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Peter Benjamin Parker (of Earth-2149) is an alternate version of Spider-Man that was turned into a zombie.

Peter Parker (Earth-2149)


Full Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
First Appearance: Marvel Zombies
Created by: Stan Lee
Home Universe: 2149
Alignment: Good (formely), Bad (as Zombie), later Good (as member of the New Avengers)
Status: Deceased
Place of Birth: New York
Citizenship: American
Base: Formely New York, Mobile
Affiliations: Marvel Zombies (Formely), Zombie Galacti (Formerly), New Avengers (Earth 91126)
Powers/Abilities: All of those of Spider-Man Earth 616, Power Cosmic
Height: 5' 9" (1.76 m)
Weight: 167 lbs (76 Kg), Minus any missing bones and flesh
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel (Human), White (Zombie)
Unique Features: Necrotized\Decaying Flesh, Mechanical Leg (Earth 2149), shoulder patch

This version of Spider-Man follows the same path as the Peter Parker of Earth 616, until the Sentry from (Earth-91126) came to this universe Infected. Spider-Man was patrolling New York City as usual, until he saw the purple lightning. The Avengers were alerted by the lightning, dealing with the crazy madman who was telling and warning them about the story of the homeless woman that this world will fall and about the zombie Sentry, but they didn't believe him. Spider-Man asked if he could help, Colonel America told him to wrap the man up and bring him away, as they swung in the city, the man told him about the Sentry and how it was carried in this world, and they were making plans to search for the necrominicon to solve this issue. Spidey asked him what the man looked like again, and pointed to Sentry, who was biting the Avengers and that were sick and screamed in pain, turning into zombies shortly after. Spider-Man after rescuing a woman being attacked by the turned Avengers, was swinging away when Colonel America leaped in the air, and bit Spider-Man in the shoulder, he fell, dropping the man.

Spiderman 2149(Uninfected)

Spider-Man, Before his Zombification

Spider-Man than faked being one of the zombies, by threatening to eat zombie Hawkeye's brains. The Zombie Avengers were fooled and told him to not bother eating it, since the dead taste so horribly, and convinced the zombie Avengers that he wanted to eat the man and swung away.

He then stopped on a rooftop and freed the man, who punched him in the jaw, believing him to be a zombie. Peter took off his mask and showed that was still human. Now that the threat was a way to fool the zombies, and pointed to the street where the zombies were massacring and eating people, and was complaining about his powers, and working overtime to slow the infection.

Spider-Man then left the man alone, to go to see Mary Jane and Aunt May if they were all right, and surprisingly they were. Peter told them how bad the situation was and suggested them to go away from there,and told that started feeling sick from Colonel America's bite, which Aunt may went in the other room to search for something to treat his bite wound.

Then Spidey's conditions worsened rapidly. Saying how strong the pain in his stomach was, Mary Jane grabbed him from his mask, but by then he fully transformed in a Zombie and bit Mary Jane, Aunt May returned to the room, and saw Peter with strange teeth and was covered in blood, and Peter begged her to lock herself into the bathroom, since he couldn't control himself no longer.

Then Nova came to see how Spider-Man's family was, but he saw Spider-Man eating the remains of Mary Jane,and Spidey told how he needed to eat it all to stop the hunger, then Spider-Man noticed Nova, and Nova retreated until Daredevil came and told Nova to kill Spider-Man, but then Daredevil gets bitten and Nova flees.

He then gets part of zombies attacking Doom's castle, but retreats back to New York, where Magneto helps Reed Richards of Earth 1610 to escape, and pursuits him, but just then the webshooters ran out of webbing and fell, tearing his leg in half, and Magneto used Colonel America's Shield to cut off a part of the Colonel's brain.

Shortly before Silver Surfer arrived, the zombies were sated and their minds cleared, and realized most of them don't have their powers anymore, like Logan's regenerative factor not working anymore and his adamantium claws were weakened, and wanted to try to search for a solution, and Spider-Man felt regret and guilt about the loss of his beloved ones by his own hands, but.then Silver Surfer arrives to prepare Earth to Galactus' arrival, he gets attacked by the zombies who want to eat him, Surfer marked how he never seen such creatures and how they should be eager of be killed in order to be freed from that curse, Surfer manages to kill some of the zombies, like Thor, and rip Iron Man in half, but then Hulk ripped off Silver's head and Spidey is one of the few zombies that manage to eat a piece of Surfer, acquiring Power Cosmic in the meantime, and cooked the other zombies who wanted a piece of Surfer to eat them, but still tasted bad.

