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Peter Parker (Earth-982) from What If Vol 2 105
Peter Parker
Full Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
First Appearance: What If? (Volume 2) 105
Created by: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz
Home Universe: Earth-982
Alignment: Good
Status: Deceased
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Citizenship: American
Base: New York, New York
Affiliations: New York Police Department; formerly Daily Bugle
Powers/Abilities: Spider Powers
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Weight: 167 lbs (76 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Unique Features: Prosthetic leg

Peter Parker (of Earth-982) is an alternate version of Peter Parker. Formerly Spider-Man, after the Clone Saga ended, his infant daughter Mayday was returned to him and Mary Jane thanks to Kaine, allowing him to finally start a family. However, after one final fight with the original Green Goblin cost him a leg, he retired from his superhero career, which May continued as Spider-Girl.


After witnessing the birth of May, Peter began to contemplate giving up the mantle of Spider-Man in order to better protect her and Mary Jane. Two years after May's birth, Peter had a dramatic final conflict with Norman Osborn/Green Goblin which left Norman dead and Peter with the loss of his left leg. With a prosthetic leg in place, Peter could no longer continue on as Spider-Man, even though he retained all of his spider like powers.

Peter eventually went back to school and finished his degree, most likely leaving the Daily Bugle since Spider-Man no longer was around to be photographed. He eventually landed a job in Queens in New York City at the Midtown South Police station. Currently, he works in the crime lab at the station with long-time assistant Phil Urich.


When Peter Parker bonded with the Venom symbiote he briefly became Spider-Venom.

Wild Card

When he realized May was becoming overwhelmed by fighting crime and didn't have the years of experience and finesse he had under his belt, Peter made a new identity as the vigilante Wild Card to assist her in her missions.


Peter was killed by Morlun during the Spider-Verse while protecting May. His old Spider-Man costume was given to May by Mary Jane, and she briefly renamed herself Spider-Woman.

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