and protect his identity so that he could not be seen in Europe or else everyone will know who he is. Fury then agreed with Parker and decided let him go. Parker thanked Fury for the offer on the mission and was escorted back into his hotel by Smerdyakov. Parker went back to his hotel, unbeknownst of him that Fury planned to hijack his trip.

The next day, Parker checked up on Leeds to see he was fine and was told that he felt better knowing he was tranquilized by Fury. Harrington then revealed to the class that their next trip will be in Prague, telling them that they had been upgraded by the travel agency. As the Midtown group were heading to the bus, Smerdyakov posed as the driver and directed them into it. Now realizing, Parker noted to Leeds that Fury had hijacked their trip.

As the Midtown group rode on the bus in Austria, Parker looked over to his case that Tony Stark's glasses were kept before searching up some romantic places on his phone. Parker picked up the glasses and tried them on while also picking up the card that Stark left him and read the words "For the next Tony Stark, I trust you." Following the instructions of saying E.D.I.T.H., Parker finds himself seeing an A.I system asking for control.

Parker was introduced to E.D.I.T.H. about being a aerial defense system and able to have access to telecommunication networks. As Parker looked over to everyone's communications with their phones, he glanced over to them as nothing important until he saw Ned Leeds and Betty Brant texting each other closely, much to his confusion. Once the Midtown group stopped at an Austrian rest stop, Parker was directed by Dimitri Smerdyakov to secretly meet the Seamstress, promptly going with the plan. In the secret room, Parker introduced himself to the Seamstress until she told him to take off his clothes. Being confused, Parker was told that the Seamstress made his new Stealth Suit.

While still being uncomfortably awkward, Parker listened to the Seamstress' order to strip down so that he couldn't be seen. While he pulled down his pants, Parker was suddenly found by Brad Davis and despite trying to explain, he was photographed by him. Parker pulled his pants back up and stopped the Seamstress on aiming to kill Davis with her handgun. Parker went outside to meet Davis and told him that it was not what it seems but was talked down by the misunderstanding.

Davis clarified that he knew Parker was to get with Jones for the whole trip and that she needed to know the truth behind him. As Parker told Davis to not show that photo, he was told that Davis refused, much to his anger on the situation. Returning to the bus, Parker saw Davis on his phone, which promptly caused him to panic to pick up E.D.I.T.H. Parker told it to help him solve the problem with Davis, despite the A.I. trying to get him to speak up.

After speaking up to explain his situation, Parker was asked if Davis is a target, answering that he is in fact a target. Once E.D.I.T.H. mistook the order for a drone strike and called it from the Stark Industries Satellite, Parker realizes it was about be sent and witnessed the arrival. Parker glasses were then taken away from Flash Thompson who complimented them but he tried to than back and accidentally knocked Thompson out with smack on his face, apologizing afterwards.

Parker put on the glasses again and tried to call off the drone strike against Davis only for Zoha to ask him if he punched Thompson to which he replied with denial, resulting E.D.I.T.H. to mistake it as continuing the drone strike. Parker decided to web-shoot the wheel and pull back it so that it could turn to the right. Unbeknownst of him, Parker tried to call off the drone strike again but lost the glasses to ground and quickly picked them up.

After picking up the glasses, Parker was told by Roger Harrington to sit down but distracted them by telling the class to look at the baby mountain goats. While the class was distracted, Parker leaped over the bus through the skyline and webbed the drone to a rock to destroy it. Parker told the class that they missed the goats while he saw, keeping lie a secret but was told by Brant something off about him. After she complimented his hair, Parker thanked Brant and sat back down in relief, deleting the photo from Davis' phone afterwards.

The night of Parker's arrival in Prague, he regrouped inside the Carlo IV Hotel with his class and was told by their chaperones that they will go to the carnival of lights. Parker then received a call from Maria Hill and picked it up for the plan that was going to happen. Parker was told that his Stealth Suit had an earpiece and once he arrived at the carnival they will be further instructions.

After the phone call ended, Parker was confronted by Ned Leeds, being told if that if he left out from Leeds and his relationship with Betty Brant, he should not take offense. Parker told Leeds to not worry about it and was asked on the status of the Elemental attack that is about to happen, telling Leeds that he is figuring that out as they speak. Parker was told by Leeds that he and his friends are all counting on him.

