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"Fight today, save tomorrow."

-The game's tagline.

Spider-Man: Edge Of Time
Developed by: Beenox
Released by: Activision
Release Date: October 04, 2011

Available on:

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo DS
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360



ESRB Rating:

T for Teen


Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions



Spider-Man: Edge Of Time is a video game developed by the Activision-owned developer Beenox, based on the superhero Spider-Man. It was released on October 4, 2011 in North America and on October 14, 2011 in Europe.


Part 1 - Avoiding The Death Of The Amazing Spider-Man[]

Chapter 1 - "An Unwilling Witness To An Execution"[]

"I didn't need a reason... Other than to make it easier to kill you."

-Eddie Brock (Anti-Venom)

The game opens with Spider-Man and Anti-Venom locked in mortal combat near a glowing portal. Spider-Man tries to reason with Eddie Brock and remind him he is not a killer anymore. However, Anti-Venom pays Spider-Man no mind and succeeds in draining the radiation from his body. Spider-Man tells Anti-Venom he had no reason, but Anti-Venom viciously tells him he didn't need a reason, turning his arm into a blade and prepares to bring it through Spider-Man's chest.

Chapter 2 - "Things Fall Apart"[]

"Whatever Sloan's up to, I've got to shut it down before he gets in over his head, and drags everyone and everything down with him."

-Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099)

We then go a few hours before Chapter 1, In the future, Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man from 2099, has discovered that Walker Sloan, whom he admits is a personal rival, has rebuilt the Virtual un-reality lab into a time machine.

Knowing that time travel technology is dangerous, especially in the hands of a greedy psychopath like Sloan, Miguel proceeds to stalk Walker through Alchemax and discovers that he is planning on using the machine to open Alchemax years ahead of schedule and dismantle their rivals before they begin, essentially putting all corporations under his control and a large portion of the earth with them.

Despite Miguel's efforts, Walker succeeds in his plan and jumps into the past. Miguel goes in after him, but finds himself trapped in the vortex, Miguel witnesses Peter being killed by Anti-Venom (although at the time he couldn't make it out) thus changing the past; the Daily Bugle is replaced with the Alchemax corporation and Peter Parker is working directly under Doctor Octavius in the genetics department. As part of Dr. Octavius's genetic trials Peter has already uploaded his DNA into the system.

At the same time in the future everything has changed too: all of New York City has become a part of Alchemax and has visibly changed. Once free of the portal, Miguel desperately tries to escape robotic sentinels and plans to come back later to deal with the chaos created by Walker's plans.

Back in the genetics lab, Miguel is able to use the sample of Peter 's DNA from the Genetics program to create a "Chronal link" (a telepathic link) between himself and Peter. ("Are the other mes in my head, too?") Miguel tries to explain the situation to Peter however Peter believes that if there's a crazed killer loose in the building then he has to stop him before he kills anyone.

Chapter 3 - "Wild Cards"[]

"This whole Quantum Causality thing is a real wild card."

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man)

Peter soon discovers that the killer is Anti-Venom who is only able to muster enough will power to warn him to stay away. The Spider-Men soon discover that as a result of the new time portal Sloan is building, anything done in the past has an immediate effect on the future and vice versa (Anti-Venom destroys an elevator and that Elevator ceases to exist in the future) called Quantum Casuality.

Undeterred, Peter makes his way to the 66th floor of Alchemax where both Sloan and Doctor Octapus are building the new time portal to the future and the final showdown between himself and Anti-Venom is supposed to take place.

Chapter 4 - "No Way Out"[]

"Fine. If Plan A, keeping you out of danger, isn't working, we will go for Plan B. I'll get down to my own 66th Floor and see if we can solve this thing."


-Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099)

Deciding that plan A has failed Miguel decides to meet Peter on the 66th floor hoping that he'll be able to help him defeat Anti-Venom. However, due to some setbacks (robot attacks, being thrown to lower than the 66th floor), Peter arrives at his 66th Floor.

