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Superior Octopus Suit
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #25
Alternate name(s): None
Lead Designer(s): Otto Octavius

Additional Designer(s):

various HYDRA scientists

Current Owner(s):

Otto Octavius

Previous Owner(s):


The Superior Octopus Suit is a costume created by Otto Octavius with help from HYDRA by combining components of his Superior Spider-Man Suit and his tentacles in order to create the perfect costume for his new perfect body.


Superior Octopus suit design blueprints

The suit's design blueprints.

After successfully transferring his consciousness into a hybrid clone of his original body and Spider-Man's body, Otto Octavius returned to one of his old bases only to discover it had been taken over by agents of HYDRA. After battling the HYDRA agents and conversing with their leader Arnim Zola, Otto decided to join HYDRA. Using his newfound access to HYDRA's massive resources and manpower, Otto had HYDRA's scientific division help him to construct a new version of the costume he had used during his time as Spider-Man that he enhanced by incorporating elements of his old Tentacles into the suit's armaments.

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