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Stealth Costume
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #650
Alternate name(s): Big Time Suit
Lead Designer(s): Peter Parker

Additional Designer(s):

Julia Carpenter, Otto Octavius/"Peter Parker", Karn

Current Owner(s):

Jessica Drew, Kaine Parker, Peter Parker

Previous Owner(s):

Otto Octavius/"Peter Parker"

The Stealth Costume, also dubbed the Big Time Costume by fans, is a costume of Spider-Man's created in Horizon Labs by Peter Parker.

It was created to combat the Hobgoblin's sonic screams.



Swinging with Black Cat


After a battle with the new Hobgoblin in The Amazing Spider-Man #649 and #650, Peter develops a new costume using new technology he created from his job at Horizon Labs, which he begins wearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #650 as part of the Big Time story arc.

It is created with a "omni-harmonic mesh" based on one of Henry Pym's theories, with wave-bending technology to both light and sound with Peter adapting concepts he developed during his work with Tony Stark.


Having been loaned to Kaine for the fight against the Queen in the Spider-Island storyline, the suit proved instrumental, as it allowed Kaine immunity against the Queen's sonic-based attacks. The stealth suit is currently in Kaine's possession due to Madame Web advising him to hold onto it. However, Madame Web has tampered with the costume so that it is locked permanently in red as a means to perpetuate Kaine's new identity as the Scarlet Spider.


The Stealth Costume features several modes:

  • Camo Mode: The first mode which turns the lights on his costume neon-green and gives him the ability to be invisible to both visual and audio means except from certain lens and frequencies so allies can see and communicate with him. The green lights on the costume are for the benefit of whoever needs to see him (while wearing the lens), along with himself, as otherwise he is invisible to his own eyes.
  • Anti Sound Mode: The second mode, which turns the lights on his costume red, can cancel out all sonic-based attacks on his person. A side-effect of this is that it disrupts any attempt to communicate with Peter using sound, and vice versa. Using this principle, Peter developed new, lightweight noise-reduction headphones at Horizon Labs.
  • Anti-Metal Spiders: The costume also contains a new type of weapon based similar in shape to his Spider-Tracers, but created from Anti-Metal (also known as Antarctic Vibranium), which can be fired from the top of his wrist at metal objects, causing them to dissolve. Peter can apparently carry a large number of these new Anti-Metal spiders on his person without them causing harm to his own suit or webshooters.
  • Unstable Molecules: Due to the unstable molecules built into the costume, the costume is fireproof.
  • Healing: When any part of the costume is worn, the suit is capable of mending itself according to its wearer's thoughts. 


First Design

The first appearance of the Stealth Costume was mostly black with glowing red, blue or green parts, depending on the mode used that is selected by the user.

It was later used by Kaine in the Spider-Island, to defeat the Spider-Queen.

Second Design

The costume's new color (red and black) was a result of the suit being locked in that design, which was done on purpose by Madame Web, who wanted it changed for what the Scarlet Spider (and Ben Reilly) meant in Kaine's past. 


Video Games

  • In 2011's Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the red and green versions of the "Big Time" costume are wearable as alternates, already unlocked (red and green).
  • In 2011's Spider-Man: Edge of Time, the red version of the "Big Time" costume is wearable as a alternate costume.
  • In 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man (video game), the green version of the "Big Time" costume is wearable as a alternate when unlocked.
  • In 2013's Marvel Heroes, the blue, red and green version of the "Big Time" costume are either buyable or an enemy drop.
  • In 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game), the green "Big Time" suit is wearable once unlocked.
  • In 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man (video game), the green suit can be worn known as the Stealth ["Big Time'] Suit once level 24 is reached


  • It is suggested that the suit needs to be charged in order to utilize either the stealth or anti-sound features.


  • The suit is often called the "Big Time" costume by the fans because of the named "Big Time" storyline it debuted in, since it has no official name.
  • Out of all the colors, the green version has appeared the most in video games that have alternate costumes for Spider-Man.
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