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The Death of Jean DeWolff
Universe: Earth-616

Created by:

Peter David, Rich Buckler

Main Heroes:


Main Villains:

Sin Eater

"The Death of Jean DeWolff" is a four-part story arc featuring the popular Marvel Comics comic book superhero Spider-Man.

It comprises the comics Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #107 – #110, October 1985 – January 1986.

Storyline summary

In this arc, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) hunts down the person who murdered Police Captain Jean DeWolff, one of his closest friends called "The Sin-Eater". When the murderer kills another person close to Daredevil, the two superheroes pair up to find the murderer.

The murderer turns out to be an NYPD officer called Stan Carter, who is a close friend of Spider-Man. With the help of Daredevil. Spider-Man, who had considered Carter a friend, loses his temper and beats Carter into a pulp. Carter apologizes for his crimes after Spider-Man rips off his mask, but this only increases Spider-Man's anger. Spider-Man beats Carter so severely that Daredevil has to pull him away; even Betty is shocked by Spider-Man's brutality. The two superheroes fight, with Daredevil taunting Spider-Man as the real criminal, and an increasingly-agitated Spider-Man accusing Daredevil for being a hypocrite who protects felons. Daredevil subdues Spider-Man, but feels guilty about doing so.

Stan Carter is brought to jail, and the news that the Sin-Eater was really a policeman shocks the city (some outraged citizens even believe that the NYPD must have known the Sin-Eater's identity, and covered up Carter's crimes). The police are informed by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that Stan Carter had been subject to a covert super drug project, was driven insane, and is therefore not responsible for his actions. Spider-Man and Daredevil watch as an angry mob, that includes Jean's stepfather, riots the police station. Armed with riot gear, the police exit the station and try to board Carter onto a truck bound for Riker's Island. However, the mob forces itself onto the police, threatening to lynch Carter. Daredevil throws himself in between, but is overwhelmed by the mob, and his radar sense is nullified by the sheer number of heartbeats. When Spider-Man turns his back, Daredevil cries out "Peter!", pleading him to save Carter. Spider-Man is so startled hearing his real name that he obeys and swings both Carter and Daredevil to safety. After the crowd is dispersed, Carter is safely loaded onto the police truck. Daredevil reveals his own secret identity to Spider-Man, who discovers that Daredevil is blind. In the end, the two heroes part in friendship.

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