The following is a list of editors that have a few more rights than that of the average user. The Spider-Man Wiki Staff are not dictators, and will not abuse power. If one does, they will be removed from the staff.


The staff's main purpose is to maintain a sense of authority while avoiding complete control. Also, the staff votes on big decisions regarding the wiki, but their opinion matters no more than that of an average user. They are intended to be representatives, rather than dictators, as said. The staff can also enforce rules, and tell a user to stop what they are doing. The actual punishment process, however, will be handled by an administrator.

If one is kicked out or disappears, the staff may ask another user to join. Any user has the right to decline the offer.



The Bureaucrat serves as the "president" or unofficial "leader" of the wiki. They are given the power to create new admins, rollbacks, Chat-moderators, etc. First, a vote will be held, and they will carry out the decisions regarding user rights. They hold the power to make "executive orders" or emergency decisions regarding the wiki if need be, and a vote cannot be held in time.

Staff Moderator

  • TBA

The Staff Moderator serves as the "Speaker of the House" within the wiki. They can bring issues before the Staff, and carry out the final decisions unless decided otherwise within the discussion. They also have the power to settle heated disputes between two Staff members if the situation calls for it. They also serve as a representative for the wiki.  

Disciplinary Admin(s)/Plagiarism Checker(s)

  • TBA

The Disciplinary Admin serves as the "Judicial Branch" of the wiki. They will carry out blocks that are decided by a vote held by the Staff. Although other members can do this, it will mainly be the Disciplinary Admin's job to issue warnings, and decide ahead of time what will happen if the user continues breaking rules. Although a vote will still be held, the DA's decision will most likely be trusted. They have the power to make emergency blocks if necessary if a vote cannot be held immediately.

Chat Moderator(s)/Media Supervisor(s)

  • TBA

The Chat moderator has control of the Chat room, and will handle bans, and kicks often without discussion. Admins can also do this if the Chat Mod is not around, but if they are, it will be left to the Chat Mod. The Media Supervisor will make decisions regarding Spider-Man media within the wiki.

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