Parker confronted Nick Fury and his crew on another hideout. After being distracted from Leeds' words on himself, Parker was yelled at Fury to focus on planning the mission out. Mysterio justified the distraction by acknowledging that he kidnapped him, but Fury noted that Parker had obstacles and had to completely removed them. Being asked about the plan, Parker told the group that he will at the cathedral to keep an eye on the Fire Elemental, contact the crew, and fight it along with Mysterio, much to Beck correction on the name. After knowing how the Fire Elemental will get stronger if it was contacted by metal, Parker told the crew about not putting his friends in danger.

Parker was then berated by Fury, noting that he was not ready for this fight after knowing about using E.D.I.T.H. to call a drone strike on one of his friends. After being verbally yelled at, Parker sat on the roof to contemplate on the situation. Mysterio confronted Parker by making a sarcastic joke on joining him on the roof to talk by Fury's orders. Being asked how he was feeling, Parker expressed that he was planning to express his feelings to a certain girl.

With Beck sitting beside Parker, he told him that it wasn't selfish for wanting a normal life and how it was a hard path to do the right things. Parker listened to Beck about he was glad to fight a battle and knowing what's at stake, despite wanting to tell him to leave. Parker expressed that he always keeps putting his friends in danger but Beck offered to let them be inside a place away from the battle for a few hours to keep them safe.

After Parker thanked Beck for having to talk about superhero activities, they shared a joke about once the mission was over he will have all summer to kill Davis. Once he regained focus, Parker departed and jumped off the roof, apologizing the civilians that were startled by his entrance. Parker then used E.D.I.T.H. to place his classmates in an opera far away from the upcoming battle for a long duration to ensure their safety.

Once Parker had gotten E.D.I.T.H. to lead his class into a safe place, he regrouped with them when Roger Harrington had an announcement. Harrington told the class that they were going to the opera, having the entire class be disappointed from the announcement. As Ned Leeds looked at Parker to see if it was part of his plan, he shook his head in secret, leading to Leeds' confirmation.

After Harrington let the class dress up for the opera, Parker walked along with Michelle Jones, as his intercom from Maria Hill kept barging him for a response. As Parker's class were taking their seats in a mostly empty opera house, Parker gave Jones a compliment about how she looked pretty; Jones joked about her appeal means value, flustering Parker until she admitted a reciprocating feeling about him.

Parker and Jones then noticed Leeds and Betty Brant discovering opera glasses, as they were ecstatic at the look of them. Parker was asked by Jones if he wanted a pair of opera glasses and sit next to each other but before Parker could answer, Nick Fury called him on his hidden earpiece to move Parker into position. Parker told Jones that she could take a seat while he would get a pair of opera glasses and when she left to sit down, Parker told Fury he is on his way.

While Parker was about to leave the opera house, Parker asked Leeds to provide an alibi, telling Jones that if she asked, tell her that he was sick. Leeds then plead Parker to not let the Fire Elemental destroy the opera house, to which Parker promised him that he already knows. As Parker was about to sneak out of the opera, he quickly glanced over to Jones until Brad Davis looked at him and gave him the middle finger, causing Parker to be angry until Fury called in for his position.

As the Prague carnival continued on with the celebration, Spider-Man, in his new Stealth Suit perched on a high vantage point, kept an eye on the location that the Fire Elemental was predicted to emerge. Parker landed on the ledge and contacted Mysterio to keep him on alert. Parker was then asked by Nick Fury about the suit, telling him that it fits great despite noting that it feels tight around the groin area.

At the predicted time and location, Fury and Maria Hill had detected an energy spike that signaled the arrival of the fire Elemental. Upon the monster's emergence from a statue, it roared at the crowd as Spider-Man contacted the crew that of the monster's entrance and called in Mysterio to battle it. As the Fire Elemental started to rampage and Mysterio arrived in front of it, Spider-Man was called in and attacked it with a wooden crate, causing it to get hurt. Once Spider-Man clung onto a wall and used his Web-Shooters to shoot at a fire hydrant, he pulled it off the ground and sprayed the water all over the Fire Elemental while Mysterio blasted it with his powers.

After the Fire Elemental was attacked and started to attack Spider-Man with its fist, he evaded the attack, back-flipping away, and landed on top of a carousel. Once Fire Elemental destroyed the carousel and pushed Spider-Man off of it, he got up from the ground and noticed Betty Brant and Ned Leeds on top of a Ferris wheel, shouting 'Night Monkey' at him. Spider-Man grew even more worried about his friends being in peril and witnessed the Fire Elemental growing even larger.

