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Secret Wars
Secret Wars
Universe: Earth-15513

Created by:

Jonathan Hickman
Esad Ribic

Main Heroes:

Doctor Strange, Molecule Man, Mister Fantastic, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Cyclops/Phoenix, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Thor

Main Villains:

Doctor Doom
The Cabal

The Secret Wars was a comic book event published by Marvel Comics from May 2015 till January 2016.

The event focuses on the denizens of the various realities that survived the collapse of the Multiverse as they are forced to fight each other on a mysterious planet created from the remnants of their home realties that is named Battleworld.

Publication History[]

The event began publication in May 2015 with a Free Comic Day issue #0 and continued with a nine issue mini-series that was intended be released twice each month until August 2015, but due to production delays the mini-series that served as the core narrative of the event didn't finish publication till early January the following year causing issues set after the event to be published before Secret Wars concluded.

The event's plotline was told through various tie-in miniseries as well as through various on-going titles that are currently in publication. Many of these tie-ins revisit previous Marvel events such as Civil War, Days of Futures Past, Age of Ultron, Age of Apocalypse, Spider-Island, Armor Wars and Spider-Verse.

All of the tie-ins were aligned into one of three subtitles during the event, Battleworld, Last Days and Warzones. Marvel's executive editor Tom Brevoort revealed on his tumblr page that the series under the Warzones subtitle focus on the individual domains of Battleworld, while the titles under the Battleworld subtitle would be concerned with the infrastructure of Battleworld as a whole.

Marvel has stated that the Secret Wars event would incorporate all the corners of the Marvel Multiverse, but while the event was going on, Battlworld would be all that remained of the Multiverse.


During the collapse of the mutiverse, Peter Parker along with others hop onto 616's Reed Richard liferaft to hopefully survive the Earth-616 and Earth-1610 incursion.

The liferaft crashed on Battleworld, a new large stretch of land created by the God of Battleworld, Doctor Doom, who takes various realities and puts them on one stretch of land. This was done by killing the Beyonders, the God's of the multiverse who planned bombs in every version of Molecule Man to destroy the mutiverse and start new. Doom was tasked to kill all versions of MM, only to round them all up and use them to kill the Beyonders. The Beyonder's powers was then taken by Doctor Doom instead of Doctor Strange, and he used it to become a God and reshape the multiverse by putting various reality onto a new earth, Battleworld.

Strange comes to one of two liferafts on Battleworld, where he finds Miles Morales which he reveals towed away on the Cabal's liferaft to save himself. Miles then tells Strange he remembers his past reality, to Strange's surprise.

Another liferaft was found and opened by a Thor from the Thor Corps with the help of Sheriff Strange, now God Emperor Doom's right hand man and his eye and hears for Battleworld.

Out the raft appears 616 Peter Parker as Spider-Man, 616 Cyclops with the Phoenix Force, Jane Foster as Thor, 616 Black Panther, 616 Reed Richards, Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel and Star-Lord. Star-Lord believes that it has only been an hour that they have been held up in the raft.


Miles seeing Peter

However, Strange tells them that it has been eight years since Doom recreated Battleworld, and that he actually found their liferaft about three years ago, but didn't touch it. He goes on to say that Doctor Doom, now a God, saved them all and that very few, if any people remember their past life and reality, since Doctor Doom had modified their memories upon getting the Beyonder's powers.

Meanwhile, 616 Thanos and the Cabal fight against the Thor Corps, which are the police force in Battleworld and Doom sees this, but doesn't step in. Doctor Strange then teleports all the recently found 616 heroes to the battlefield to step in the battle.

While looking at the battle from his keep, Doomstadt, Doom and Sue Storm sees 616 Reed Richards, while Sue doesn't remember him, Doom says he has been looking for Reed for three years. Doom then teleports to the battlefield, with Scott Summers with the Phoenix Force challenging him. After blasting Thanos when he question's Doom "playing" as God, Cyclops then steps up to insult Doom, telling him he is not fit to rule and how Battleworld is now his. After Cyclops seemingly has the upper hand on Doom, Doom takes Scott by the neck and kills him by snapping his neck with one hand.


Strange teleporting everyone away

After this, Doctor Strange tells Black Panther to "Remember this." before he teleports the 616 heroes, Miles Morales and the Cabal away to random places on Battleworld, thinking that Doom will kill all of them. Strange then boldly tells Doom that he will not teleport them back and that for all the power he has amassed, he is still afraid of Reed Richards. Doom then kills Doctor Strange in one move for saying such words and for teleporting the heroes away.

Miles Morales and Star-Lord end up in a part of Battleworld that mixes both Earth-616's and Earth-1610's Manhattan into one land mass.

Back to Basics[]

Before the collaspe of Battleworld at the hands of 616 Reed Richards, it was revealed that Miles Morales actually granted Molecule Man's request of hunger and gave him a hamburger to which MM said "I owe you one".

After the world was restored to the former Earth-616, Miles and Peter were placed on a rooftop together with Miles finding out his mother is alive in this new world, a wish granted by Molecule Man.