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Spider-Woman Vol. 7 -5 Cover A
Comic Book series: Spider-Woman Vol. 7
Issue Number: 5

Release Date:

October 21, 2020

Executive Editor:

C.B. Cebulski

Cover Artist:

Greg Land
Frank D'Armata
Jung-Geun Yoon


Karla Pacheco


Pere Pérez





Previous issue:

Spider-Woman Vol. 7 #4

Next issue:

Spider-Woman Vol. 7 #6

Spider-Woman Vol. 7 #5 is the 5th issue of Spider-Woman Vol. 7.

Solicit Synopsis[]

  • With not just her life but her family's on the line, Spider-Woman takes desperate action!
  • As her own body turns against her and with her enemies so close to home, can Jess hold herself together in time to save everyone?!
  • An unmissable blockbuster 100th issue with all the stops pulled and no punches pulled!