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This is the Spider-Man Wiki Manual of Style. This manual lists how all other article should look, be created and edited. If an article does not adhere to the Manual of Style, please place the template on it, or fix it accordingly.

Article Editing

Article Titles and Headings

Article titles and headings should have the first word capitalized, along with every other word that isn't an article (example: "the", "a/an", "and"). And every character will have their first and last character name followed by whatever reality they live in, unless you're creating a redirect towards whatever most people will type in the search box.

Example: Peter Parker (Earth-616)  The very first word/name of the character/article should bolded. Such as: "Earth-616 is the main continuity in the Marvel universe.


As for the naming goes on this wiki, all characters, superhero name or not, the article title shall be their full first and last name.  The title of their article should be as follows:

Full names, (not including middle names) will be used, and prefixes such as Doctor, will not be used in article titles. However, when creating or editing a character box, the full name of a person will go in the character box. And according to what reality/universe that person lives in, that shall go at the end of the article title in the form of this: (Earth-616), or (Earth-1610) etc.

There are MANY different versions of Peter Parker/Spider-Man across the Marvel multiverse. And if you are having trouble naming a new article, here is how it will go.

Except for the original Peter Parker/Spider-Man that lives in Earth-616, any other versions of him that also hold the name “Peter Parker” will be named “Peter Parker”, followed by their respective reality number.

So for an example, let’s use, Spider-Man Noir. He has the same name as the original Peter Parker, but lives in a completely different reality. He lives in Earth-90214, also known as the Marvel Noir universe. The title of his article would be:

And alternate versions of Spider-Man that have different names but still take on the name of Spider-Man in their respective reality will be no different. Their first and last name following they reality. For example:

If there does not exist a alternate version of a character then they still will be named by their full name, followed by their reality. For example:

In the event that multiple characers in the same universe, differentiate by using their titles. For example John Jonah Jameson (JJ), John Jonah Jameson, Sr (Jay), and John Jameson III (John). It's pretty simple. We do not use aliases when naming characters unless we do not know their real name.


This is a North American English wiki, so only English (and American spellings) will be used in all articles, editing, pictures, and categories. Also every single comic, movie, video game, or television series that involves The Wall-Crawler has his alter ego hyphenated. We cannot emphasize or stress this enough. Please spell it correctly when editing or retitling pages. Spider-Man not Spiderman or Spider-man.

Lead section

The lead section of every article should start with the title of the article in bold and a short sentence related to it: For Earth-616 characters it will be as such:

Example: Full Name (include middle name) (of reality number goes, and here must be linked) also know as (whatever hero name is) is a fictional comic book superhero character who has appeared in forms of Spider-Man media, and other comic books series published by Marvel Comics. And maybe small summary/sentence on what groups that person is in, and things like what symbiote that person is attached to, and as of what issue that person became a hero or villian. His/her first appearance was in (first appearance  comic name goes here) (Volume ?)

For alternate versions of certain characters, the naming will be as such.

Full Name (reality number goes here) also known as ___________ or by the fans as ___________, is a alternate version of __________ who small difference goes here

Or, Full Name (of reality number goes here) also known as __________ is a alternate version of _________ who small difference goes here.

His/her first appearance was in first appearance goes here

For example:

"Peter Parker (ofEarth-90214) also known as The Spider-Man or by fan as Noir Spider-Man/Spider-Man Noir, is a alternate Spider-Man who got bitten by a spider in 1933." "His first appearance was in Spider-Man: Noir (Volume 1) #1."

If the person does not have a nickname by the fans, or in the comics then just skip to ..is a alternate version of…. Part in the heading.

Character Article Editing

Character articles should be ordered in the following manner:

  • History (Heading 2)
    • Sub-Heading: Early Life
    • Sub-Heading: Becoming (Hero/Villain name goes here)
    • Any necessary headings between with good titles
    • Death (only applys if character has died) (also, in the case of Silver Sable where people thought she died, quotation marks can be put around “Death”)
  • Personality (where applicable)
  • Powers and Abilities
  • Under Powers and Abilities:
    • Sub-Heading: Powers
    • Sub-Heading: Abilities
    • Sub-Heading: Strength Level (how much this person can lift and proof)
  • Equipment
    • Sub-Heading: Former Equipment
  • Weakness(es)
  • Notes (where applicable)
  • Trivia (where applicable). (Note: Trivia should alway be the second to last or the last heading in a article unless there is a See Also section.)
  • See Also (Note: See Also should be the very last heading in a article if there is any)

Also, as for powers and abilities, the separate powers and abilities must be bullet pointed, and be bolded such as:

Spider-Sense: With his spider-sense, Peter can sense impending danger before it happens. His power allows him dodge bullets, and just about any projectile. Plus, all pages about Spider-Man and/or his continuity must be written in a "fictional" point-of-view, or, in other words, as if it's happening in the present.

Main Image

The main Image is the image in the infobox. It should be a decent profile of the character, rather than just the head for example. It must also be of them in their hero or villain form if they have one. If the character is alive, then the most recent image of that character will be used. If the character goes through a major change in costume or physical appearance, then the image must be updated. If the character is deceased, then the form he or she was in the longest will be used. For example: Ben Reilly (Earth-616)'s image should be of him as Scarlet Spider, the alias he went by the longest, and that he is most well known as. 


This is the Spider-Man wiki, not a Marvel wiki. Only Characters with a significant relationship to Spider-Man will be allowed here. "They're an Avenger" or "They teamed up with him" is not enough justification to warrant an article.  Spider-Man/Peter Parker is a very disverse person in the Marvel universe. Meaning he talks and works with many Marvel characters many times.