Chapter 5 - "Pro And Anti-Venom"[]

"So you're the head lunatic? We haven't properly introduced: I'm the guy... who's gonna stop your plans."

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man)

Peter arrives first, meeting with Doctor Octavius, Walker Sloan, and Anti-Venom all at once. Walker orders Anti-Venom to kill Spider-Man but he refuses and fights the control chips. Walker activates all the control Chips planted within Anti-Venom unleashing his bestial side, and with his rage induced strength Anti-Venom depowers and overwhelms Peter in battle.

Chapter 6 - "Fighting The Future"[]

(This episode is the first one in which we play with both Spider-Men in one chapter)


-Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099)

While Peter is being beaten to death, Miguel rushes to the Gateway, only to find that the Quantum Casuality has blocked the direct path and created another, longer route. With Miguel almost reaching the Gateway, we see that Peter's powers have been completely neutralized (here we control Peter). Peter tries to put up a fight, but Anti-Venom tosses him in front of the Gateway. While Peter climbs across the floor to reach the Gateway, Miguel is seen inside the room before the Gateway Room (here we control Miguel). While he gets the keys to the Gateway Room, Peter uses his last bit of strength to survive and defeat Anti-Venom. When Miguel enters, Peter and Anti-Venom punch each other in the face, with Anti-Venom's punch killing Peter. Miguel pulls Peter through the portal into 2099 while Anti-Venom is seen to awake. Miguel puts Peter into a cellular regeneration pod (with the DNA that Peter had uploaded earlier) to try and heals his wounds while he goes to the past to fight Anti-Venom.

Since Miguel's powers aren't radiation based he is able to hold his own and fights Anti-Venom. During Miguel's battle with Anti-Venom, Peter awakens in the future, much to Miguel's shock, but Peter's being attacked by some "kinda monsters" (as Peter said it), when they were just Failed Experiments. Miguel uses both his Accelerated Decoy power and the Quantum Casuality to make Anti-Venom (oblivious to be doing so and unwillingly) save Peter by destroying the monsters' pods. He ends up finally defeating Anti-Venom by removing the control chips that were on him. Once in full control of his actions, Anti-Venom is angry that he was controlled and forced to kill Spider-Man and gets his revenge on Sloan by pushing him and Doctor Octavius into the portal, seemingly trapping all three of them between the Past, Present and Future.

Part 2 - Going Back Home[]

Chapter 7 - "Back From The Dead"[]

"C'mon, O'Hara, doesn't coming back from the dead entitle me a little breather?"

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man)

After Parker heals from his wounds, the Spider-Men determine that while the time portal in the future is fully functional the one in the past has suffered damage. As a result, Miguel can't go back to the future because the Technology to fix the portal doesn't exist yet, Peter has to send the parts back to the past before going back himself. Miguel warns Peter not to let the batteries touch each other or they will explode.

As a result of the Damage to the portal Doctor Octavius's mechanical tentacles start popping up around the building albeit distorted, enlarging them in the process. Miguel theorizes that Doctor Octavius is trapped between dimensions and the tentacles are either his way of getting out or his attempt to take the Spider-Men down with him.

After acquiring all 3 batteries, Peter begins to make his way back to the portal when the batteries touch each other. Miguel tells him sending them through the portal one at a time should cause them to restabalize. On his way back to the time portal with the Quantum batteries needed to fix the portal Peter hears a familiar female voice over the speaker system beginning to taunt him, calling him a "blast from the past".

Chapter 8 - "Here There Be Monsters"[]

"Have you got the new parts in place?"

"Yeah, just have to activate the breakers."

"Good plan."

"Without getting killed."

"Ooh, better plan."

-'Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) and 'Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man)

As Miguel activates the Gateway after installing all three batteries, he discovers that the Gateway seems to be broken for some reason. Miguel tries to access the Archives for Data on fixing the portal, however as expected his Employee Code doesn't work because he won't be an employee of Alchemax for another hundred years in the future. Also, O'Hara has to save Parker from getting squashed by some closing walls in the future.

