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Founder(s): Spider-Powered Beings
Leader(s): Formerly Spider-Man (Morales), Spider-Man (Prime), Spider-UK

Current members:


Former members:

'67 Spider-Man, Alternate Spider-Man Noir, Alternate Spider-Monkey, Alternate Scarlet Spider (Kaine), Amazing Octo-Spidey, Anansi, Animated Ultimate Spider-Man, Arachnosaur (deceased), Aracnido, Jr., Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider), Ben Reilly (Spider-Man) (deceased), Benjy Parker, Black-Suited Spider-Man, Big Time Spider-Man, Bombastic Bag-Man, Bullet Points Spider-Man (deceased), Businessman Spider-Man, Captain Spider (deceased), Captain Universe (deceased), Captain Universe/Spider-Man (Morales), Charnel Spider-Man, Classic Peter Parker, Spiderman (3 Dev Adam), Doppelganger, Dusk, Electric Company Spider-Man, Ends of the Earth Spider-Man, Future Foundation Spider-Man, Ghost Spider (Parker), Ghost-Spider (Stacy), Hornet, Insomniac’s Spider-Man, Iron Fist/Spider-Man, Karn, Lady Spider, Mangaverse Spider-Man, Masked Marvel, Mini-Marvel Spider-Man, Negative Zone Spider-Man (deceased), Nicholas Hammond Spider-Man, Normie Osborn, Old Man Spider (deceased), The Other, Prince of Arachne (deceased), Prodigy, Renew Your Vows Spider-Man, Ricochet, Rorschach and Spider-Man Amalgam, Savage Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider (Parker), Silk, Six-Armed Spider-Man (deceased), SP//dr (Peni Parker), SP//dr (The Spider), The Spider (Stacy), Spider-Armor MK II-Clad Spider-Man, Spider-Ben, Spider-Boy, Spider-Byte, Spider-Cop, Spider-Deadpool, Spider-Girl (Brant), Spider-Girl (Corazon), Spider-Ham, Spider-Horse, Spider-Hulk, Spider-Jameson, Spider-Wolverine, Spider-Man 2211, Spider-Man (Apaec), Spider-Man (Ben Parker), Spider-Man (Brown), Spider-Man J, Spider-Ma'am, Spider-Man (Garfield), Spider-Man (Holland), Spider-Man (Komori), Spider-Man (Lee), Spider-Man (Maguire), Spider-Mobile, Spider-Monkey (deceased), Spider-Man Noir (deceased), Spider-Man (Octavius), Spider-Man (Octavius Duplicate), Spider-Man (O'Hara), Spider-Man (Prabhakar), Spider-Man (Prime), Spider-Man Unlimited, Spider-Petey, Spider-Prime, Spider-UK(deceased), Spider-Woman (Barton), Spider-Woman (Drew), Spider-Woman (Parker), Supaidāman, Sweater-Clad Spider-Man, Spiderling, Spinneret, Timeslip Spider-Man (deceased), Turn Off The Dark Spider-Man, Ultimate Black Widow, Ultimate Spider-Woman, Uncle Ben Spider-Man, Web-Slinger


Alignment: Good
Universe: Multiverse


Sims Tower, Times Square, Manhattan, New York City, New York, Earth-3145; formerly Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, Earth-13

First appearance:

Edge of Spider-Verse #5
Creators: Gerard Way, Jake Wyatt

The Spider-Army is a team of spider-powered heroes that band together to fight against the Inheritors .



Former Members

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