They need to have a relationship beyond "co-worker" to be notable. For example, Wolverine would warrant an article because of his and Spidey's unique friendship relationship. Likewise, the Human Torch warrants an article because he is one of Spider-Man's best superhero friends. Characters that are chained to him (ex. a friend of a friend) do not warrant an artice. Also, characters who's entire story depends on Spider-Man (ex. Alpha, Ben Reilly, Felicia Hardy ,etc..) do warrant an article. Articles that do not directly relate to Spider-Man, such as Captain America or Iron Man, are to provide the character's origin, their abilities, and their history with Spider-Man. Major events (such as Death or life changing events can be noted, but briefly, keeping in mind that this is a Spider-Man wiki. Any history with Spider-Man must have a lasting effect on the characters, such as Iron Man's interactions with Spider-Man during the Civil War event.

Media Article Editing

Movie Based Video Games

As for the header, for movie video games it should be (for example):

(if the game has only one or two developers, include them)

(if the game has many different developers, don’t include them all, just must sure to put them in the infobox)

Spider-Man 2 is a video game released in 2004 that is based on the movie of the same name."

"The game was published by Activison. The game was released for GameCube, Xbox, PC, PS2, Game Boy Advance, N-Gage, Mac, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable."

Video Game Articles should ordered such as:

  • Plot
  • Gameplay
  • Marketing (where applicable)
  • Extras (where applicable)
  • Reception
  • Voice Cast
  • Additional Cast
  • Production Crew
  • Notes
  • Trivia

Video Games that are not based on films

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a video game released in 2010 that has the player play as four different Spider-Men.

The game was published by Activison. The game was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS.

All systems should be included.


This was taken from the Spider-Man (film) article.

___________ is a (year goes here) superhero film directed by ___________

And the second summary, such as the one from the Spider-Man (film) article.

"Based on the fictional Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, the film stars Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, a high-school student who turns to crimefighting after developing spider like powers. Spider-Man also stars Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn (a.k.a. the Green Goblin), Kirsten Dunst as Peter's love interest Mary-Jane Watson, and James Franco as his best friend Harry Osborn."

Spider-Man Apps

Spider-Man has downloadable appilcations seen in the App Store and Google Play. The heading for those article will be as such: The ________________ is an mobile app that allows users to _______________________

And so on.

Television Series

For the start of the television series articles take the Ultimate Spider-Man series for example:"_______________" is an (year goes here) american animated television series based on the superhero Spider-Man comics, published by Marvel Comics. "As well as any other important infomation such as what years the cartoon ran from, the network it ran on, the day it premired on, and who the series was created by. As well as the following sections:

And any other sections for that article in particular.

  • Plot Summary
  • Voice Cast
  • Additional Cast
  • Production Crew
  • Episodes
  • Season 1, 2 etc..
  • Notes
  • Trivia

Comic Book Article Editing


It should be noted that Comic Book Issue articles should not be created until 24 hours after the issue's release. This helps to prevent against spoilers, and the creation of stubs. 

Article Naming

All titles shall start with the series name, followed by the volume number in parenthesis, followed by the issue number. Not Vol. 1, Volume 1.


In comic book articles, other than a summary/telling of the plot, the following heading we be written.

Major Events

Major events include but are not limited to:

  • A recurring character dying
  • The first time a certain character has done something
  • The first time a new power/ability is used/shown for the first time in the series
  • The first time Spider-Man/Peter Parker travels to a certain place
  • The first time Spider-Man/Peter Parker wears a certain costume
  • The first time Spider-Man/Peter Parker meets a recurring character
  • The first time Spider-Man/Peter Parker joins a group (ex: Avengers, New Avengers, Ultimates, etc)
  • The first time a certain phase is used ex: “With great power, comes great responsibility .” , “Face it tiger! You hit the jackpot!

Minor Events

Minor events include but are not limited to:

  • A non-recurring character dying

A non-recurring character being introduced. The first time Spider-Man/Peter Parker teams up with someone

A minor place being shown and/or traveled to.


The trivia section should have curiosities regarding the article (example: "This comic was published on the 50th year anniversary of Spider-Man.") and not pointless information regarding random events (example: "This is the third time Peter Parker has talked to Ben Reilly in New York.)

Realities/Dimensions Editing

The starting sentence should be stating what reality it is followed by a brief summary of that reality.

For example:

Earth-616 is the main continuity in the Marvel universe. Earth-1610 also known as Ultimate Marvel, the universe and comic book series features reimagined and updated versions of the company's superhero characters and origins. Earth-96283 is the reality where the 3 movies directed by Sam Raimi take place.

"See Also" section should be present in every article and should have links to other articles that are relevant to it. For example, the Spider-Armor MK I article's "See Also" section should contain links to, another related article, such as Spider-Armor MK II.



Links should be about the main article itself, rather than to a redirect page.


Links to any article should only appear once per article. If it is seen once, it should not appear again.

Italicizing, Bolding and Underlining

Links should not have any sort of emphasis.


User pages should not have templates that automatically add categories to them, or templates that should normally be on articles. They will be removed when found.


All user pages must have the category "Users" added to them and, if necessary, additional categories regarding that user's position. For example:


If someone places a deletion tag, it is a signal for discussion. If no one attempts to justify the page's existence within 48 hours, the page may be deleted. The page may be restored, but not without discussion. Additionally, a category may only be existent if it has at least 7 pages in it. It maybe deleted if it contains less than that.