Cover to the 1990 "Amazing Spider-Man" Game Boy game

The Amazing Spider-Man is a video game that was released for the original Game Boy in July 1990.


Six of Spider-Man's most dangerous foes have discovered his secret identity of Peter Parker, and as such have kidnapped his wife, Mary Jane. Spider-Man must travel through various areas of New York City and defeat them all, one by one, to rescue her.

Spider-Man first learns of his wife's kidnapping via a phone call from Mysterio, who taunts him as to the whereabouts of Mary Jane. Spider-Man agrees to meet Mysterio at the end of a NYC alleyway, which serves as the first level of the game. Along the way, he encounters human henchmen of the villains, who walk around outside and appear out of windows, as well as Lizard-like alligators that pop out of the sewers. At the end of the level, he meets Mysterio, who uses his smoke effects to confuse the wall-crawler.

After his battle with Mysterio, Spider-Man gets a call from the Hobgoblin, who says he is waiting for him at the top of a skyscraper, setting up the second level. Here, Spider-Man crawls up the side of said skyscraper while simultaneously dodging human henchmen who appear out of windows to beat the wall-crawler with baseball bats. He must also dodge the Hobgoblin's pumpkin bombs by way of using his spider sense. At the top of the skyscraper, Spider-Man must make his way across the rooftops, avoiding the human henchmen, until he reaches the Hobgoblin at the end, who attacks with pumpkin bombs and surprise ambushes on his Goblin Glider. (Note: The Hobgoblin is replaced by the Green Goblin in the manual; indeed, the Green Goblin was originally to be the boss of this level before developers realized he was dead in the comics at the time.)

Afterwards, Spider-Man receives a call from the Scorpion, who dares the webhead to meet him in the subway station, setting up the third level. Here, Spider-Man is on top of a subway train, and must make his way across while dodging henchmen who periodically lift themselves up out of windows to shoot the wall-crawler, as well as bats that attack while flying. After a stop at two different subway stations, Spider-Man fights the Scorpion at the end of the line, and must dodge his tail.

Spider-Man then is contacted by the Rhino, who lures the webhead to Central Park. Henchmen and alligators continue to try to stop Spider-Man in his path, and are joined by rather large, recklessly-flying birds and loose briars that drop from trees when Spider-Man walks in their vicinity. Finally, at the dead end of an alleyway, he meets the Rhino, who tries to run him over and into walls. (Note: The instruction manual lists the Rhino as "Neanderthal.")

Learning nothing from the Rhino, Spider-Man then gets a call from Dr. Octopus, who is at the top of another skyscraper. Spider-Man crawls up the side of the building, much like the level leading up to the battle with the Hobgoblin, with the addition of the birds from Central Park flying around, sometimes in patterns and formations. Then Spider-Man makes his way across the rooftops while trying to dodge the birds and get to Dr. Octopus, who attacks on the side of the building using his six mechanical arms.

After this, Spider-Man is contacted by the final boss, Venom. He reveals he is the one who has actually kidnapped Mary Jane, and is located in the sewer. Here, Spider-Man must avoid the human henchmen who hide on top of the pipes, then drop down when he's in their vicinity. In addition, he must fight crocodiles and avoid waste coming in from sewer drains. At the end of the level is Venom, who uses his webbing and similar spider-like powers to his advantage in his battle with Spider-Man. Once he is defeated, however, Mary Jane and Spider-Man are reunited.

Power Ups

  • When Spider-Man defeats an enemy, one of two items will be dropped: a point bundle, which increases his points, or a web vial, which restores his webbing (which will be depleted by web-swinging or firing web globs).
  • In the vertical levels, when certain windows open, behind them is a hamburger. These restore Spider-Man's health, the only items in the game to do so.
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