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This is a list of rules that an editor must follow, if he or she intends to edit here. If a rule is broken, and the editor has an account, they will be given a chance to explain themselves, and the Spider-Man Wiki Staff will decide on a punishment, most likely the one described in the rule, of the corresponding offense. Punishment will be at the discretion of the enforcing staff member. The Spider-Man Wiki staff retains the right to enforce any rule, even ones that are unwritten. Bottom line, if you think it may be unacceptable, don't do it. If you have common sense, you'll be fine. A regular user may not under any circumstances change any of the rules. A Staff member may only change a rule if he or she consults another staff member first. Major changes will require a full Staff discussion, with a majority to change. The policies of Spider-Man Wiki are as follows:

Rule #1: Listen to the administrators

A staff-member or administrator will probably never force you to do anything, but rather tell you what not to do. The staff exists to maintain order, and refusing to comply will have consequences.

Rule #2: No copying from any other databases

All content must be original unless one needs help with a banner. If somebody violates this rule, they will probably not be punished at first, but may be after multiple offenses. The material will be deleted without warning. If you see this, please add the plagiarism template.

Rule #3: All articles must involve Spider-Man

Articles that do not involve Spider-Man will be deleted unless they are blogs or a part of user-pages, hence this wiki's name.

Rule #4: No pictures that do not involve Spider-Man

Always rememeber to upload picture that involve and his universe, including villians, heroes, supporting characters, costumes and so on. Misdemeanors of this rule can result in a block.

Rule #5: No harassment or swearing

To put it simply, swearing and harassment are not allowed.

Rule #6: No badge farming

We are all aware that this wiki has badges that award points. Do not edit for the sole purpose of getting these badges. It is not constructive and will eventually result in a block.

Rule #7: No page vandalism

Do not purposely ruin any of the articles. This is an inexcusable offense that will result in an immediate block.

Rule #8: No redundancies

Repetitive messages, and redundant information fall under this category. Violation of this rule will eventually result in a block.

Rule #9: No drama

This is a wiki, not an asylum. If you feel that you've been wronged, tell an active adminstrator. Do not start pointless drama.

Rule #10: No picking fights

This wiki does not need fights or pointless arguements.  If you are found guilty of picking fights, you will be immediately blocked.

Rule #11: No multiple accounts

Also known as a form of sockpuppeting, if you have one account, keep it that way. Editors caught using more than one account to cause trouble can be banned or blocked.

Rule #12: No unacceptable usernames

Keep your usernames and avatars appropriate. Names that are entirely capitalized or inappropriate (such as, but not limited to, "CAPTAIN TOILET" or "Poop-Head") will result in a permanent ban.

Rule #13: No sensuality

This covers a lot. Don't use this wiki to talk about character relationships whether they're real or made up. The only exeption, would be relationships related to an article. Please try to keep anything sensual within the articles to a minimum. Sexual and sensual references and/or innuendos outside articles will never be tolerated, no matter how harmless it may seem. Also, do not use this wiki to start dating other users. It is downright unacceptable and will result in a long block.

Rule #14: "Fictional" point-of-view

Spider-Man is a fictional character, so all pages involving his continuity must be written from a "fictional" point-of-view, or, in other words, as if they're happening now. Violations of this rule won't result in a ban or block, but it's pretty improper.

Rule #15: Home page

Any vandalism or spam to the main page will be met with a harsher punishment than an article. However, good edits to the home page are accepted. Before editing the home page though, the staff must be contacted to make sure that the edit is constructive.

Rule #16: Subverting the Staff

This rule is for Staff members only. The Staff runs on a democratic system of voting to maintain order. If a member decides to make a major change to the wiki without first getting the consent of the other members, they will be suspended from the staff for a period of time, and possibly blocked depending of the severity of the offense. If there is a block, then the user will NOT be allowed to return to the staff at the end of their sentence.

Rule #17: Temporary admins

Spider-Man wiki does have the option occasionally for a user to become an admin for a short period of time. If the staff has an issue, that none of the current members can solve, they may ask another user to become a temporary admin long enough to fix the problem. Typical time limit is three days, but if necessary, the user may ask for an extension up to one week. While the User is an admin, they may weigh in on discussions, enforce rules, and basically act as a Staff member. DO NOT ask for this position, unless you know of something that must be done. The majority of Temporary Admins of will be requested by staff members. This WILL NOT happen very often. Don't expect it to.

Rule #18: No advertising

Spider-Man wiki does allow for fan-made work, so long as it is contained to the blogs and userpages only. This is to encourage community interaction. However, to post links anywhere on the site to get views for a personal work is prohibited if the user is posting no work to the blog itself. The exact ratio as to how much work is posted, to how many links, will be discussed on a case by case basis.