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Although the Spider-Man Wiki Staff has more rights than an average user, they still must abide by ALL rules, including the ones listed on this page. The following are additional rules that must be followed by ALL staff members.

Rule #1: Subverting the Staff

The Staff runs on a democratic system of voting to maintain order. If a member decides to make a major change to the wiki without first getting the consent of the other members, they will be suspended from the staff for a period of time, and possibly blocked depending of the severity of the offense. If there is a block, then the user will NOT be allowed to return to the staff at the end of their sentence.  Major decisions regarding the wiki include, but are not limited to:

  • Major changes to the Main page such as the featured article and monthly poll.
  • Major changes to Rules, Policies, and the Manual of Style.
  • Voting new members into, or dismissing members out of, the staff.
  • Mass Page deletions, retitling, or creation.

Rule #2: Conduct

All Staff members must be civil at all times. If a fight does break out, end it calmly. If this cannot be done, do not continue to comment until both parties have the chance to cool off. Multiple offences can result in dismissal from the Staff.

Rule #3: Promoting Users

If The Staff decides that they need another user, they will discuss and nominate, and vote on a final user. They will then ask that user to join. The option to reject the invitation is available.

To promote a user to administrator status, a Staff member may bring it before the Staff that they feel that another Staff member is deserving and trustworthy enough to become an admin. A vote will then be held. There must be a unanimous affirmative before the user may be promoted. Adminship is a luxury to be enjoyed by a staff member who has done more than enough to deserve a reward. Please do not nominate for nomination's sake.

Rule #4: Inactivity

If a staff member has not edited or contacted anyone in 30 days, they will automatically be dismissed from the Staff. If the user returns, they may explain why they were gone. It will then be left to the other members to decide whether or not they should be let back in.

Rule #5: Dismissal

If a Staff member breaks a rule, then another member may call them on it, and bring the issue to the rest of the staff, where a vote will be held as to whether or not the member will be allowed to stay. No Action will be taken against the accused until after the entire staff has had the chance to vote and/or discuss.

Rule #6: Policy and Manual of Style Changes

No editor may change any part of any of the rules (aside from spelling fixes, grammatical fixes, ect...) Without first consulting at least one other Staff member, or maybe even all of them depending on the severity of the change.