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"The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man" is a Spider-Man story written by Roger Stern, originally published in The Amazing Spider-Man #248 in 1984.

In the story, a young fan of Spider-Man meets his hero.

Plot summary

Tim Hammond lies in his bed. Newspaper captions say that he is the greatest Spider-Man fan in the world and has collected every article available on him, including a whole album of The Daily Bugle's retractions. Suddenly, Spider-Man comes into his room. In the following hours, the two trade anecdotes about Spider-Man's long career. The hero is surprised and touched by how much the boy adores him. Tim asks who Spider-Man really is. Spider-Man surprisingly takes off his mask, identifies himself as Peter Parker, and retells the fateful night when he let Uncle Ben die, causing him to fight crime as Spider-Man. The story does not change Tim's love of his hero. Spider-Man then departs. The last of thenewly printed newspaper captions states that the boy's only wish is to meet the hero in person because he will die from leukemia in a few days.