Spider-Man attempted to stop the Fire Elemental with his Web-Shooters only for the webs to quickly burn. When all was about to end badly, Spider-Man was protected by Mysterio, as he was using his energy dome to cover each other up. While the monster kept attacking them in the dome, Mysterio asked Spider-Man to go with a strategy, to which Spider-Man noted to attack it with something it can't absorb. Mysterio prompted Spider-Man to move over to the right, as they move to the side.

Spider-Man web-swung on top of a building as the Fire Elemental used its powers against him, letting Spider-Man run up the wall and back-flip off of it to avoid any fires. Spider-Man used his webs to grab a piece of debris and launched it at the Fire Elemental. Spider-Man managed to hurt the monster and while the debris was stuck inside it, he prompted Mysterio to shoot at it, causing more damage. Spider-Man landed on a top of a lamppost, being told to attack it again.

Spider-Man used his webs to grab another debris of concrete and throw it at the Fire Elemental for Mysterio to shoot at it. Once Mysterio told Spider-Man to keep the Fire Elemental away from the Ferris wheel, he fell down during battle and witnessed the monster punching the ground as the cracks were about to reach toward the Ferris wheel. While Mysterio was attempting to keep the monster away, Spider-Man was on his way to rescue Leeds and Brant until he snagged onto an unseen object.

After Spider-Man pulled off the object as it went flying over the battlefield, he looked on over to his friends and ran to save them, using his webbing to hold the Ferris wheel still and stop it from falling down. While he was keeping the Ferris wheel still, Spider-Man witnessed Mysterio turning the tide in their favor, but when a scaffolding crumbles onto the Fire Elemental. Mysterio realized it was too large to stop it and tried to stop it with his powers.

Mysterio announced to Spider-Man that he was glad they met, leading him to ask Mysterio what he was about to do. Mysterio took a moment to use his powers to absorb its energy and flew toward the Fire Elemental, as Spider-Man told him to not do that. Once Mysterio sacrificed himself to destroy the Fire Elemental, Spider-Man witnessed it and settled the webbing aside to hold onto the Ferris wheel. Spider-Man saw Mysterio lying on the ground and dropped himself off the ground to inspect his survival.

As he tried to wake Beck up, Spider-Man was relieved to see him awake from his attempted sacrifice and helped Beck get back on his feet. As Fury and Hill approached the scene, Beck was requested to join the crew in Berlin, as he candidly agrees to do so. Spider-Man was then confronted by Fury and tried to reason with him until he got interrupted and was told that he would've loved to have him in Berlin as well.

Spider-Man was told by Fury that he has gifts but must decide if he's going to step up, noting that Tony Stark chose him and made him part of the Avengers. Fury noted to Spider-Man that he needed an Avenger and the world as well but wasn't sure if Spider-Man was the one to be that. After Fury told Spider-Man that Stark might be wrong and left with his crew, Beck invited him for drinks at a nearby pub to cheer him up, but Spider-Man replied that he wasn't old enough to drink yet.

Relaxing inside of the bar in Prague after fighting an intense battle, Parker ordered a glass of lemonade and drank from it in disappointment, being hurt from Nick Fury's words of discouragement. Quentin Beck cheered Parker up, telling him to celebrate his victory for what he did.

Parker told Beck that Fury was right, noting that Tony Stark did a lot for him and he owed him big time. While Beck asked Parker if Stark really meant a lot, he told Beck that Stark gave him the chance to do more and wanted him to be better, letting Fury to hopefully keep him to live by that. Once Beck asked Parker what he wants right at this moment, he didn't think of it right away until Beck edged him on, leading him to tell Beck that he wants to go back on his trip.

Parker told Beck he wanted to back on his school trip with his friends and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower with the girl that really has feelings for so that he could possibly give her a kiss. As Beck admired the detail from Parker, he told Beck to shut up about it. Beck then told Parker that he'll never do that, leading Parker to agree but Beck asked him why he should. Parker noted that he has too much of a responsibility to that kind of thing now.

When a waitress picked up the E.D.I.T.H. glasses from the floor and returned them to Parker, he was asked by Beck what were those and how they were just on the floor. Parker was asked to put on the glasses to see how they look, leading him to put them on and show off to Beck. As they took a moment on the look, Parker told Beck that he really likes them but he was told that they look really stupid on him, much to his genuine disappointment.

