Arc 1: The LizardEdit

1. Survival of the Fittest

  • An angry scientist plans to take revenge on Norman Osborn by becoming the Vulture. Peter tries to get a job at the Bugle. The Enforcers are hired.

2. Interactions

  • Max Dillon becomes Electro and hates the idea of not living a normal life, Peter tries to get Liz Allen to warm up to him.

3. Natural Selection

  • Connors uses his Lizard DNA formula, Peter stops him, but the photo gets him kicked out of the lab, and out of a few friendships

Arc 2: The Big ManEdit

4. Market Forces

  • Montana becomes the Shocker, hoping to defeat Spider-Man, while Peter ditches out on Harry, causing problems.

5. Competition

  • Peter makes up with his friends, and he and Harry try our for football, but he also has to deal with Sandman. Liz Allen hints a liking toward Peter.

6. The Invisible Hand

  • With Sandman down, Rhino takes his turn, Spider-Man then realizes this was all a big job, creating supervillains. He approaches the Big Man, who easily defeats him. Peter is turned down by Betty, but meets Mary Jane Watson.

Arc 3: The Green GoblinEdit

7. Catalysts

  • The Green Goblin terrorizes the Big Man at a party where Jameson is. Mary Jane is introduced to the clan. Harry is taking Globulin Green

8. Reaction

  • Doc Ock's arms are attached to Otto, thanks to Goblin. Harry begins to black out. Flash and Liz break up.

9. The Uncertainty Principle

  • During Halloween, Spider-Man tries to find the identity of the Goblin, but is it who he assumes? John Jameson lands safely on Earth.

Arc 4: The SymbioteEdit

10. Persona

  • Spider-Man and Black Cat fight over the alien, which ends up attaching to Peter, she then helps him take down his imposter, Chameleon

11. Group Therapy

  • Doc Ock creates the Sinister Six to destroy Spider-Man, but the Black Suit is too much for them.

12. Intervention

  • Peter realizes the suit is taking over so he gets rid of it, unknowingly, it attaches to an angry Eddie Brock, who then becomes Venom

13. Nature vs. Nurture

  • Peter fights Venom on Thanksgiving, and then save Gwen, who later confesses her love to Peter.