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Raymond "Ox" Bloch (of Earth-26496) is a member of the Enforcers.


Ox appeared alongside the other Enforcers. He is a large man with a black handlebar mustache, which Spider-Man yanks with his webbing. He then leaves the big man suspended from a high building, a thin sheath of web wrapped about his fists, recommending sardonically that he "wouldn't recommend" breaking it, though he easily can. Ox alongside the other villains escape from Ryker's Island.

He and Fancy Dan flee with Hammerhead and Montana as Shocker assists the other villains. In the Season 2 episode "Probable Cause" Ox is given a power suit that increases his strength. Alongside Shocker and Ricochet, the three stage several robberies fighting Spider-Man along the way. In the end, The Enforcers are all captured and arrested. In a humorous part of the episode, Ox can be heard humming the show's theme song while in the elevator, to the annoyance of Shocker and Ricochet.

In "Opening Night," Ox (alongside Montana and Fancy Dan) are shown as inmates at the Vault at the time when Spider-Man tests out it's security system. He is freed alongside the other inmates and joins the Enforcers in helping Silvermane take down Spider-Man. He seems to break the fourth wall, due to the fact that he was humming the theme song during a time where they have to use the elevator in the Vault. His comrads look at him, and he replies, "What? It's catchy."


Raymond was experienced in hand-to-hand combatant.

Strength level

Peak human strength, able to lift at least 800lbs. While wearing his power suit, Ox gains superhuman strength.


Ox possesses a power suit made by the Tinkerer which grants him super strength.

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