Parker then begrudgingly passed them to Beck to see how they fit him, though Beck didn't really want to; he decided to pick up the glasses. Upon seeing the way they looked, Parker had thought over Tony Stark's note for him and what it said; "For the next Tony Stark, I trust you." After Parker told himself this, he noted to Beck that Stark gave him a message when he received the glasses, leading Beck to become in disbelief of that conclusion.

Parker told Beck that Stark knew every mistake he made so he must have known that he wasn't ready to fight battles bigger than him yet. As Beck asked why would Stark give the glasses to Parker, he told him that he was probably trusted with the power to choose Stark's successor with E.D.I.T.H. and not someone like Fury because he would just give himself the glasses. Parker emphasized that he needs to pick the next Iron Man who is an adult with experience and not himself.

Despite Beck refusing to handle control over the glasses, Parker decided to put them on and tell E.D.I.T.H. to have Beck gain access over the network. With Beck asking Parker to not do it, Parker noted to him that Stark gave him the choice and wanted to do the right thing by giving it to him for saving the world. Once Parker was asked for any confirmation, he accepted the agreement and gave Beck the glasses, welcoming him to be part of the Avengers.

Having a moment to think, Beck ultimately accepted the glasses and shook hands with Parker, telling him that it was an honor to be apart of something. As Parker was about to leave the pub, he was told by Beck that he's partly rooting for him to get with his girl due to his sheer awkwardness. After Parker and Beck shared a chuckle, he left Beck alone and bid him farewell. With immense confidence, Parker walked out of the pub, so that he could finally enjoy his vacation.

Powers and Abilities


"Look at you go. Wow, nice catch! 3000 pounds, 40 miles an hour? It's not easy, you got mad skills."
— Tony Stark

Spider Physiology: After Peter Parker was bitten by a genetically altered spider, he has gained the proportionate powers of a spider. With his newfound heightened abilities, Parker deliberately holds back from participating in sports, such as football due to having a superhuman advantage. Despite his restrictions, Parker is still athletic and even received commendation from Coach Wilson for his participating in Captain America's Fitness Challenge.

  • Superhuman Strength: Spider-Man has considerable superhuman strength, due to it being the proportional strength of a spider. Although he is relatively untrained, his strength alone is sufficient enough to catch a 1.4-ton car that was moving at 40 miles an hour when it was just inches away from hitting a bus. He was also able to casually overpower the Winter Soldier and his cybernetic arm, break though a bulletproof glass window with only a few blows, lifting up rows of school lockers, as well as support the weight of a jet bridge that weighs about 30 tons, and was even able to lift a considerable portion of concrete roof that Vulture had collapsed on top of him, though both prowesses visibly strained him painfully. During the Black Order's arrival in New York, Parker was able to catch Cull Obsidian's hammer moments before it struck Iron Man. His strength is sufficient enough to stagger Thanos, though he was outmatched and subdued swiftly when facing the Mad Titan on his own.
  • Superhuman Speed: Spider-Man can run and move much faster than an ordinary human and is adept at dodging quickly. His speed has allowed him to casually catch the Winter Soldier's bionic arm before it could even punch him. During the Avengers Civil War, Spider-Man was able to easily outrun Black Widow, evade Scarlet Witch's telekinetic attacks and dodged many of the blasts fired at him by Star-Lord.
  • Superhuman Durability: Spider-Man's body is inhumanly resistant towards impact force, as he has taken a punch from Winter Soldier and a spinning air kick from Captain America, without any serious injuries. Additionally, Spider-Man easily endured a collision with Falcon's Redwing flying at full force and a strike from Captain America's Shield, as well as being backhanded across the airport from a gigantic Ant-Man, falling unharmed from several stories in the process. Indeed, Parker only sustained a black eye from the entire Clash of the Avengers and was able to pass it off as a result of bullies at school while telling his Aunt May. Moreover, Spider-Man survived being dragged from a speeding van and enduring hits from garbage bins and stacks of bricks, as well as Vulture collapsing a considerable portion of a concrete roof on top of him, with only minor injuries. Parker was even able to withstand a blow from the tremendously strong Thanos while wearing the Iron Spider Armor. However, according to Karen, even Spider-Man would "most likely" not survive a fall from the top of Washington Monument. He later survived a plane crash and a fall from the inside of an elevator shaft while only being incapacitated, which he recovered from faster than a human would. While Spider-Man followed Ebony Maw's chase for Doctor Strange and the Time Stone, Parker was unfazed by the various objects flung at him by Maw, even shaking off a direct collision with a road sign, resuming his pursuit.
  • Superhuman Agility: Spider-Man is superhumanly agile, capable of swinging around on thin spider-webbing and jumping great distances and heights without difficulty. His bones, muscles, and joints have more elastic strength and durability, allowing him to perform gymnastic and contortionist maneuvers without damaging his bone structure. He used his agility to outmaneuver and beat both Winter Soldier and Falcon, to dodge most of the Vulture's attacks, and to even dodge the many cars that Scarlet Witch telekinetically hurled at him.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium: Spider-Man possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He is able to adjust his position by instinct, which enabled him to balance on a string of web and perform a somersault, as well as catch a web cartridge while standing on the railing of a fire escape. Virtually, he can balance himself on any object, no matter how small or narrow.

