Spider-Armor Mark II
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The second version of the Spider Armor, also dubbed the Spider Armor MK II was created by Peter Parker in Horizon Labs to better protect him after he lost his Spider-Sense power.

It made its first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #656.


Peter Parker made another Spider-Armor to better protect him after the loss of his Spider-Sense power, due to the fact that without this ability, he can be easily wounded by enemies, and incoming fire from guns.


  • Upgraded Webbing: The armor has been equipped with magnetic webbing which blocks out most radio frequencies, and/or extremely interferes with them. 
  • Enhanced Durability: The armor has shown to withstand a direct impact from a grenade launcher without any apperent harm to whoever wears the costume. The armor is also durable enought to deflect most bullets, although Spider-Man has expressed discomfort in being hit while wearing the armor.


  • Spider-Armor MK II in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • The MK II in 2014's ASM 2 via Peter's closet
  • Spider Armor MK II, protecting Peter from gun shots

Video Games

  • In 2011's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the Spider-Armor MK II is a pre-unlocked wearable alternate costume for Spider-Man during gameplay.
  • In 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the MK II is an unlockable costume.
  • In the mobile game Spider-Man Unlimited the suit is unlockable as Bulletproof Spider-Armor
  • In 2018's Spider-Man, the suit is an unlockable costume.


  • The release of webbing is different, as it usually originates from the forearm, instead of the wrist.

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