When Galactus arrives to devour earth, the zombies attack him, but not before Galactus asks where his servant Silver Surfer is, but the zombies admitted that they ate him and Galactus overpowers the zombies.

Later, Zombie Spider-Man and Luke Cage play cards in the meantime that the other zombies like Reed Richards to work on a weapon to destroy Galactus, despite few of them having Power Cosmic,and Luke Cage tells Spider-Man that he doesn't needs his mask anymore,since there isn't no more people to know about him and that there's no concept of secret identity anymore, but Spider-Man replies that he still carries it because he can't watch himself in the mirror anymore after what he has done to MJ and Aunt May.

After this, Logan tells them to run out since they've invented a cannon powered by the Power Cosmic and should bring down Galactus.

Then after Galactus is unconscious, zombie villians Doctor Octopus, Skrull, Green Goblin, Red Skull, Rhino, Venom face zombie Hulk,Spiderman,Iron Man, Luke Cage, Colonel America, Giant-Man and Wolverine for the remains of Galactus, with Venom pleased to have 'a last chance to kill Spider-Man' but he's much slower and weaker due of fact the Symbiote can't feed on Necroseized Flesh, so it started to die,and was killed by Power Cosmic Spider-Man which replied that he 'broke his cold and dead heart'. in the fight Colonel America's Brain is severed from the head and killed by Red Skull,which is decapiteted and his head is crushed under Spider-Man's last foot, with his last words 'so it was..worth it...for all of it...'

Then Galactus started to wake up,but it was put down by the Power Cosmic Zombies, killing him for good, and by eating him, Zombie Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Luke Cage and Spider-Man had becomed the 'Zombie Galacti', replacing Galactus as the devourer of worlds.

then spiderman leaves earth,now bare of human life,and travels for 40 years in space,eating everything in sight,much exterminating every life form in the universe, and replacing his lost body parts with mechanical arts,and after killing all the Skrulls, he with the other Zombie Galactus traveled back to Earth in order to reopen that portal done by Iron Man back when he was uninfected  in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to have an escape route to save the rest of humanity,but was stopped by the Infected Fantastic Four and was infected, and the helicarrier was locked down,the teleporter was destroyed by Thor in order to make no zombie pass in other dimensions, and successed, but Thor was infected and Nick Fury eaten and killed.

Now, they're trying to rebuild the teleporter,but to eat other people in other dimensions, in the way back to Earth they ate Argo, the living planet, but shortly after that, Spider-Man And Luke Cage realized that the hunger was gone.

They then found a new colony of human survivors, New Wakanda, led by the Zombie Black Panther and Zombie Wasp. Who they have successed to win the hunger.

When Giant Man propose to use the remaining humans as a breeding in order to feed themselves, Spider-Man and Luke Cage, that they don't feel the hunger anymore turn against him,blasting his top part of his head and starting a fight.

The other zombies were locked out by a force field, but during this fight banner reawakens and hulk pushes out the barrier.

The zombies now break in, but when Giant Man approached Black Panther's human wife to eat her, he realised that he doesn't have the hunger anymore, and many zombies too.

except for Hulk, who wanted to eat everyone, but the zombies side with the humans and fight the Hulk, but he kills many of them, but Reynolds ,a human scientist offers to be eaten because of Wasp's apparent death and to calm the Hulk, the Hulk eats him and reverts back to Banner, which begs to be killed to prevent Hulk to come back again,and they kill him.

Now, the gene pool is not adequate to keep humanity alive for a long time, so they want to use the teleporter in order to bring them to another dimension.

But, another human, Gomez, liked his way to live and wanted the zombie threat to be removed, so he teleports them in Earth-613245.

There, while still a zombie, Peter seems to have regrown his missing leg, his costume repaired but has lost the power cosmic which then forces him to use his own wrists and arteries as a way to swing in the city.

Here he learns about a table of eternal life, that could heal Spider-Man from his zombie condition and to be a hero again.

