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This page contains all the guidelines for this wiki. If you do not follow these rules you will get a warning, then blocked for a month or longer.

  • No name-calling or insulting other people.
  • Don't spam. Spam includes messages that contain the following: redundancies, advertisements, and/or are posted several times in several places.
  • No fanfiction or made up characters of any kind. This is not a fanon wiki. (continuity or otherwise).
  • Undo happens to everyone, so you shouldn't get upset if it happens to you. If you make an edit and someone clicks on Undo to change it back, they will usually tell you why they did that in the summary. If you really think the edit belongs there, say so why on the Talk page or in chat.
  • Occasionally, admins may have to leave a message on your talk page/message wall saying why something you did wasn't allowed. If it was an honest mistake, explain it to the admin who gave you the warning. If we have to tell you several times, then that usually means you are doing it deliberately, and it may result in a block.
  • Blocks can be be anywhere from a month or longer if the problem is severe enough. If you are able to provide a reasonable explanation for what you did, the block may be shortened or removed.
  • Make sure you always get your information from official or reliable sources, but do not plagiarize.
  • No unconfirmed info or fan speculation. Only add information if it has been confirmed.
  • Files' names must be in English.