Chapter 9 - "Cause And Effect"[]

"O'Hara! They have enough security in here to keep down an army of Spider-Men! Any ideas?"

-'Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man)


Miguel free-falling

Miguel guides Peter to the future Archives where he'll hopefully be able to access the needed Data and send it back. While in the Library Peter continues to hear the voice over the speaker system taunt him. Peter finally reaches the archives and in addition to the data for the time machine he also discovers that Mary Jane will be killed the day he left in the Alchemax building, though do to the chaos created by the tentacles and the Quantum causality the cause of death keeps changing.

Chapter 10 - "MJ On The Run"[]

"What's important is not standing by while allowing someone to suffer or die because you do nothing. If you don't get that, then you don't get the first thing about being Spider-Man."

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man) teaching Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) what being Spider-Man means.

When Peter finds out that Mary Jane is about to die but that only Miguel can save her, Miguel rejects, but Peter claims that if Miguel were to let MJ die knowing the danger she's in then Miguel doesn't deserve to be called Spider-Man. Later, when Peter claims that his future is meaningless without her after Miguel rejected saying that they must save the future, Miguel realizes that saving Mary Jane would even the score for everything the world owes to the Amazing Spider-Man. With that, Miguel chases after Mary Jane and finally saves her from a falling elevator.

Chapter 11 - "Claws Of The Cat"[]

"It was like the old times, wasn't it Peter? And I know, it wasn't MY old times. Beyond this, tell me. Was I... good?"

"Yeah, you were great. Better than the original."

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man) to Felicia Hardy (Black Cat 2099) after the battle.

Now with all the Data they need the two Spider-Men go back to the Time portals to fix the damage and go back to their proper time periods. But then, Peter is ambushed by a clone of Black Cat claiming to be the original. Peter realizes the trap and defeats the clone group. On his way back to the Gateway after dealing with the clones, Peter comes face to face with Alchemax's CEO, whom he realizes is actually his future self, kept alive by a powerful anti-aging drug he developed.

The future Peter states that he has been acquiring power non-stop in order to live up to his perceived inabillity to keep his responsibillity. The CEO also mentions that he went through an incident where he lost numerous loved ones because he didn't have the power to save them, but then reassures his younger counterpart that he won't go through with it thanks to his plans. This is confirmed when Peter stumbles upon his personal Archives which contains newspaper clippings of himself, all his costumes stuffed and mounted, and several newspapers that show him walking a distinctly dark path.

Terrified of his own future, Peter flees and on his way back to the portal is ambushed by an army of Cybernetically enhanced Black Cat 2099 clones. They claim that Peter did something "unforgivable" to the original Black Cat and thus they're seeking revenge for her. Not knowing what his future self did to her, Peter tries to tell her that he hasn't done anything. Peter chases and defeats the head clone and once she calms down and asks how was she. Peter states that she was "excellent" and "better then the original". She then suddenly teleports away, much to Peter's confusion.

Peter gets the key he needs and goes off to meet Miguel in both Gateway Rooms.

Part 3 - The Present, The Future, The Atrocity And The Spiders[]

Chapter 12 - "The Imperfect Storm"[]

"Th-those tentacles! They were coming from some sorta... I-I don't know WHAT this atrocity is. In fact, that's what I'm gonna call it: Atrocity. 'Cause "Big Scary Tentacle Monster Thingy" takes way too long to say. Well, that and, Fin Fang Foom was taken."

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man) when he meets Atrocity.

Once back in their proper timelines, a hulking amalgam of Doctor Octavius, Sloan, and Anti-Venom follows Peter to his time. Peter decides to call it "Atrocity". Atrocity follows him through the whole building. Miguel proceeds to make his way to the Para-science research labs in order to find a way to defeat Atrocity. Once in the Para-labs Miguel states that he needs Peter to acquire some DNA samples from Atrocity so that he can figure out a way of defeating it.

