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Scarlet Spiders
Founder(s): Baron Blitzschlag
Leader(s): Baron Blitzschlag

Current members:


Former members:

Michael (deceased), Van (deceased)


Alignment: Neutral
Universe: Earth-616


Camp Hammond

First appearance:

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Creators: Dan Slott, Stefano Caselli

The Scarlet Spiders (of Earth-616) are a team of clones of Michael van Patrick wearing modified duplictes of the Iron Spider Armor.


Upon the death of the 50-State Initiative recruit, MVP, his corpse was used to create four clones. Three of these clones, named Michael, Van, and Patrick, were given copies of the Iron Spider Armor crafted by Tony Stark, and were identified as "Red Team" during the Civil War event. 

It is possible that they were to be the successors to the identity of Spider-Man if Peter Parker's powers were to be removed permanently.

Together, they took down the Shocker, Boomerang, and Hydro-Man.

When the scientist responsible for cloning them, Wernher von Blitzschlag, was attacked by Vulturions during his visit to New York City after the events of World War Hulk, the plans for a gamma bomb he was carrying was stolen. Though the Scarlet Spiders came to his aid and pursued them, they were confronted by Spider-Man, who was angered by Stark's using Spider-Men. He managed to defeat one of them, and a second one managed to persuade him to assist them in defeating the Vulturions. Working together, the two remaining Scarlet Spiders used cloaking technology to make them appear to be different-costumed versions of Spider-Man to distract the Vulturions while Spider-Man bested the original Vulturion, named Honcho. To thank Spider-Man for his help, the Scarlet Spiders disobeyed their superiors, assisting Spider-Man in escaping by making it appear as if he was one of them, casting doubt on his true identity.

Their next struggle came from one of their fellow clones, who called himself KIA (killed in action). Using the top secret weapon, the Tactigon, he hunted down all of the members of the Initiative that he felt were responsible for his crazed condition. During one attack, he ended up decapitating one of the Scarlet Spiders, Van, after they unmasked themselves in an attempt to calm their clone brother. The surviving Scarlet Spiders, Michael and Patrick, made their way to Bulls Gap, Tennessee, to assist in KIA's capture.

After defeating KIA, the surviving Scarlet Spiders, as well as a new MVP clone, specifically the one who replaced the original to keep his parents in the dark about his demise, and the real MVP's father, joined forces with Justice's New Warriors as a Counter Initiative/Counter Force of underground registered heroes.

After the Skrull invasion, Counter Force became wanted fugitives when Norman Osborn took control of the 50-State Initiative. The team appeared at Camp Hammond, retaking the name New Warriors, to battle a rampaging clone of Thor, Ragnarok. Their efforts ended with Ragnarok leaving, but only after killing Michael. After the battle, Patrick, the sole Scarlet Spider, unmasked himself to the public, revealing the deception of the Initiative's cloning experiments.






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Each member of Scarlet Spiders was equipped with a modified copy of the Iron Spider Armor.


  • The Scarlet Spiders were Henry Gyrich's personal bodyguards and part of his Shadow Initiative, a classified black-ops arm of the 50-State Initiative.
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