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Thomas Fireheart (Earth-616).png
Full Name: Thomas Fireheart
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #256
Created by: Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz
Home Universe: Earth-616
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Near Hartsdale, New Mexico
Citizenship: American
Base: Fireheart has multiple bases through-out the world, including New York City, Tokyo, New Mexico, and France.

Fireheart Enterprises (CEO), former member of the Outlaws & former agent of Rose, and former owner of the Daily Bugle.

Powers/Abilities: Extraordinarily capable financial manager, average IQ, martial arts training, excellent hand to hand combatant, skilled and capable tracker.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 240 lbs (109 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Unique Features: In his Puma identity, has red eyes and a scar over his right eye

Fictional Character Biography

Thomas Fireheart is of Native American descent. The tribe he belongs to (located near Hartsdale, New Mexico; Marvel Westerns: Western Legends suggests that the tribe may be the Kisani, as one of Puma's ancestors belonged to that tribe and lived at Lost Mesa) has had an ancient prophecy of the coming of a powerful being who might destroy the world for generations. Long ago, they began making preparations for this coming doom. They used mystic ceremonies and selective breeding to create a perfect warrior. Thomas Fireheart is the latest in this line of men.

Though he never believed in the prophecy, he took his duties as protector of his tribe seriously, and has strived his whole life to be the best he could be, mastering his ability to turn into a powerful humanoid mountain lion werecat. He also trained in Martial Arts in Japan under a man named Master Muramoto. Very intelligent, and with a good business sense, he became owner and CEO of Fireheart Enterprises. Headquartered near his tribe in Hartsdale, Arizona, it is a multinational corporation involved in many different endeavors, with regional offices around the world. Becoming bored with corporate life, he began to seek greater challenges, and offered his skills as Puma for sale.

He was operating as a mercenary and had been hired by the Rose to kill Spider-Man, but was thwarted by Black Cat. He again attempted to attack Spider-Man, but changed his mind and departed when he witnessed Spider-Man saving innocent bystanders. Puma later confronted the Beyonder in New York; however, the Beyonder simply transported him to downtown Tokyo. Puma became enraged at the death of Master Muramoto as the inadvertent result of the Beyonder's actions. Puma reached a state of "harmonious enlightenment with the universe" and was imbued with immeasurable power. However, doubting his own senses, Puma lost the mystical power just as he attacked the Beyonder. Puma was able to learn Spider-Man's secret identity, Peter Parker, thanks to his enhanced senses, and now felt he owed him a debt of honor as a result of the Beyonder affair.

He offered Peter Parker a job at his company while Peter was on his honeymoon in France; however, Peter declined the offer. Puma later attempted to clear Spider-Man's name of a crime he didn't commit, and first encountered Silver Sable and the Outlaws. When the mutant powers of Charles Little Sky, a kinsman of Fireheart's (and the man later known as Portal), first manifested, Fireheart tried to help his fellow tribesman better understand his powers. Rejecting Fireheart's offers of aid, Portal fled to Ellis Island where Fireheart caught up to him. When Portal's powers activated again and returned the U-Foes to Earth, Fireheart was forced to team up with the Avengers as Puma to protect Little Sky, helping to defeat the villains.

Puma then battled Spider-Man in New York. Fireheart actually purchased 51% of the Daily Bugle, made Robbie Robertson publisher, and began a pro-Spider-Man campaign in the publication, in an attempt to pay off his debt of honor. During this time, he was nearly killed in an attack by the Hobgoblin, but was saved by Spider-Man. Fireheart agreed to join Spider-Man's rag-tag superhero group called the Outlaws, along with several other Spider-Man adversaries-turn-allies (including Sandman, Rocket Racer, and the Prowler).

The group clashed with the Avengers, until it was revealed that both groups were actually being manipulated by the shape-changing Space Phantom, whom Thomas exposed and defeated. He eventually sold the Daily Bugle back to J. Jonah Jameson for $1, and he and Spider-Man settled their debt of honor on a vision quest in New Mexico. Fireheart's Puma persona later consumed him, and he attempted to assassinate a US Senator. Spider-Man stopped him, but not before the NYPD shot Fireheart several times.

Powers & Abilities

Puma possesses a number of superhuman attributes that are a result of a combination of genetic engineering and mysticism. Thomas Fireheart is the latest in a line of Native Americans that were specially matched and bred to produce a perfect human being. That genetic manipulation was enhanced by an unknown supernatural process through which his tribe endowed him with magical abilities. Fireheart undergoes a physical transformation through intense concentration that includes an increase in his height and weight, his body becoming covered with a fine tan fur, and razor sharp fangs and claws.

Transformation into this form also grants Fireheart superhuman physical attributes of strength, speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes. Puma also possesses superhumanly acute senses. His sense of touch is heightened to the extent that he is able to feel the impressions of ink on a piece of paper. His hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, enabling him to both hear sounds that ordinary humans can't and to hear at much greater distances. Puma also possesses a superhumanly acute sense of smell that he uses to track a target by scent.

He is also an extraordinary hand to hand combatant, having received training in numerous martial arts disciplines, especially in the martial arts used by Master Muramoto. As head of Fireheart Enterprises, Puma has access to highly advanced technology as well as a personal staff of trained investigators that often provide him information on enemies and potential enemies. In his identity as Thomas Fireheart, Puma is a very wealthy, skilled and respected businessman, with a master's degree in Business Administration. He has a personal customized Lear jet for long-distance travel.

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