Chapter 13 - "Connecting The Strands"[]

"If we ever meet face to face, I'm gonna beat the crap out of you."

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man) to 'Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099), before getting the third DNA Recorder.

Peter tries to find a DNA recorder, but fails almost all of the times. Then, when he's going to get a new one, he gets pinned down in an air vent by Atrocity. Peter escapes but destroys half of his costume. After (finally) finding a DNA Recorder, Peter then uses a gas chamber to sleep Atrocity (despite being a monstrousity Atrocity still needs to breathe, doesn't it?) while taking Atrocity's DNA three times, each with a different recorder.

Chapter 14 - "Nowhere To Run"[]

"You trying to play God?"

-Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099)

Once finished, Miguel determines that Atrocity is the center of a growing time storm and if it isn't stopped it will trigger a new big bang. The future Peter contacts Miguel and states that he planned to create a time storm and is going to harvest the energy from the time storm and remake reality into a "Perfect Universe". Miguel strongly disagrees with the future Peter and asks him what gives him the right to play God. Future Peter called the first Big Bang a good "1st draft" but it is in need of some changes and proceeds to dump Miguel down an incinerator. Miguel, after some work, manages to get back up, although he's "greeted" by Failed Experiments, who corner him.

Chapter 15 - "When Creatures Attack"[]

"That's where it began, that's where we'll end it!"

"We're thinking alike."

"Took long enough..."

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man) and 'Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099)

Peter destroys the Failed Experiment Pods, thus saving Miguel from the Failed Experiments.

Then, with instructions from Miguel, Peter tries luring the Atrocity back to the time lab; a run through the fixed portal will negate the time storm and separate Atrocity back into Doctor Octavius, Sloan, and Anti-Venom. During the run, Parker is forced to steal a guard's pass to get through a door, which leads to him teleporting.

Chapter 16 - "Countdown To Disaster"[]

"What happened to you, Parker? You used to be the greatest of them all!"

"Heh, I still am, sport. The one, the only Spider-Man. Accept no substitutes... including you."

-'Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) and Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man from 2099), arguing about what happened to the Amazing Spider-Man.

Miguel goes to future Peter's office to finish what they started. When Miguel arrives to the top, he is greeted by a holographic communication from Future Peter. Neither able to make the other see their point of view, Future Peter invites Miguel to the time lab intending to finish their disagreement once and for all.

Chapter 17/Final Chapter - "Over The Edge"[]

"All those people... I could've saved. You're the real villain here! I tried to warn you, Miguel, I really did. But there's no one to blame but yourself. Maybe the most merciful thing to do is to wipe us out of existance entirely. Save us both some aggravation!"

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man from 2099) blaming 'Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) for his plan's failure while admitting his mistake.

In the past, Peter arrives with Atrocity in pursuit. Peter successfully reverses the polarity on the time machine and all that's left to do is push Atrocity through. Peter proceeds to electrocute Atrocity and send him through the portal bit by bit in order to separate him into his original form. Meanwhile in 2099, the future Peter has expanded the Iron Spider technology developed by Tony Stark and has rebuilt the technology into a massive exo-suit. When Miguel asks Peter about the exo-suit, Peter calls it a "crutch" and that he would never rely on such drastic measures if he wasn't 100% confident in his own abilities. Peter tells him that while his Spider-Sense may give his future self an advantage over Miguel (who lacks a Spider-Sense), Captain America once told him that he always leaves himself open for a few moments after his combo attacks, saying "I know I shouldn't, but I do, you can use that against him."

Realizing that the future Peter doesn't know about Atrocity due to him not living through this event like his younger self, Miguel tricks the future Peter into attacking Atrocity's tentacles thereby slowly depowering him. In the past, Peter is able to force Atrocity back into the portal. All that's left to do is "Lock it down" on Miguel's end thereby ending the timestorm and completely undoing all tampering with the Timeline.

