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Spider-Armor MK IV
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #1
Alternate name(s): All-new Spider-Man
Lead Designer(s): Peter Parker

Additional Designer(s):

Parker Industries staff

Current Owner(s):


Previous Owner(s):

Peter Parker

The Spider Armor MK IV battle suit is a costume created by Peter Parker using the newly acquired resources available to him as the CEO of Parker Industries to replace his original costume.


During the months following Secret Wars, Peter used his companies' resources and technology to construct a new suit that would allow him to better deal with the various trials and tribulations that came from being a global protector. To help protect his secret identity, Peter made a spare suit for Hobie Brown to impersonate Spider-Man so that the public won't be able to find out that Peter is Spider-Man. The armor also became Spider-Man's regular costume.

Peter wore the armor throughout his superhero activities during the Second Civil War, the Osborn Identity and recently the Secret Empire event. During a fight with the Superior Octopus, he used an EMP Blast Weapon to destroy the armor, but it revealed Peter's classic costume beneath. It is confirmed that the armor was replaced by the classic costume once more.


  • Enhanced Durability: In order to protect himself from attacks and accidents that he wouldn't normally be able to avoid, Peter constructed the armor out of a sturdy material that is both heatproof and bulletproof. The suits durability has proven to be strong enough to allow Peter to survive a falling impact of several stories without suffering any injuries and to come out of a fight with the Human Torch completely unscathed.
    • Sonic Proof: The armor has shown to be impervious to sound based attacks as Peter proved to be immune to Clayton Cole's sonic attacks while wearing the armor.
    • Bulletproof Armor: the suit is bulletproof.
    • Heatproof Armor: the suit is heatproof.
  • Spider-Man's Webware

    The Spider-Armor's built-in Webware

    Upgraded Web-Shooters: Peter equipped his armor with built-in Web-Shooters that are capable of firing multiple types of webbing. Unlike Peter's original Web-Shooters, the armor's Web-Shooters fire from the forearm instead of the wrist and are capable of firing taser-like "bug-zappers" and releasing various types of gas.
    • Bug Zappers: The taser-like "bug-zappers" (made of Micro Coiled Z-Metal)are able to overcharge, short circuit, or absorb energy from various types of technology. This includes overcharging solar panels to produce a giant blue energy beam and EMP, short-circuiting (and disabling) Silver Sable's stealth technology, and absorbing Iron Man's repulsor energy to defeat the Ghost.
  • Explosive Spider-Tracers: Explosive spider-tracers that can blow through pavement and harm the Rhino.
    • Sonic Disruptors: A high frequency vibrational sonic attack emitted by his web-shooters - these were able to vibrate Hydro-Man so quickly that they completely disrupted his brain functions.
      • Acid Webbing: The Web-Shooters can shoot an extremely acidic compound that can even melt through solid steel.
        • Concrete Webbing/Quick-Drying Web Cement: Much stronger than his regular webs, these can hold up a falling skyscraper, stop the Hulk, and immobilize Aztec goddess Itzpapalotl.
  • Brain Control Override: The suit can release an electric attack that overloads the nervous system of anyone who touches the armor, leaving them completely unable to control their motor functions for an unspecified, yet extremely long amount of time. This was successfully used against powerful sorcerer Morgan Le Fay.
  • Spider-Drones: The Spider-Drones can be shot out from the suit to target an enemy.
  • Temperature Control: The suit is able to shift its temperate low enough to not give off a heat signature as well as increase its temperature to use offensively when punching an enemy through microfibers that radiate heat on impact.
  • Enhanced Strength: The armor also grants Spider-Man enhanced strength that will enable him to physically overpower his enemies.
  • Built-in Webware: The armor comes equipped with a modified version of Parker Industries' Webware mounted on the left forearm. The Webware comes imbedded with Spider-Tracers that can be tracked using the Webware's locator app. The Webware is also capable of retracting and deploying the armor at will.
  • Hologram Projection: The armor is equipped with camouflage capabilities that allow the user to assume various disguises or can be used to mimic everyday clothing.

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