Scorn (Symbiote) (Earth-616)
Full Name: The symbiote takes the name of its current host.
First Appearance: Carnage #2
Created by: Zeb Wells, Clayton Crain
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Unknown
Citizenship: Symbiote
Base: Mobile
Affiliations: Tanis Nieves (Host)
Powers/Abilities: Once bonded to a host, gives increased speed, strength, agility and stamina, along with the ability to crawl walls, a spider-sense, as well as immunity to Spider-Man's Spider sense.
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: White
Unique Features: Scorn is an hybrid between Symbiote and machine.

Scorn is a purple Symbiote and the first cyborg of its species. It came into existence when a piece its parent, the Carnage Symbiote, was combined with a mechcanical prothesis.



Powers & Abilities


The Scorn symbiote gives to its host the following powers:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
  • Wall-Crawling
  • ESP (Spider-Sense)
  • Immunity to Spider-man's Spider Sense
  • Webbing Generation
  • Camouflage Capabilities
  • Constituent-Matter Generation
  • Techno-Hybrid: Since its birth was linked robotically, the symbiote is an machine/symbiote hybrid, being able to fuse itself with different kind of weapons
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