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The chat room is a place where any user can converse with anyone they please.

Follow these rules, and everything will run smoothly. A few of these rules are also regular policy. Any questions or comments should be directed towards the chat moderator.

To use the chat room, you must have a minimum of TEN (10) CONSTRUCTIVE edits to articles (not user profiles or templates), and have a good desire to help the site. Whether or not both expectations are met, will be left to the discretion of the staff. 

Rule #1: Be productive[]

This wiki is NOT YOUR social area. DO NOT come to this wiki every single day for the sole purpose of chatting without making an edit or two. We aren't asking for 100 edits, but if we see this trend, the user will be warned and probably denied access to chat.

Rule #2: No offensive language[]

It's true we aren't 5 and 10 years old, so feel free to express yourself as certain language is permitted. However, racial slurs, insults of the kind could result in an entire account ban from the Spider-Man Wiki, no questions asked.

Rule #3: No harassment[]

Don't use the chat room to harass other users, or invite other users to do so. Users caught harassing will be immediately banned from the chat room or from the Spider-Man Wiki via an account ban.

Rule #4: No childish arguements[]

There will be disagreements from time to time. However, there is a right and wrong way to deal with disagreements. Fighting is not the way to solve it. Anyone caught provoking or involved in a fight could be banned from the chat room, regardless of who started it.

Rule #5: Be respectful of everyone[]

This explains itself. Do not be rude on purpose to other users. If someone has a religion, disease or is telling a story, do not be rude towards them or make fun of them. After one warning is given, the second time you shall be banned from chat. Even if someone disrepects you first, tell an admin. If they start, and you join to be rude, you might also be caught in the mix and be banned as well.

Rule #6: No type of trolling[]

Trolling is purposefully picking a fight or saying something to make another user say something back. All fight-pickers will be immediately banned from the chat room. If this issue keeps happening, you can be banned from the entire wiki.

Rule #7: No sensuality[]

No sensuality is allowed in the chat room or entire wiki whatsoever. This includes flirting and any type of sexual "come-on." If you violate this rule, you will be kicked out. Depending on if the other person starts it or is also flirting, they could be kicked as well.

Rule #8: No spam/caps[]

Do not spam anything in chat. Whether that be a curse word, insult, emoticons, a certain sentence or a link. It's annoying and can be avoided. No yelling or all caps talk, either. Depending on the situation, this type of behavior can result in a ban from chat.

Rule #9: No violence or self-harm[]

Do not promote violence against other users or promote or discuss suicide or self-harm.