So he goes to the museum,and sees Mary Jane, alive and well in this universe, and observs her,which here seems to realize that his hunger returned, but he can control it, unlike before, and resists to eat MJ.the kingpin has been contacted by one of his men that he saw Spider-Man swinging in the city(unknown to him it was zombie Spider-Man),and kingpin sends his hit squad, the Insidious Six,to take the tablet and neutralize spiderman if possible,here this universe's Spider-Man is changing his suit, and Zombie Spider-Man tries to face the Insidious Six in the old ways,but the human flesh smell drives him mad and bites Kraven,scaring the other five,then Mysterio tried to fool him with his copies, but his 'zombie-sense' sensed his flesh,attacked him and ate his brains,then he attacked Doc Ock,where he used electro to make him powerless and ripped him apart,and cut off Electro's head.Vulture,scared,but remained there where he begged Spider-Man to stop, but Spider-Man ripped his arms off, the Sandman, fled.

after this,the kingpin,enraged,tried to fight zombie Spider-Man, but was brutally ripped and eaten,when Spider-Man is finishing kingpin,he regains control, stating on how he shouldn't have fought them like this,but the hunger took him.

then Spider-Man heard people's screams, and when he goes to see he finds the insidious six, zombified (except for the Sandman)eating Spider-Man's friends, enraged, Spider-Man kills them.when the battle is over, he realizes that he will never be normal again,since the table was gone,and in desperation he removed his own skin and threw it in a trash bin.

Later he rescues a woman named Kitty from Zombie Spider-Man's world Wolverine, who is zombified too, and he has too regained his hunger.

He then explains Kitty that he could synthesize a vaccine for the zombie virus,but he needed that Universe's Wolverine Blood,but when Kitty finds the source of a awful smell coming from a container, Spider-Man reveals that he's too a Zombie,but he's fighting the hunger and that he ate what remained of Wolverine's kills, that would turn into zombies if Spider-Man didn't took it.

When they find Kitty's Wolverine,that he's attacked by Zombie Wolverine and the other zombies,a battle follows, where Kitty's Wolverine kills all the zombies including Zombie Wolverine, and Spider-Man took his blood,unfortunately,he was bitten during the fight,and turned later.

Tony Stark of this world was killed, inventing a way to kill zombies for good,and allowing his friend to take his place as iron man

later when Zombie Hulk arrives to this Earth,Infected by Zombie Spiderman's universe Giant Man,the sentry was called for help by Iron Man to fight Hulk, the sentry defeats him,but when Hulk reverts into Banner, stating that the 'Hunger cannot be stopped', The Sentry returns human and tries to help Banner,but he bites him and the Sentry turns,teaming up with Hulk, all with Spider-Man watching, wondering if that's the same Sentry that started the trouble on his own universe.

later Zombie Sentry left Hulk, because of him probably eating all first and formed the Zombie Avengers Group. The Zombie Avengers of that world are lured by a chopped finger,where a trap has been prepared, waiting for them Zombie Hulk, Zombie Spider-Man, and that universe Iron Man (uninfected),and that universe's Zombie Wolverine, calling themselves 'The New Avengers', which zombie members were taught on how to beat the hunger and teamed up with spiderman to destroy the other zombies once and for all, which was Spider-Man's main reason to keep 'living' after MJ and Aunt May were killed by him.

Spider-Man then used Tony Stark's Nanites and called for help the Sandman, transforming him into a zombie killing machine, then, Sandman spread all over and killed every Zombie, with Spiderman's Last words be to thank the Sandman for having killed him, avenging Aunt May's and MJ's Deaths, except for the Sentry, who was sent back in the past of Earth 2149 in order to create a chronological loop to contain the infection in these two universes.


Superhuman Strength 

Spider-Man is able to lift 10 tons under normal conditions.

Superhuman Stamina

Spider-Man is able to concentrate for hours without getting tired.

Renegative Healing Factor

Spider-Man has a discreet regenerative ability to quickly heal wounds that would normally kill normal humans,but it is disabled when this Spider-Man became a zombie

Spider Sense

Spider-Man has developed a unique sense from the radioactive spider,he's able to 'sense' if someone is approaching him with bad intentions and wants to hurt spiderman,and he's dodge a potential attack before he would get hit

Superhuman Reflexes

Spider-Man has reflexes near 15 times faster than a normal human.

Power Cosmic

As one of the zombies who ate Silver Surfer and Galactus, Spider-Man is able to discharge weak and strong nuclear force, and control over the four phsycs of the Universe.

Partial immortality

As a Zombie, Spider-Man is nearly immune to normal aging,.and can survive without any arts and body parts, except for the head.


The Hunger

As a zombie, Spider-Man is enslaved by a hunger of living flesh bringed by the contagion that he's affected,that quickly overwhelms his mind if too strong,however,by time of the events of earth 2149,Spiderman seems to have a partial control over it,viewing feeding more as temptation and not longer necessary,defeating it after his friends die again in the Earth Z where he got teleported.

Venom Symbiote

The Venom Symbiote, being attached before to Spiderman, has made Spider-Man's spider sense on Venom useless and can catch him by surprise.

However, since Venom was killed by him after the Marvel Zombies bringed down Galactus, he has no longer other enemies.

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