"When whatever happened, happened; it's like my senses have been dialed to eleven. There's just way too much input."
— Tony Stark

  • Enhanced Senses: Spider-Man's senses are greatly enhanced, with him describing them as being "dialed to eleven". Hence, Parker is able to sense potentially dangerous things shortly before they occur. For example, if an object is being thrown at Spider-Man, he will usually be aware of it, even if it is hurled from far away and he is facing the opposite direction.
    • Enhanced Vision: Spider-Man's sense of sight is superhuman, to the point that he is forced to wear dark goggles to prevent it from handicapping him in a battle, as there is "too much input".
    • Spider-Sense: Spider-Man's brain intakes and responds to stimuli at an accelerated rate, alerting him to dangers around him as a sixth sense. This awareness functions on a subconscious level, thus alerting Spider-Man of dangers he cannot readily notice at first, allowing him to effectively dodge and counter incoming attacks in combat, including projectiles aimed at him from a blind spot. Parker was able to catch the small cartridge of web fluid tossed to him by Tony Stark, even though he was facing away from him. He later sensed the bench that Winter Soldier had hurled at him while he fought Falcon. During the Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry, he sensed someone coming his way and, without looking, incapacitated him with a web grenade. Later, he was also able to dodge Vulture's Exo-Suit at full speed, effectively maneuvering in close quarters at a high rate of speed. However, as his enhanced reflexes directly correspond to his sensory input, he can be rendered vulnerable to attacks if his senses are overloaded, such as during his final fight with Vulture. Spider-Man also, despite his incredible reflexes, can be caught by surprise should he allow himself to get distracted, as seen when he was ensnared by Redwing's grapple line due to his excitement during the Clash of the Avengers. While on a bus during a field trip, Parker was able to sense Ebony Maw's Q-Ship descending on New York City, despite being miles away from the site. After crash-landing the Q-Ship on Titan, Spider-Man was able to sense a threat was going to happen before warning Iron Man and Doctor Strange. His senses had also warned him of his impending demise at the hands of Thanos moments before he began to fade away.
  • Wall-Crawling: Spider-Man can adhere to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces in order to scale them and has stated that he does not use any adhesive gloves or fabrics to do it. This ability allows him to stick to almost any surface when willing himself to, as physical contact with said surfaces creates a locking connection necessary to support his body, even when he is inverted above the ground. Alternatively, Parker could make individual portions of his body adhesive, which allowed him to stick his foot onto the chest of a bank robber to fling him into a wall.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Spider-Man's increased metabolism allows him to rapidly heal and regenerate from harm faster and more extensively than normal humans can recover from. He was able to rapidly heal from a black eye from Giant-Man. After suffering multiple wounds from his fight with the Vulture, Parker's scars were fully healed in a matter of hours.


"Peter, you don't need to study. You're, like, the smartest guy I've ever met."
— Liz Toomes

