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Superior Spider-Man Suit version 2.0
Spider-Man's Costume
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #700
Alternate name(s): Superior Spider-Man Suit
Lead Designer(s): Peter Parker

Additional Designer(s):

Otto Octavius/"Peter Parker"

Current Owner(s):

Peter Parker

Previous Owner(s):

Otto Octavius/"Peter Parker"

The Superior Spider-Man Suit is Otto Octavius' redesigned version of a costume Peter Parker originally designed.


Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 1 Ramos Variant Textless

The original version

After successfully switching bodies with Peter Parker, Otto Octavius decided to take on Peter's role as Spider-Man to honor Peter's memory and prove that he could be a better hero than him. To better accomplish his goal of becoming a "superior" hero, he redesigned Peter's Spider-Man costume into one that better suited his style of crime fighting. Some of these changes included switching the blue to black and altering the design of the back spider logo, belt, gloves, boots and mask, and a more goggle-like glass design for the mask lenses, so that he would look more fearsome and aggressive to the criminals he fought.

After Otto's original costume was ravaged in a battle with the Spider Slayer following Alistaire's failed attempt to escape the raft, Otto redesigned the costume yet again, further distancing himself from Peter's original design.

Otto debuted this 2nd version of his Spider-Man suit, along with his newly formed army of Spiderlings, during his full scale invasion of Shadowland.

During the events of Goblin Nation, the suit was severely ravaged by the destruction of Spider-Island and Otto's consecutive battles with Wraith, Monster, the Goblin Knight, Alchemax's Spider-Slayers, and the Goblin King.

Ownership of what remained of the costume was passed to Peter Parker following his resurrection and Otto's death. Rather then repair the suit, Peter chose to discard it and instead opted to go back to using his original costume.


First Version[]


Otto using his Waldoes to both save and attack his pursuers.

  • Carbonadium: Otto laced the interior of the mask with a layer of carbonadium in order to prevent potential mind-swaps.
  • Talons: Octavius had installed retractable talons on his hands and feet of the suit for combative purposes. The talons can also inject nano-spiders-tracers equipped with GPS and listening devices into the opponent, so he can easily track them down if they are able to escape.
  • Enhanced Lenses: Octavius added a Heads-Up display to the mask's lenses which includes HUD and tracking capabilities. If the mask is damaged the lenses darken to indicate a system shutdown.
  • Spider Button: The spider symbol on the chest serves remote activation switch for his various gadgets.

Second Version[]

The second version of the suit included the same features of the previous model, with the additions/upgrades of:

  • Waldoes: Otto installed four mechanical spider-arms to the back of the costume to increase his combative capabilities. The arms are seemingly based off the tentacles he used during his time as Doctor Octopus, but may also be partly based of the mechanical arms featured on the Iron Spider Armor.
  • Communication Device: The suit features a built-in communication device on the forearms that can be used to exchange calls.
  • Enhanced Talons: Otto enlarged the suit's talons in order to inflict greater damage to his opponents and also modified the nano-spiders-tracers ejected from the talons giving them the ability to both paralyze the victim and/or inflict pain upon them.



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