In the future, Miguel has depowered the future Peter. To counter this, future Peter begins to harness and use time storm energy to attack Miguel. Eventually Miguel overloads the exo-suit and kicks the future Peter through the portal, thus ending the time storm, restablizing time and (presumably) killing the Amazing Spider-Man from 2099.

Part 4 - The Timeline Goes Back To Normal[]

"It's... it's all back to normal."

"Same here."

-Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man) and 'Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) at the final cutscene.

After a few words, both Peter and Miguel realize that they still have the Chronal Link and can still talk with each other. Peter asked Miguel if this would make them crazy. Miguel responds by saying "Crazy? We already dress up in skintight costumes, fighting bad guys for free!". Peter wants to know how this is possible, but Miguel asks Peter if he wants a 5 hour lecture on Temporal Physics, to which Peter replies that he has all the time in the world now. Miguel then begins explaining the concept to Peter in the credits (This is not seen in the 3DS version).


Main Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]


Nintendo DS Exclusive[]

Other Characters[]


Amazing Spider-Man retains focus on web based combat combining the environment with webbing to create heavy hitting weapons. In addition there is now a increase focus on Amazing's spider-sense creating "Hyper-Sense" which will allow Spider-Man to move so fast that he runs through security lasers unharmed and easily dodge attacks that he couldn't on his own speed.

Spider-Man 2099 retains focus on Speed based combat retaining sky diving sequences and accelerated vision. Also there is the new "Accelerated Decoy" feature: Spider-Man moves so fast that he can leave behind a body double for enemies to attack.

In game players may collect "Chronal Energy", a form of energy created by time Travel this will allow for the generation of "Time Paradox"'s. which will freeze enemies for short periods of time allowing you to beat them up unopposed. Golden spiders are also collected to buy character upgrades.

In addition the Two Spider-Men share a "Chronal Link" a telepathic bond spanning the vastness of time and space created using their DNA allowing them to communicate.

Finally there is "Quantum Causality" as a result of the Two time portals connecting anything that happens in the past immediately effects the future, for example Anti-Venom destroys a elevator in the past, causing the elevator to cease to exist in the future. This also randomly replaces hallways, doorway's, and beams in enemies which hampers the Spider-Man currently in the future.


Like the other Beenox developed games, there are many alternate suits for each character.

Spider-Man 2099[]

  • Flipside (only when connected to its respective console's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions version, does not apply to 3DS or DS)
  • Iron Spider (only when connected to its respective console's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions version, does not apply to 3DS or DS)
  • Spider Armor (only when connected to its respective console's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions version, does not apply to 3DS or DS)
  • New Spider Armor
  • Cosmic Spider (only when connected to its respective console's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions version, does not apply to 3DS or DS)
  • Dusk (DLC on PS3 and Xbox 360, does not apply to Wii, 3DS or DS)
  • Big Time
  • Hornet (DLC on PS3 and Xbox 360, does not apply to Wii, 3DS or DS)
  • Spider-Man 1602
  • Ben Reilly
  • Hydra
  • CEO Civilian
  • CEO
  • Poison

Amazing Spider-Man[]

  • Bombastic Bag-Man (only when connected to its respective console's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions version, does not apply to 3DS or DS)
  • Cosmic Spider-Man (only when connected to its respective console's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions version, does not apply to 3DS or DS)
  • Scarlet Spider (only when connected to its respective console's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions version, does not apply to 3DS or DS)
  • Secret War Spider-Man (only when connected to its respective console's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions version, does not apply to 3DS or DS)
  • Future Foundation
  • Ricochet (DLC on PS3 and Xbox 360, does not apply to Wii, 3DS or DS)
  • Peter Parker
  • Prodigy (DLC on PS3 and Xbox 360, does not apply to Wii, 3DS or DS)
  • New Ultimate
  • Masked Marvel
  • Black Suit
  • Negative Zone Suit