Spider-Man as he appears in Rise of the Imperfects.

Peter Parker (of Earth-50701) also known as Spider-Man is an alternate version of Peter Parker.


Spider-Man makes his first appearance in the game much later in the story. He begins chasing down Paragon, who easily escapes from him. He ends up getting a call from the Human Torch of how he thinks Paragon might be in a Power Plant.

Spidey goes to the Plant and manages to defeat several aliens and destroy all the alien devices. However, Paragon is not there.

After leaving, he comes across a few helicopters boarding civilians to escape the city. Spider-Man fights off incoming aliens to help the civilians escape New York.

He then comes across an infected Venom who is twice as strong as before. Spider-Man taunts Venom by saying," Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in." This causes Venom to reveal that he stole some alien tech to enhance his powers, which he intends to use to kill Spider-Man. This ensues in a deadly fight, whereas, Spidey manages to win. He discovers the chip on Venom's neck, and then leaves.

He later comes across Hazmat who he beats, but then is later defeated by Johnny Ohm with his electrical powers.

The Human Torch comes across Spider-Man, who is infected with the chip. They begin to fight, but because of the chip, Spider-Man's relentless attacks eventually defeat the Human Torch.

Eventually, Spider-Man and the other heroes are saved by Paragon, and they all agree to share Earth after stopping the invasion.

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman strength acquired from a radioactive spider
  • Spider-Sense
  • Super-Acrobat
  • Adhesion abilities to stick to any surface


  • It is unknown if this Spider-Man has natural webbing or Web Shooters.
  • Peter Parker does not reveal his face in the game.
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