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Captain America
Real name: Steven Grant Rogers
Aliases: Captain America, Cap, The Star Spangled Man with a Plan, The Captain, The Super Soldier, The Soldier, The Living Legend, The Man Out of Time, The Sentinel of Liberty
Alignment: Good
Age: 30's (Biologically)
90's (Chronologically)
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m) (Originally 5'4")
Weight: 240 lbs (109 kg) (Originally 95 lbs)
Relatives/friends: Joseph Rogers (Father; deceased)

Sarah Rogers (Mother; deceased)

Characteristics: Blond hair
Blue eyes
Portrayed by: Chris Evans
Appearances: Captain America: First Vengeance #1

This is the Steve Rogers aka Captain America of Earth-199999. Rogers is one of the founding members of the Avengers and as of the film events of "Captain America: Civil War" he is no longer a member of the main Avengers Team.


Captain America:The First Avenger

In the year of 1941 all the nations of the world are at war against each other in World War II. The United States are involved in the war and are trying to help defeat the Nazi regime led by Hitler. Steve Rogers is a scrawny individual who is plagued with illnesses such as asthma and other issues that prevent him from qualifying for the armed forces. Steve attempts to enlist again, but is rejected once more. After his rejection he goes to a movie and rebukes a man shouting at the screen while it is playing a support ad for the armed forces. The man takes Steve out back where he proceeds to beat him down, but Steve's childhood friend James Buchanan Barnes comes to the aid of Steve and stops the bully.

Afterwards, they made their way to a local fair where Howard Stark was in attendance. Steve sees another local army enlistment site at the fair and attempts to register, despite Bucky (James) trying to dissuade him. Steve registers and is confronted by a German doctor who reveals that he knows that Steve has been lying on his enlistment form, and asks him if he wants to kill Nazis. Steve replies that he just doesn't like bullies, which Dr. Erskine finds as an exceptional answer. He allows Steve to start training at boot camp the following week.

At boot camp Steve suffers as he isn't as athletic or conditioned as all of the other men. He does, however, display a sense of a smart tactical mind in the field, such as when he got a flag from a flagpole by making it fall instead of climbing it. He also displays a courageous, unselfish personality when he risks his safety for everyone else when he jumps on a dummy grenade, further impressing Dr. Erskine. 


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