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Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro
Developed by: Vicarious Visions
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Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro is the second PlayStation game to feature Spider-Man, and also serves as the sequel to the 2000 video game Spider-Man. This game follows Spider-man as he attempts to stop his old enemy Electro from obtaining a source of power called the Bio-Nexus Device. Game bosses included Hammerhead, Lizard, Sandman, Shocker and the exclusive charged-up Hyper-Electro.


After a brief lesson from Beast, Spider-Man interrupts a robbery at BioTech, planting a tracer on the leader's bike. The tracer leads him to a warehouse, where he interrogates a thug who tells him where to go next. After a battle with Shocker, he heads for the airfield, but is interrupted by a bomb scare on the way. At the airfield, Spider-Man observes an unconscious pilot's plane being started up, and plants another tracer on a helicopter used by the attackers. Successfully freeing the pilot before the plane crashes, he follows the helicopter's tracer to a train yard, where he battles Sandman and boards a fleeing train.

Meanwhile, the Science and Industry ball is stormed by Hammerhead who has come to take Dr. Watts hostage. When Spider-Man defeats him, it becomes apparent that Sandman has escaped with Watts. Spider-Man decides to head for BioTech itself, where he ultimately faces Lizard. The defeated Lizard reverts to his human form and explains that Electro's goal was to steal the "Bio-Nexus" device, before instructing Spider-Man to go to Dr. Watts' lab. Following a rooftop chase, he arrives at the lab and learns of the device's power source, only to be caught in another battle against Sandman.

Defeating Sandman by flushing him down the sewer grate with water, he sees a news report about the power source - a sapphire named Zeus' Tear - being on display in the museum, and promptly heads there. Catching up with Dr. Watts and Electro, he battles Electro and, in the battle, Dr. Watts is accidentally captured by Electro, who offers to free her if Spider-Man gives him Zeus' tear. Spider-Man reluctantly obeys, and misses in an attempt to reclaim the gem before Electro catches it. Electro uses the gem to supercharge himself into a being of pure energy, before flying to a massive conductor to use his new powers.

Spider-Man eventually discovers his weakness by damaging the Bio-Nexus and making Electro vulnerable by having him attack the generators that had their capacitors removed by Spider-Man. With Electro vulnerable at those points, Spider-Man defeats him. The next day, Spider-Man reads the front page of a newspaper published by the Daily Bugle. Outside of it listing that Spider-Man destroyed the Bio-Nexus device and the Zeus' Tear, the newspaper states that Thor was the one who saved Manhattan from Electro, to which Peter responds, "Ugh, I need a new agent".

Meanwhile, Electro is in jail with Hammerhead and Shocker, who are playing Poker. Electro complains that he would've been a god if Spider-Man hadn't ruined his plan. Hammerhead silences him by telling him to "shut up." When Hammerhead asks Shocker if he knows any other card games, Shocker states that maybe "those guys know", and it turns out to be all of the villains who were incarcerated at the end of the first game. Shocker asks if any of them know how to play Go Fish, and Doctor Octopus begins banging his head on the cell bars as he does at the end of the first game.


Although the gameplay and design are relatively similar, one major difference of the game from the first was the ability to play on ground levels. In the first game, if Spider-Man swung too low he would fall into the yellow mist that dominated all the levels and die. This game presented levels that are city streets, however they were confined grids rather than a free-roam environment. Also, Spider-man was given the ability to fire a web-ball in mid-air, which would come in handy during some of the fights. Also, this time around, training mode takes the player to the X-Men's Danger Room where Rogue and Professor X teach Spider-Man what he needs to know. The hand animation is also changed. Now, every characters' hands can react instead of waving fists. The basic punch and kick combo moves are changed, doing away with the two-handed uppercut/ mule-kick for the third strike.

Trivia Edit

  • At one point in the game, Spider-Man says something about not having a cape and pointy ears. This is a reference to Batman, a superhero from Marvel's rival comic book company, DC.
  • The final battle with Electro was originally intended to be at the top of the World Trade Center and have Thor from the Avengers come in a final cut scene. Unfortunately, the tragic 9/11 attacks happened during the final months of the game's development and the final boss fight had to change location and the Thor cut scene was cut, out of respect for the victims.
  • If you enter AUNTMAY in the cheats menu, you can unlock everything.
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