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Thaddeus Ross (Earth-616) from World War Hulk Vol 1 2 001.jpg
Gen. Thunderbolt Ross
Full Name: Thaddeus E. Ross
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #1 (as General Ross)
Hulk Vol 2 #1 (as Red Hulk)
Created by: Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Alive
Place of Birth:
Citizenship: American
Base: Mobile
Affiliations: Avengers
A.I.M. (formerly)
Offenders (formerly)
Code Red (formerly)
U.S. Air Force (formerly)
Hulkbusters (formerly)
Ally of the Intelligencia (formerly)
Height: 7' 0" (2.13 m) (Red Hulk)
6' 1" (1.85 m) (Ross)
Weight: 1200 lbs (545 kg) (Red Hulk)
245 lbs (111 kg) (Ross)
Hair Color: Black (Red Hulk)
White (Ross)
Eye Color: Yellow (Red Hulk)
Blue (Ross)
Unique Features: Red skin and grey fingernails as Red Hulk

"What the hell are you talking about?"
— Red Hulk to Spider-Man in Avenging Spider-Man #1

Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross (of Earth-616), also known as Red Hulk, is a reformed ex-arch enemy of Bruce Banner and his Hulk alter-ego, and the current leader and founding member of the Thunderbolts strike team.


Early life

  • TBA

Powers and abilities


  • TBA


  • Ross is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and a skilled military tactician.

Strength Level

  • In his Red Hulk form, Ross can lift well over 100 tons of weight.


  • Blades and Sharp objects: Apparently, Red Hulk has shown a weakness to sharp objects as seen when the Punisher and Wolverine stabs him and he start bleeding in large amounts. When Wolverine cuts him across the back, Red Hulk was temporarily blinded.
  • Negative Zone energy: Absorbing energy from the Negative Zone weakens Ross's Red Hulk form for some reason.