  • Gifted Intelligence: Peter Parker is a highly intelligent science enthusiast, with aptitudes in chemistry, physics, and engineering, developing a highly advanced chemical compound into a silk-like material (the sophistication of which even impressed Tony Stark) and constructed his own web-shooters, further proven when he was able to quickly solve a physics problem by just taking a glance at the board and deduced the composition of Falcon's wings based on their relationship between rigidity and flexibility, despite only witnessing their usage in a short span of time. Parker is also well-read and good at math, claiming to have "nailed" an algebra test the day Stark recruited him. As Spider-Man, he can also come up with witty and incredibly annoying quips and references, much to his allies and enemies' irritation. In addition, he was a valued member of the Midtown School of Science and Technology academic decathlon team, with Liz Toomes claiming that Parker was its most intelligent member. His teammates were devastated when he briefly quit his position on the team, but were overjoyed when he returned and immediately and happily welcomed him back, including Roger Harrington, a true testament to his intelligence.
  • Tactician: Parker draws from pop culture when formulating strategies, notably when he let Iron Man and War Machine know of his plan to tie up Ant-Man's legs, after which they knocked the immobilized giant down. In similar fashion, Parker devised a plan to rescue Doctor Strange from Ebony Maw by eject him out of his Q-Ship through a hull breach. He also uses the laws of physics to his advantage, such as when he used the lift from a SWAT team's helicopter blades to his advantage to get enough momentum to break a window in order to save his classmates. Parker is still relatively inexperienced, however, since he asked Iron Man for advice during the Avengers Civil War, and later consistently asked for Karen's assistance in taking down Vulture and his gang.
  • Investigator: Parker was able to effectively utilize his suit's video archives and Karen's access to law enforcement databases to generate suspects to interrogate and locate Vulture and his illegal weapons trade, notably producing the identity Aaron Davis.

"I hope you got a few good licks in."
"Yeah, I got quite a few in, actually.
— May Parker and Peter Parker

  • Combatant: After fighting crime for six months, Parker's combat style developed into a somewhat instinctive and improvised collection of techniques that emphasizes the use of his superhuman strength, speed, agility, and Web-Shooters. Hence, Parker uses quick, powerful attacks and agile movements while firing his webs to immobilize his enemies. However, he is not skilled in martial arts and often gets distracted while in combat. Despite his inexperience, Spider-Man easily defeated both Falcon and Winter Soldier, two military-trained hand-to-hand combatants, as well as temporarily hold his own against the far more experienced Captain America; according to Iron Man however, Rogers was holding back during that fight and could have beaten Parker easily. Parker also fought against Vulture despite the latter repeatedly besting him in combat. Because of his limited experience, Parker was easily subdued by the Shocker during their brawl due to him heavily relying on his Web-Shooters for offensive attacks. Later on, Parker had somewhat improved his skills but remained vastly outclassed by experienced fighters, as when he and his allies fought the Guardians of the Galaxy and later when he briefly fought Thanos. While he was able to briefly duel the highly skilled Star-Lord, he was quickly subdued. Due to his predictable combat style during the Battle of Titan, Thanos defeated Spider-Man in moments after recognizing Parker's attack pattern.
  • Master Acrobat: Due to his superhuman agility, Spider-Man can perform acrobatic and gymnastic feats, such as flips, with little effort. Hence, he was able to accurately shoot a string of webbing at Captain America's Shield, then caught it mid-air and land on a vehicle. While wearing the Iron Spider Armor, Parker's coordination is greatly enhanced, allowing him to easily navigate throughout the environment of Titan, rescuing Mantis, Star-Lord, and Drax mid-air while swinging through the obstacles affected by the planet's gravitational distortions.
  • Marksman: Spider-Man possesses extremely keen eyesight, and is able to accurately utilize his Web-Shooters to neutralize his targets during his crime-fighting. He was capable of simultaneously ensnaring Captain America's hands and strip him of his shield, mid-air, executing it all at high speed. He was also able to precisely shoot a Spider-Tracer onto Herman Schultz's foot across a classroom, and ensnare and latch onto Vulture's Exo-Suit with little effort despite the rig moving at incredible speeds at times, notably during the Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane.
  • Multilingualism: Parker speaks his native English, as well as some Spanish, studying the language in school with success and being able to understand enough to know a quip Delmar was making about his aunt, May Parker, and then make his own quip about the deli owner's daughter.


