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"Spider-Man: Big Time" is the title of a run of comic book storylines in The Amazing Spider-Man, published by Marvel Comics starting in 2010 and ending in 2011.


Kill To Be You

In The Amazing Spider-Man #648 through #651. Spider-Man and the Avengers are taking on an army of large Octobots as part of Doc Ock's campaign to make his mark. He rigs them to all self-destruct, however, Spidey manages to rewire the clock to match the timeleap of daylight savings time. However, he comes home to realize his roommate Michelle is moving out, and thus rendering him homeless. Peter unsuccessfully tries to convince multiple friends if he could stay with them, but regretfully resorts to having to ask Aunt May and Jay if he he can live with them again, to which they agree.

Peter starts a new job at Horizon Labs after a recommendation from Marla Jameson to the head of the lab gets him the job. Phil Urich takes over the identity of the Hobgoblin after killing Roderick Kingsley. He steals a sample of reverbium (an experimentally created form of vibranium metal) from Horizon Labs. Spider-Man is unable to stop the theft because of the Hobgoblin's Lunatic Laugh. Peter uses his new job at Horizon Labs to create a suit that uses harmonics to prevent the Lunatic Laugh from affecting him. Spider-Man and the Black Cat infiltrate the building of the Kingpin to get the experimental metal back.

In the back up stories in The Amazing Spider-Man #649 through #651 Alistair Smythe breaks Mac Gargan out of prison and gives him a new Scorpion costume. These events directly lead into the "Revenge of the Spider-Slayer" story that follows.

Revenge of the Spider-Slayer

In The Amazing Spider-Man #652 through #654, titled the "Revenge of the Spider-Slayer," Alistair Smythe has created an army of Spider-Slayers by giving cybernetic implants to people with a grudge against J. Jonah Jameson. All of the Spider-Slayers, and Mac Gargan as the Scorpion, have a power similar to Spider-Man's spider-sense that makes them harder to hit and for Smythe to telepathically communicate with all of them. Smythe targets Jameson's family and friends so Jameson can feel the same pain Smythe felt when he lost his father. The New Avengers help Spider-Man fight the multiple threats, but Spider-Man is forced to build a bomb that will destroy the spider-sense of the Spider-Slayers so they can be defeated. Mac Gargan prevents Spider-Man from fleeing after he plants the bomb, so he is forced to set it off while he is still within its radius and he loses his spider-sense as well. After his army of Spider-Slayers is stopped Smythe tries to kill Jameson himself, but Marla Jameson jumps in the way to save the life of her husband.

No One Dies

In The Amazing Spider-Man #655 and #656, titled the "No One Dies," a funeral is held for Marla Jameson. Peter has a nightmare where he sees everyone who has ever died in his life (including Gwen Stacy, Ben Reilly, Ezekiel, Frederick Foswell, Bennett Brant, George Stacy, and Charlamange from Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine). When Peter wakes up, he determines to be a better Spider-Man by vowing "as long as he's around no one dies". He then faces off against Massacre, a new villain who has no emotion and more incentive to kill. Without his spider-sense Spider-Man is hit by a bullet shot by Massacre, so he builds a new Spider-Armor to combat Massacre. Using this, he defeats the villain and confronts Jameson about his new stance, who wants to give the death penalty to Smythe for killing Marla and to Massacre for the people he killed.

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