  • Spider-Man's Suit: Peter Parker originally wore a handmade suit while operating on the streets of New York. Nothing more than red and blue spandex and a pair of goggles, this suit was created with the intention to help Parker to conceal his identity and keep his superhuman senses in check. Peter Parker would later use an upgraded and more refined suit, which was designed by Tony Stark to focus his superhuman senses. This suit also includes moving eyepieces that resemble camera shutters. Peter abandoned his original suit and went to use his new upgraded suit present.
    • Utility Belt: The belt is seen on the outside of the more upgraded suit, it contains several more cartridges of web fluid in case Spider-Man runs out of web fluid in his Web-Shooters.
    • Web Wings: These spider-like web wings are seen under Spider-Man's arms his upgraded suit that allow him to glide into the air.
    • Spider-Drone: The spider emblem on the front of Parker's suit can be detach and act as a tracking device. It has a drone mode that allows it to fly onto a target.
    • GPS Tracking System: In his right Web-Shooter, Parker has a GPS tracking system with a holographic display, allowing him to follow his Spider-Tracers.
  • Web-Shooters: Spider-Man wears twin devices which he called Web-Shooters on the outside of his suit that allow him to shoot extremely sticky web-like fluid that can enable him to web swing through New York City. After his visit with Tony Stark, his web-shooters were upgraded and had displayed new features.
    • Spider-Signal: A emitted red light that appears in Spider-Man's web-shooters, which was programmed by Tony Stark. Spider-Man uses this to alert any criminals of his presence.
    • Synthetic Webbing: Created by Peter Parker himself, this web-like organic chemical substance is meant to emulate the silk created by the common spider, while its composition and tensile strength are substantial enough to greatly impress Tony Stark himself. This synthetic spider silk is used by Parker to help swing around New York City, bind and tie up enemies, steal weapons, and make other useful applications. Spider-Man combines this synthetic web with agile movements to dodge enemy attacks and often targets the enemies' arms and legs to break their balance and immobilize them. The chemical compound was so durable that both Captain America and Winter Soldier had trouble breaking it, despite their enhanced strength.


Man and Spider-
  • Many fans have pointed out that the symbol on Peter's new Spider-Man suit resembles Todd MacFarlane's drawn Spider-Man logo.
    • Some have also pointed out the MCU logo looks like a man within a spider.
  • Peter Parker is a Star Wars fan and a Lego collector. He has Lego models of the Death Star, an X-Wing fighter, and an AT-AT Walker. He also has Star Wars action figures, and he references The Empire Strikes Back during the Clash of the Avengers. Despite this, his comic book counterpart is not a fan of Star Wars though he has references it.
  • Tony Stark, Happy Hogan, Ned Leeds, May Parker, Adrian Toomes, Michelle Jones, and Quentin Beck are the only people to know Spider-Man's secret identity before his identity was exposed in Far From Home.
Spider-Man Homecoming promo 3
  • The Homemade Costume Peter has constructed to fight crime bares a striking resemblance to Ben Reilly's original Scarlet Spider outfit from the 90's, albeit with an inverted color palette.
  • Peter Parker is a fan of the Major League Baseball team the New York Mets, as seen by the baseball cap in his bedroom.
  • According to May Parker, Peter loves lab chicken, as opposed to wheat cakes,
  • Peter normally gets out of school at 2:45 pm.
  • Peter's school locker is #1182.
  • Peter is right-handed.
  • In Spider-man: Homecoming, Peter uses a tan Jansport Backpack.
  • In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man does not rely on his fists as he has not thrown a single punch.
  • The design of Parker's bedroom is different from it looks in Homecoming, than it is in Civil War. For example, in Civil War, Peter has a twin bed, while in Homecoming he has bunk beds.
  • Peter used to be on his school's marching band, but later quit so that he could have more time to be Spider-Man; this also implies that he knows how to play an instrument.
  • Peter is a dumpster diver, this is wear he found the old computer seen on his desk in Captain America: Civil War.
  • Peter seems to be against killing his enemies, judging by how he reacted to when Karen activated the suits kill mode and how immediately ordered her to turn it off.
  • Peter used to be on his schools robotics lab, but later quit so that he would have more time to be Spider-Man.
  • The MCU version of Spider-Man is visibly less competent and capable than the Spider-Man of the comics and most versions. He spends much of the film making mistake after mistake, crashing into things while swinging, fumbling with the functions of his suit and constantly having to try to learn to use his powers.
    • A specific case is the Spider-Sense. Both Kevin Feige and Jon Watts insisted they went for a more subtle approach and wanted to focus on Spider-Man's other capabilities, but twice in the film,Peter's identity is exposed because Ganke Lee and Aunt May watch him change out of costume with his back turned. In the original comics, it's specifically mentioned that Peter's spider-sense warns him from anyone approaching him and learning his identity, and that includes family and loved ones. The first time Peter's identity was exposed, happened because the villain, Green Goblin, used a gas to neutralize his spider-sense. Within this film, Peter gets no warning or indicator whatsoever whenever there is an imminent threat to his identity being exposed.
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